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  1. Yes, my wife bought a Longines watch 18 months ago on Ventura. When we checked the same watch in the UK was exactly the same price, so do your research before you go.
  2. In order to find/use the loo at night, we take a couple of those small battery powered imitation candles. They can be left on all night just inside the open bathroom door and can't be seen from the bedroom and a fresh battery will easily last2 weeks.
  3. She said 'Because it was in the 'fridge and would have gone off by the time we got home!' Go figure. The security man saw the funny side thank goodness. He must have a dizzy wife like mine.
  4. I have carried a swiss army knife - about 4" long on every cruise I have been on. I keep it in my washbag which is in our carry on case with essentials such as medicines, spare underwear, toiletries etc. just in case our luggage gets lost or delayed. We have never had it queried at security (although my wife was quizzed about some cheese - why bring cheese? )- Apparently it looks like semtex on the scanner!
  5. C Deck balcony our favourite on Ventura.
  6. Do not, under any cicumstances, book a flight that is separate from P&O's package. If anything happens to that flight, say cancellation or delay, you are not protected from or insured for, the loss of your cruise. We had a flight cancelled by Ryanair because of French flight controllers threatening to go on strike. Our travel insurers didn't cover strike action so we lost the whole cost of the holiday.
  7. Brilliant reply Kruzseeka, thanks. I've printed this off and will take it with us when we go back to Venice this October.
  8. Yes, 'My Cruises' doen't show previous cruises and 'My Loyalty' just leads to a link to details of the Peninsular Club. How CAN i get details of my points total?
  9. Yes, we always take 2, one for chargers etc. and one for the CPAP machine I use.
  10. When our cruise clashed with the boat show, we stayed at the Holiday Inn at Eastleigh. They do a cruise and stay package with taxi transfer to and from the ship. This hotel is very convenient if you're coming to Southampton along the M3 as it is only just off the motorway and makes for an easy getaway on the way home.
  11. Hi, Can't comment on the Cinque Terre excursion as after we booked it we were told that as there wasn't enough demand, the trip had been cancelled. Lucca though is a lovely old walled city, very interesting buildings, churches etc. There are lots of good cafes and restaurants - but hide the credit cards, the shops are excellent but there is also a very up market area - clothes, shoes, jewellery and so on. We intend to go back.
  12. On Ventura, the art classes are held in the Metropolis bar, AM same lesson repeated PM. The class is for one hour, but get there a half hour early to sort out seating, distribution of materials etc. The class usually overuns, depending on the tutor. If you are taking your own materials don't bother to take a watercolour pad as very good quality (140lb Windsor& Newton) can be bought from the tutor very cheaply compared to prices at home. I've experienced 6 different tutors and they were all professional artists whose work can be seen on the internet. Excellent classes and of course free if you have brought your own stuff.
  13. Carnival shares are doing well now - I thought that those people interested might like to see this; Analysts at Credit Suisse bumped up their target price on cruise operator Carnival on Tuesday after "an encouraging update" with company management and a 'call' with its chief financial officer saw it "retain a positive view". Credit Suisse said its conversation with CFO James Heaney, who joined Carnival from SeaWorld back in 2015, focused on five key topics. According to the Swiss broker, Heaney said Carnival now sees "solid yield growth" throughout 2019, with trends versus peers better judged alongside return on invested capital. Carnival's yield management system, an extending booking curve and continued adoption of its offerings by millennials also supported the investment case. Credit Suisse also said that when discussing flexibility in a downturn, Heaney had noted scope for cost and capex adjustments in the near-term. And while he also played down potential savings as a result of the new fuel regulations that were set to come into effect in 2020, the broker itself said it saw Carnival as being "well placed to benefit". "We would expect caution to prevail and yield growth of around 1% seems likely (CSe 1.5%). The key downside risk stems for a combination of 6% industry capacity growth and a weaker consumer backdrop combining, although the 2019E PE of 12.8x seems to capture an element of that risk," the analysts said. "Whilst 2019E guidance on 20 December will likely be cautious, we see a 2018-21E EPS CAGR of 12% vs a Nov-19E PE of 12.8x as a compelling combination on a 12-month view." CS upped its target price on Carnival's shares to 5,910p from 5,770p, while keeping their recommendation at 'outperform'.
  14. The stockbroker I use is giving a 'BUY' to carnival at the moment. Shares are down due to increase in price of oil (paid for in $) and the weakness of the £ against the $. Oil prices are expected to fall soon, so we may see an upturn.
  15. Do remember, if you have a cabin near to the lifts, you don't get the same amount of exercise that you do if you have to walk down the corridors!
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