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  1. Oh, heavens I didn't mean to suggest she was, just courtesy. I'm so sorry if I offend you! You are going to get afternoon snacks, let the butler know any allergies, likes or dislikes. For us, 2 adults and 2 kids, it was 3 plates! It's alright to let him know specific like a plate of PBJ and choc covered strawberries. Bring a few ziplocks to house leftovers. Our crackers got a bit soggy.

    It would take a lot more to offend!!

    THANK YOU for mentioning the ziplocks that is such a huge tip and something I say EVERY time we go on a cruise!! Note to self:)

  2. Interested in the responses as we are traveling in the same (h5) January 2016.


    To the OP, out of curiosity what cabin are you in?


    We could only get a cabin on 15 as 16 was sold out. Curious to others on their Haven experiences on 15th floor vs 16th floor.

    We are booked in cabin 16126 any pictures would be great!

  3. Hi all! Glad to be a part of this community:)

    We are looking forward to our first cruise on NCL this coming September and are fortunate to be in a Haven Suite H5 Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony.

    We have cruised on a number of other ships so we know the basics however we have never cruised at this level of amenities and we want to make sure we make the most of it!

    We are travelling with a five year old.

    We have included with our suite all of the NCL specials UBP, UDP, pre-paid gratuities and $75 credit per port for excursions.

    Our itinerary is 7 nights Eastern Caribbean.

    1. How do we best utilize the valet, butler and concierge services during our cruise?

    2. what are the best specialty restaurants to hit and when lunch/dinner?

    3. Haven Courtyard is it child friendly? Is it best to have breakfast there so we get chairs for sunning?

    4. What shows are family friendly?

    5. What port/excursions must we do? Does it make more sense to have the boat to ourselves in Nassau?

    6. Can our butler unpack for us?

    7. Has anyone dined in room for diner from a specialty restaurant? How was the timing? Did you have room? Was it as good meaning food warm and with all the accompaniments? Which restaurant is best suited for this?

    8. Anyone travel with a five year old? Did you use the Splash Academy? Was your child happy? What are the MUST DO family things on board? Do you need to make reservations?

    9. How important is it to make reservations? I heard we can make diner res. 100 days out which is 10 days before anyone else.

    10. Are there activities on board that you need to make reservations for prior to embarkation?

    11. Anyone travel with just US Birth Certificates no passports?

    I may have more questions but any information would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has room 16126 pictures we would love to see them!! TIA:)

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