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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for a question. We are going to book a cruise on Aurora in2021. From the photos, it seems that some balcony cabins have a full width balcony while some are of the cut out hole in the hull sort. Does anyone know which cabins have which please?
  2. I got a reply from P&O when I complained that I was still waiting for my refund. They said that every day they put all the cancelled cruise payment requests in a large hat and draw out 100, which they refund. They said any passengers who complain won't even have their requests go in the hat. So there!
  3. That is correct, but when I contacted my well known TA they said that I need to contact P&O. Catch 22.
  4. Oceana & Ventura have shaver points that accept OralB recharger stations.
  5. We have a 2 week cruise & stay booked for the 5th. June at the Holiday Inn in Eastleigh. Our cruise has been cancelled and when I contacted the hotel they said that they were now closed to guests as they are providing rooms for local essential workers. They said I shouldemail their customer care dept. I did this , but the email was returned as apparently their 'mailbox was full' I don't know what to do next - do I contact my CC company?
  6. Does the insurance policy cover the cruise or the payment for the cruise? I paid during the term of the policy and if the cruise is cancelled shouldn't that payment be reimbursed? I am assuming that I shall have to claim on my insurance as P&O will not return the cost of the cruise.
  7. We have annual travel Insurance from 9/5/19 to 9/2/20. We are due to cruise with P&O on 17th. June having paid the deposit in 2019 and the balance in March this year. My Travel insurers say that if the cruise is cancelled by P&O after 9/5 we will not be covered under our existing policy or through a renewed one because the renewed policy will have a Coronavirus exclusion. I would have thought that paying for this cruise inside the policy dates should be covered. Apparently not. I don't know what else we could have done to cover ourselves. Is it just me or do these insurance companies stink?
  8. Presumably from my renwal date because they never contacted me before this.
  9. I've just got my annual insurance renewal notice for 9th. May. It confirms (roughly) that there will be no cover for Covid19 apart from emergency medical treatment abroad. I'll not book another cruise until I am CERTAIN that I can't contract coronavirus any time in the future.
  10. I have just seen this on another P&O forum. Is this correct? '"Please delete and apologies if not allowed. Spent an hour talking to P&O about our cruise in May. We have 2 more cruises booked for April 2021 and August 2021. The FCC offered if we cancel May cannot, it seems, be used on the cruises we have already booked because it is against new bookings only. Booked a suite for May so we have no way of getting another new cruise booked to use up the FCC😢' "
  11. I've seen online check in mentioned in a couple of posts. Is this generally available as I've had nothing from P&O about this and we sail on 5th. January?
  12. Try https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/waveheight.asp It goes up to the 29th. Dec.
  13. Yes, my wife bought a Longines watch 18 months ago on Ventura. When we checked the same watch in the UK was exactly the same price, so do your research before you go.
  14. In order to find/use the loo at night, we take a couple of those small battery powered imitation candles. They can be left on all night just inside the open bathroom door and can't be seen from the bedroom and a fresh battery will easily last2 weeks.
  15. She said 'Because it was in the 'fridge and would have gone off by the time we got home!' Go figure. The security man saw the funny side thank goodness. He must have a dizzy wife like mine.
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