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  1. From what I had seen until today, it was supposed to be the Celebrity Eclipse that was gonna do these cruises. But today they changed it to Apex. Take all of these with a grain of salt because things are really tentative. They could change it again anytime. They are still trying to figure out how to do the start depending on the current situation. Also with Piraeus Athens as a homeport we can see new 2021 bookings from MSC with Fantasia and Silversea with Silver Moon that have not yet being announced. The weather here in Greece is a good factor they take into consideration for the start up. Le
  2. Celebrity Apex today was listed in the official 2021 cruise schedule at the port of Piraeus Athens. From the 9th of July 2021 until early September will be homeported in Piraeus offering 7-night itineraries.
  3. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24549-msc-lirica-is-on-fire-in-corfu.html?fbclid=IwAR0McI1CK4jpikSlJO1BTmRXnxVblz0jsjSgBmtCNwskYuqibvYTz6G3NwU LIVE COVERAGE: https://www.iefimerida.gr/ellada/kerkyra-fotia-se-kroyazieroploio-sto-limani-eikona-binteo
  4. According to the port registries Disney Magic will return to Europe for the summer of 2022. The itineraries are just not published yet (Disney literally is always the last company to annouce their itineraries).
  5. The 15th of January is a possible date from what I have heard...
  6. Well traditionally HAL is the latest company to announce its deployment each year. So it comes as no surprise to me at all. Last year although they have released it around the 15th of December. This date has already passed.
  7. Well Canada & New England on this website where behind Europe before their release, so who knows? True that Europe will probably be next but anything can happen next week as we have no official confirmation this year...
  8. I bet next week their gonna release their full summer 2022 european itineraries based on the last two weeks...
  9. For 2022 is not meaningless at all. There is a strong demand for 2022 as all other companies who have released their itineraries have stated it. 2022 seems safe for many travellers and that's why they are focusing their interest in these dates.
  10. Note that Pacific appears in many port registries in Europe for the 2022 summer season, but Princess didn't include it in the latest release of 2022 european deployment. This either means redeployment or being sold to another company.
  11. But that wasn't the issue when they released Alaska's 2022 deployment two weeks ago...
  12. NCL released recently their 2023 😛 itineraries. 2022 has been released since last April. RCL also released theirs today. Holland America & Celebrity Cruises have only left...
  13. Last year they were released around the 10th of December. Let's see what will happen this year...
  14. Just a guess from what I'm seeing lately... The substitute of Rhapsody by Brilliance was a last minute one (you can tell by the port bookings) and Grandeur has no itineraries at all...
  15. Yep cause they are currentlu adding them. Also if you search for a specific destination in the official website you will see which new cruises include it, even if they are not posted yet. 😉
  16. They have more dates if you see their info. Also the repositioning cruises are posted.
  17. Most of the summer 2022 cruises are currently being added to the official website!
  18. Transfer to Pullmantur-along with Grandeur-instead of the 2 celebrity ships.
  19. All travel agents have confirmed the exact day of the release is the 4th.
  20. Cyber Monday deal extended for 24 hours. So prob they are not gonna be released for another 24 hours...
  21. They will probably be released in a few hours, after the cyber monday deal is over.
  22. To be honest I think that it is more possible that 2 Vision-class cruises ships will eventually be transferred to Pullmantur (if that ever happens). If you watch Royal Caribbean deployment and port registries for 2022, you will see that Rhapsody was originally booked in the same itineraries as the last 5 years. Last week it was announced that Brilliance will replace it. Also Grandeur has no itineraries at all. That was the reason that the itineraries release was postponed from the 9th of November to the 30th. To conclude, for theabove reasons I think Rhapsody and Grandeur will be the ships tha
  23. So they substituted Harmony with Allure, Brilliance with Voyager, Rhapsody with Brilliance. Anthem and Odyssey remained the same. And Vision was cancelled. Also no sign yet of Jewel which is booked on Gibraltar in May.
  24. Brilliance in Ravenna indicates Rhapsody may be sold or according to some rumors used by Pullmantur (yes Pullmantur) cruises along with Vision of the seas. RCL shuffled the ships early November as it is implied by the different port registries and that's why the release of the itineraries was pushed back to 30th of November...
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