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  1. We are on Symphony on 12/11 and we got a sea day for Labadee and St. Maarten for San Juan
  2. First time we had a JS I went to the Suite line and was rebuffed by a RCI employee. I started to argue and the DW tugged me by the arm and pointed to the numerous other lines with little to no waiting. Funny how we get caught up in the benefits and don't realize how reality works
  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts. Would not be the first time she has been wrong about a detail on a cruise. That is why I was looking for some recent experience as I know it is a completely different environment at this time. FWIW, there are 2 2 Bed ATS showing available if you do a mock booking. One on deck 8 and one on deck 9. I have always wanted to be on deck 17 for the convenience to CK/SL but DW is in love with those huge balconies. Either way we will win as the CLS will still be awesome. The Genie is a novelty to me but for some reason really excites her. Maybe she is tired of being my Genie
  4. Our TA just told me that if we bid up on either a 2 bed ATS or a Star Loft we would get it since capacities are so low. Seems too good to be true. We are in a CLS but would be thrilled with either upgrade. If we bid on both how do they decided which one to give us? Was planning to bid just above the minimum bid but the TA has me rethinking. Thoughts?
  5. We were booked on Allure in a CLS last November. Did a L&S to Symphony CLS for this December for the same price as Allure cruise. Total win, right? Nope, DW watched a tube video of the CLS on Symphony and right away saw that we were losing the rain shower and going to same tub/shower that is in Grand and JS. She was pissed at me. She still mentions it. I don't get why they switched. Is a tub preferred by families? Why build that kind of suite for families?
  6. We did Anthem out of Newark in March 2017. Hoped for a decent day and it was 38 degrees. Tried to be outside for sail away and it was a no go for us. Weather was rough in the mid Atlantic (roughest we have ever experienced). We had a JS with the oversized balcony and we spent the least amount of time on it on any cruise. We got to Florida and it was 70 degrees. Very nice but not cruise weather to us. They had to skip Coco Cay (no pier at that time) and we got to Nassau early and spent a day and half there. Went to Atlantis and it was just barely warm enough to swim. This was in March. For us it was our worst cruise. We had two kids with us but they were 17 and 23. The bumper cars and sports plex were nice but not really that big of a draw for us. We loved the ship and would highly recommend Quantum class and can't wait to try it in the Caribbean and/or Alaska.
  7. Doubt it is gone but I am more optimistic about the cruise happening. Hope you are healthy as they may have tight restrictions.
  8. You realize she was an idiot and killed her husband through ignorance? POTUS did not hype algae cleaner as a cure. Think people. Think
  9. Every time I even think about a star class room I try and calculate just how much I am paying for a bigger than we need room plus a Genie. We can do a sky class plus UDP and DBP and still be thousands ahead. I am sure these people are amazing but can it be worth the cost? After reading John's TA review I am not so sure. Even if the guy had been aces on everything I am still far from convinced.
  10. I hope it makes it onto Allure by November but I am doubtful
  11. Was the beer selection beyond the normal bar on ship?
  12. What makes Playmakers a hit compared to a normal sports bar? Asking because I have not been in one.
  13. First cruise was on Disney and have always felt they have the best looking ships in the industry. Their lack of a casino doomed them for us (wife may or may not have a slot machine problem).
  14. Wow, one lousy trip to the grocery and she has shown you the door. Brutal.
  15. I think that perhaps this perception is an exaggeration with no real data to support it. Anecdotal evidence, maybe. My point is, people like perks. If Gold level people got free stuff in the promenade the line would be long. Go to Costco or Sams when the free samples are handed out.
  16. One thing to remember is that cabin occupancy is a lesser part of their revenue equation. It is like seats at the ballpark. The real money is made on the beer and the hot dogs. Cruise lines need people on board to spend, spend, spend.
  17. I think most underestimate the powerful tug of MONEY. The vast majority of people are not fearful of this virus as much as they are fearful for the economic impact. Things will normalize and quickly, IMHO.
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