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  1. DisneyPirate

    Explorer Nov.6 review

    Glad to see balance in a trip report. My wife had to drag me on our first RCCL (Check the nickname if you have any questions) Cruise......... Was AOTS, and it stood tall to DCL in just about every comparison, except one. It was a boatload less Expensive !!!! Staff and Crew were great........Food was as expected........If you want gourmet, dont try a cruise. Portifinos was wonderful, dont miss the murder mystery dinner if offered.
  2. DisneyPirate

    Looking for Mariner Daily Schedules Thanks

    Thanks Kieth and Laura for all the cruise compasses !!!!! Thats great info !!! Mark
  3. DisneyPirate

    Looking for Mariner Daily Schedules Thanks

    [quote name='MadCnty']Give me a few and I will post them...:)[/quote] Thank You Very Much......... Great City Pendleton !!!!
  4. We are looking at 10/15 Sailing.........Same as Yours ??? Just got back from the AOTS Aruba route......Very, Very Impressive ship and Itinerary !!! Mark
  5. DisneyPirate

    Murder Mystery On Mariner of the Seas

    Thanks Laetitia......... What night was it ??? On AOTS it was Monday Night. Mark
  6. Has anyone cruised on the Mariner lately ??? Looking for daily scheduled events. Trying to plan for our Feb 05 cruise........ Thanks !!! Mark
  7. DisneyPirate

    Murder Mystery On Mariner of the Seas

    The Murder mystery we saw on the Adventure of the Seas was put on by the ships entertainment staff. It was one night only, in Portifino's. Hope that they would do something similar on the Mariner. Anybody been on the Mariner lately ???
  8. DisneyPirate

    Murder Mystery On Mariner of the Seas

    Wendy, Thanks for the Info !!!!! Mark
  9. Does anyone know if they do the Murder Mystery on the Mariner of the Seas ??? If so, what Night ???? Thanks !!!
  10. DisneyPirate

    Just off AOS - Any questions?

    [quote name='LoveMyLifeToday']We just grabbed a cab at the airport. I believe it was $18 one way for both of us. If you do the RCCL transportation, you wait until everyone that's going on the van has received their bags. It didn't seem to be a long wait though from what I could see. They are very clearly marked at the baggage claim.[/QUOTE] Hi Lovemylifetoday........Anything you liked or did not like abour Aruba and Curacao...............
  11. DisneyPirate

    Just off AOS - Any questions?

    One more question.........has anyone used RCCL Transportation from the airport to the ship........ Could you describe how it works ???? Thanks !!!!!
  12. DisneyPirate

    Just off AOS - Any questions?

    Thanks Cruzfiend........I can rest a little bit easy now............. We are doing Aruba, Curacao, St Maarten, St Thomas run........for any excursion advise.
  13. DisneyPirate

    Just off AOS - Any questions?

    Just Wanted to say Thank-You to all who have taken the AOS cruise and have posted here. We sail on our first RCCL cruise 10/16, as a last minute cruise. Have been on other cruise lines, but never out of San Juan. As it was last minute (so to speak), we have to fly in on the day of our departure. Flight get in around 1PM. Any problems with that ?? Any other boarding or excursion advise. Again..........Many, Many Thanks to all you kind souls who have posted here !!!!! Mark