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  1. I believe i read there would be some food menu changes and some throwback offerings as well, such as midnight buffet, etc. I do agree, ships will never be as close as in a foreign port where we are 100 ft apart. We booked for the Pride since we have never sailed her and its our home port. Now to see if 8 day cruises resume by March 22'
  2. Bay Pines in St. Pete FL was providing vaccine for Vets, but not spouse. Father has both doses from them already.
  3. thank you for your service. Trends do look favorable, but we have a way to go before cruising. I am personally unsure if my August cruise will happen, based on the trends. Glad your family is protected!
  4. The time we cruised with him, about two years ago, he did morning "walkies" with a live facebook feed. I believe, it was around 6:45 AM ish. He is very approachable. I was part of the video then stood in line after filming to get coffee. Super easy to talk to, and very friendly and "real" off camera. We did not attend many of his special events.
  5. Hopefully she will return. I believe two FL ports (Jacksonville and Tampa) have both height and draft limits that will only allow the two smaller class ships into port. I understand those two ports are relatively successful. Paradise has been well maintained for each of the last six cruises we have taken on her.
  6. so our PVP knows what we like. Sees more rooms than shown on website. Is able to handle any special offers instantly. (including casino offers). Knows of "best" rooms on each ship for our needs. I email her, she calls and cruise booked faster than using website. If I see a better price, i can email her, she adjusts, then emails new info. Very efficient, painless and fast. Also, can add some little surprises in the room for special occasions. I always booked myself until I learned how much easier she makes the process... Best change I have made.
  7. My belief is the win is no outbreak on the ship. You could leave the ship in a cab and become infected on the way to the airport. That is not a fault of cruise. Each small win is fantastic. Covid is not going away anytime soon, we will all need to adapt to mitigating risk...
  8. Paradise and Elation seem like great ships. May not have all of the amenities of larger ships, but cleanliness, and crew more than make the difference. Also, we live in Tampa and Paradise is 20 minutes from house to check in.
  9. Its seems my magnets work on some ships and not others. i have transitioned over to command adhesive strips. Perhaps super strong magnets may work better.
  10. Perhaps the speculation of "reduced passenger count" would help lessen the crowd, including elevator use?
  11. This is a positive step, provided everyone is following safety protocol. Many employers follow these guidelines and make travel unattractive currently.
  12. Correct, casino base offers have less of a draw than premier and up. The new casino owners have definitely overbooked these higher tier offers.
  13. The better offers are usually packed. From premier and up. This may be different in the future. Those better offers used to include more events, but truly unknown for the future. We usually just choose the ship/itinerary that appeals and not get lured into the casino offer as much.
  14. Almost 8pm.Stll trying to process our dinner and chocolate melting cake with a side of peanut butter (or banana split from kids menu)- Ordering a cocktail for a short casino session before heading to adult comedy show for some good laughs.
  15. The German cruises start this Saturday on Aida. These will be a part of the test to see what does/does not work.
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