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  1. Three of the six 2021 itineraries of the ships deployed in Eastern Mediterranean have been revealed so far: MSC Fantasia (28/03/21 - 30/10/21) Trieste-At Sea-Katakolon-Izmir-Istanbul-At Sea-Piraeus-Corfu-Bari-Trieste MSC Orchestra (24/04/21 - 16/10/21) Venice-Bari-Katakolon-Santorini-Piraeus-Sarande-Dubrovnik-Venice MSC Musica (16/05/21 - 17/10/21) Venice-Brindisi-Katakolon-Mykonos-Piraeus-Corfu-Kotor-Venice MSC Lirica, MSC Opera, MSC Sinfonia are also gonna do cruises from Venice in 2021, but their itineraries are not yet available.
  2. Complete disaster the 2021 cruises of Marella. I hope next year they do better...
  3. Omg they just removed Argostoli Kefalonia for most of their cruises in 2021? I cannot understand the reasons because the reviews for this place were pretty good... 😞 What's so special and there are sooo many calls in Corfu? 😞
  4. So they will open sales with Northern Europe missing?
  5. Not only Western but Eastern Med too. Check Rhapsody that is gonna do for the 5th year in a row the same itineraries from Venice...
  6. Still no news anyone? The TA according to previous years should have by now some answers...
  7. Not so early though as 2021. Mein Schiff Herz's itineraries for 2021 season were announced today. And Rhapsody is registered in many ports in Greece and Med, indicating a season in Eastern Med from Venice. If this decision have been made and it is already printed in Marella's brochure, I think TUI and RCI would have already made the necessary adjustments to their itineraries. Mein Schiff Herz is confirmed to be delivered to Marella when Mein Schiff 7 is ready.
  8. Either Liverpool or maybe the rumored new route in America? There is a rumor about a new ship too. Last year the itineraries had been already leaked, this year it seems they are more careful...
  9. Some Westerdam itineraries are cancelled in March & April 2021, possibly because the ship will be deployed in Europe in summer 2021. This was known months ago but it seems that today HAL removed the cruises from their site. The cruises that are possibly cancelled are the following: A) 14 Night South America Passage (19 March - 2 April 2021) (This will probably be altered) B) 14 Night South America Passage (2 - 16 April 2021) C) 33 Night Inca & S. America Discovery (2 April - 5 May 2021) D) 37 Night Inca & S. America Discovery (2 April - 9 May 2021)
  10. Well I told you months ago when the bookings to Piraeus Athens were revealed, and still many of you insisted it was not gonna be based in Civitavecchia, but in Southampton! It's name is connected to greek history so this deployment was inevitable. I hope some ports improve their facilities so it can visit more of them in Greece. I am kinda socked it won't go up to Istanbul though...
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