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  1. I agree with all of the above, I did not see any mention of being able to clearly see the stars at night. On occasion, we have seen "shooting stars". Some of the best memories with the kids, - completely free AND no calories.
  2. It doesn't show Platinum/Priority for the Pride yet as the carnival site says I only have 58 days. Karen Perhaps just wait until a few days after you return from the first cruise and your days sailed have updated. Either way, your second cruise will be platinum for the entire cruise.
  3. i know others will have a more detailed answer, but there are several generators on board, IIRC the tour I took mentioned 6 total. They do not use or need all six at any one time, but may perform maintenance and have others as backup. Saying that, I believe the answer is some of the six exhaust out of one side, the rest from the other. You can hear the air intake on the aft top deck, at least on the larger ships with the running track near the aft of the ship.
  4. Not sure if I missed a comment about adding peanut butter to the chocolate melting cake or the fact you can get a banana split from the kids menu at dinner. saw this on last cruise and everyone in eyesight asked if they could also have these!
  5. May1cruiser


    correct, almost at the taxi stand, I believe they will customize. I was able to negotiate the price somewhat also.
  6. They do celebrate during anytime dinning. When you enter the day you want to celebrate, it prints on your seating ticket when you check into the dinning room. We just celebrated an anniversary, ordered a cake from the fun shops, brought a cake decoration from home and gave to the waitstaff as a surprise for my parents. They added the purchased decoration to the top of the funshop cake before delivering to the table. They do a fantastic job accommodating. This all happened in YTD. And yes a different night we celebrated my daughters birthday from July, the cruise was in august.
  7. on toured in Aruba, depth was 125 or so feet. Saw shipwrecks and yes, both sides had a chance to view. really enjoyed this experience
  8. Pizza and surrounding buffet. Guys and iguana I thought I recall deli open as well, deli is usually 11a-11p
  9. We have been on several of the large CCL ships and about an equal amount of fantasy size. We simply enjoy the escape that a cruise allows. Yes, there are differences, but I would jump on the Paradise again tomorrow if I could. We have sailed her 4 times and enjoyed each cruise. It is really what you make of it and the attitude going into the cruise. We have a great time with our family, so they are what is important, not the ship. I will add we have been given fantastic service on all of the ships, so the crew makes each trip special.
  10. Also, It seems that the buffet has similar food as the dining room if you feel like "skipping" the dinning room one of the nights. We have done this on "elegant" night to avoid dressing up. The HUB app is a great recommendation and will make decisions much easier. It works from the ship WIFI and does not use cell service.
  11. Have just brought fan as part of carry on along with soda. I would say around 8 different times at Florida ports including Miami, there has never been any level of concern.
  12. I think we average about $2-3 bag, depending on how heavy we have overpacked.
  13. digitial is a flash drive they provide. And yes, they will also go to the digital app. some of the ships feature digital versus hard prints and that is mentioned in the $99 package details.
  14. The best value is for 8x10, you can select 5x7, but it reduces the value of purchasing the package. We took a ton of pictures with the photographers and had about 40 8x10 to select from. Also, the canvas, they tell you to select one of your five by a certain time on the last day so they can print for you. I do not recall the time. We selected ours on the last day, and I picked up the canvas on the morning of debarkation. I believe pixels was open 7am-9am. We did get 5 8x10 and one canvas for the package price. hope this helps
  15. Yes, pick any five. Canvas looks great. A tip is to take advantage of the first day special that was Buy one get one for the embarkation photo. We purchased those to allow for the 5 free prints at full price. Seems like a good deal if you have the desire for photos.
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