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  1. Hi Everyone, I was reading the celebrity faq and it is a bit confusing due to the wording they use. Maybe someone else has run into the same situation. I was scheduled for a 2/1cruise to Asia on Millenium, which we cancelled the day before departure and received 100% FCC. This was the first cruise that celebrity allowed cancellation on due to covid but before they created any official programs. I applied the FCC to the final payment on my 8/17 Greece Cruise on Constellation, which is now cancelled. I called my big box TA yesterday and they weren't sure whether I'd be elig
  2. Based on the previous post, It does appear that celebrity is being more generous with the 2/15 cancellation with refunds and 50% fcc than they were with those that cancelled their 2/1 sailing (100% FCC)
  3. As a cruiser who was supposed to sail on the 2/1 millennium, I have to say that I agree with OP that celebrity waited way too long to offer refunds. The airlines started offering refunds/changes for itineraries including Hong Kong as of Sunday. Celebrity waited until 6pm EST Thursday (which was already Friday in Singapore) to send me an email saying that I could cancel my Saturday sailing for FCC. My travel agent was closed for the day and couldn’t address it until Friday, which was sail date in Singapore. I understand that there are a number of things that need to be addressed w/r/t port ch
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