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  1. It would be great to see some cruises starting. I think we need some positive events to look forward to. We have thought about buying an RV to have a destination for vacation, however cruising is so much more appealing. Cruising is such a great escape. I hope we all realize it is going to take some time to totally understand the virus, so keeping fingers crossed that we can carefully return to more normal life. Our biggest problem with cruising is the rules are work has placed on cruising, seems excessive.... fingers crossed!
  2. Ours was 1995 on Celebration out of Miami. It was our honeymoon. 7 days - Eastern Caribbean. We had a stern ocean view. I recall a lot of vibration when maneuvering into port. I wish there were forums back then. Nobody told us of the velocity of the toilet flush... We created a scrape book and saved almost everything. Can of Coke $1.50 Funship special $5.50 Glass of red wine $2.95 Signed up and enjoyed the wine and cheese tasting on board. I recall this was a formal event with guests in shirt and tie. Also recall the Ice carvings daily as well as the GALA buffet. The daily flyer in your room was called Carnival Capers We bought a painting in the art auction with real bidding against others. Bidding was stressful. We still enjoy the painting to this day. Great memories and fantastic first experience. As newlyweds, It took us some time to save up and life with children kept us away from cruising for 20 years. Our return to carnival was valor 2015 and we have been lucky to go on 15 cruises since then. Love the carnival family feeling and amazing crews...
  3. yes, we are generous tippers and the wait staff takes great care of us. I definitely agree with the tip about also asking for a water with a drink to take back to the room, also sometimes just ask for a soda before heading in for the night. The water and soda do not count towards the 15 drinks when you are DOU.
  4. When we sailed, we found the ship and crew were great. We have sailed many fantasy class ships, and know the layout well. A few observations. -ship definitely seemed less crowded than others. After a week, we thought perhaps this was due to a slightly different demographic of the cruisers themselves. This could also be that this itin is port intensive and full days at port. -did more excursions than usual to see more of the new to us ports of call. some ship, some private. -casino seemed empty. -San Juan was simple for embark/debark -wished the day at sea was last day. -learned the trick to take a picture of fun times each night before turning in to "catalog" which pictures were from what day. -we were exhausted after cruise from taking in so many new ports and adventures. We would do this ship and itin again, but take additional vacation, 2 days after to rest and recharge. It is was great.... enjoy
  5. I saw that we would not get any confirmation email or letter about the extra OBC for the cruises thru May. It would appear once onboard. I am relatively confident about the OBC. Now if you have any form of casino freeplay, you should bring proof. The casino has not been consistent with follow through as of late.
  6. paradise was a logo flash drive at the end of january
  7. i brought both a Yeti and straw and left them in the cabin the entire cruise. Did not want to have to carry around all day. Need to invent a straw holster of some type.
  8. Perhaps set up a planned vacation for an AI or other Caribbean destination, tell her the duration, then at the last moment, tell her its a cruise. you can have room decorated, or make your own décor on websites like Shindigz or others.
  9. breeze or magic have a touch of the older design. Vista and Horizon more modern design, which bothers some. These four larger ships have most of the bells and whistles and give plenty of dinning options. There are some differences, but should be a great option on any of these. The easiest port would be port Canaveral if you are driving. That would limit to breeze or magic, depending on which of the two are sailing during the time you are planning. congrats!
  10. I have sailed on Paradise 5 times. Each of the 5 sailings have been great. Ocean view has been our choice since balconies are a premium price. Port of Tampa is one of the best ports. No need for faster to fun. Easy in and out. If parking, look up park connect. Half price of regular parking. Her less expensive sailings are NOV-FEB. If you do some homework, there are usually reduced prices on carnival excursions immediately after booking. If you are looking for non carnival excursions, look at the ports of call sections in cruise critic, we have picked up great ideas. You can also look at Travelocity for ideas on excursions. For shipboard activities, the best thought is you will not be able to do everything, just pick your favorites. There will be some lines at peak times, just like any venue with a few thousand people attending. For the most part, the lines are minimal and the crew has been great. I am sure you will have a great time.
  11. you can make any style you want on shindigz. IIRC this was just over $20 and it a durable canvas. We have used this for 2 years so far.
  12. Great start! Glad you enjoyed the Paradise. We live close to port Tampa and sail her often. For us, the crew makes the cruise more than the ship. We have been fortunate to have a great crew each time we sailed her, so we tend to favorite Paradise. Please keep sharing!
  13. following, how last minute is last minute? We have thought about just taking time off, then waiting to see if there are any great deals last minute.
  14. on Vista, sister ship. Deck 5 did have the ocean plaza, with limited selection of items from Lido. Good for a quick/simple meal without Lido lines. Also, Red frog pub. We really enjoyed some of the food from there. It cost a few dollars, but is unique and very tasty. Ended up eating in there and enjoying karaoke. Also, the ice cream in cherry on top was great, especially when they hand make a ice cream cookie sandwich. Red frog had some half price drink specials during embarkation and a few days during the cruise. worth looking at... Again, this is from Vista, but they are sister ships.
  15. a small Samsonite carry on that holds two twelve packs upright with a tower fan in between. Also have our saved cabin décor and door banner along with medications. in the carry on. as stated before, some open cases, some do not. the carry on works well on the way home to bring back any breakable gifts and laundry from the last night.
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