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  1. It's interesting how different people's experiences and preferences can be. Granted, we have taken ten Seabourn cruises and only one Silversea cruise, but that was partly because of our negative impression following the SS cruise. Unlike Accessor, the food on SS was one of it smain drawbacks for us. We sent our meals back once in the main dining room because it was inedible, not just improperly prepared, and I cannot think of any other time I have done that anywhere. And our experience in the club was the exact opposite. While Seabourn's passed hors d'oeuvres may have gone a little down hill in recent years, as I think have many things on many cruise lines, they are still far superior to what was served to us in the lounges on SS just a couple of years ago. Everythings was ice cold, including greasy fried calamari and soggy pigs in a blanket. Each cruise can be different and everyone has different tastes.
  2. Thanks for he info. I still have a couple of years but it is finally close enough to actually be realistic to think about. If Seabourn uses your average suite level it would be hard to give us anything but a v3, since that is what we have always booked, with the exception of two upgrades. I am not sure if you can choose any seven day cruise or how they determine the amount of credit to give you, but I can worry about that when I actually hit the milestone.
  3. This may have been addressed before but I cannot find the thread. We are actually nearing the 140 day benchmark to earn a free seven day cruise. While it is likely two more cruises away, I am already planning the next one, so it is at least close enough to dream about. I have a couple questions. First, how does Seabourn determine what level suite to provide? Logic would tell me it would be the level you sailed the most, but that may not be true. Also, somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I recalled that you could take a longer cruise and receive a credit. Is this correct? If so, does this only apply to cruises that also have a separate 7 day bookable segment, so Seabourn know how much of a credit to give?
  4. Thanks Hallam. All of the restaurants we looked at were closed on Sunday. We are staying at the Marriott, if that helps with any additional recommendations. We were looking at a lot of foodie restaurants, although after a fifteen day cruise, I am not sure if that will be necessary.
  5. Okay, I just posted about Reykjavik, but I also need a recommendation for a restaurant for dinner in Copenhagen on a Sunday night. We would like something nice, but it does not need to be fine dining. Just looking for good food. We are open to anything. However, every restaurant I look at seems to be closed on Sunday. We will just have gotten off a 15 day cruise, so I may be a little burnt out. We will be four with one pescatarian. Any suggestions, especially from a resident would be appreciated.
  6. We will be in Reykjavik next Friday night before embarking on our cruise on Saturday. I would be interested in any recommendations for a dinner restaurant, especially from any residents of the city. Went to both Grillmarkadurinn and Fiskmarkadurinn last time we were there. They were okay but I would like to try something different. We would like something nice, but it does not have to be the finest dining, although we are open to anything. We will be a party of four with one pescatarian. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. hanks SKP946. As I remembered, pretty limited for a beer drinker who likes interesting beer, and tends to drink iPAs.
  8. Thanks SKP946 but I cannot open these links.
  9. I have spoken to my travel agent and she spoke to Seabourn. I asked for beers available in the UK or Iceland since those are the two countries which will be visited by the Quest right before our cruise starts in Reykjavik and so choices should be available. We will see if anything comes of it.
  10. As I stated earlier, last time my advance special request was not met. Perhaps I will try again. What is a reasonable amount to ask for? This is a fifteen day cruise and my brother-in-law pretty much only drinks beer, water and Diet Coke.
  11. I saw an old thread on this, but it did not mention what beers might be available on board. I am not much of a beer drinker, so other than Grolsch, I don't remember what beer choices there are. I am sailing in a few weeks with my borther-in-law and he drinks only beer. Last time we cruised together, following advice form this board, I contacted guest relations and asked them to stock some pale ale readily available in the US (we were sailing from Boston). Disappointingly, my request was not met. I would like to try again. This time we are sailing from Reykjavik, so I will request a common Icelandic beer. However, In anticipation of disappointment again, can anyone tell me what beers are generally available on board? You can skip any light beers, because I know that is not his style. Thanks.
  12. Thank you, Sucellos, for the reasoned and detailed reply. I too had come to the conclusion that the responses on this board seemed to be a bit all over the place, just like the so-called travel information sources on line. The one problem with the tip and the credit card is that for some ridiculous reason, most US cards do not have a PIN. They finally have chips but the vendor has to print out a receipt for us to sign. It is almost always just printed and presented to us, without a chance to change the number. That means, when we tip have to tip in cash. I guess before they enter the bill number we could ask the if it is possible to add a tip, but that always feels awkward.
  13. I will be going on a cruise in June to Iceland, Norway and Denmark, and will be spending some time independently before, after and off the cruise in ports. I have noticed that some residents of these countries visit these boards and was hoping to get some advice on tipping in restaurants, hotels and taxis. There is online information that seems to be all over the place - i.e., tipping is not common or expected in these countries, or, that is true but some people add something - a few Kroner extra for good service, enough for a cup of coffee, or some people add five percent, or some people add ten percent. I don't mind tipping for good service, but I also don't want to tip just because I am American and feel I should. Years ago I saw an American insist on tipping someone in Tahiti, where, at the time at least, tipping was rare, and he tried to give it back three or four times before she finally relented. It was a foreign concept to him. I prefer to follow what actual residents do, so any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the reply Raphael, but like my confirmation, my final invoice only shows a final shipboard credit, and not a breakdown. The credit does not match the dollars I expected from the promotional given by Seabourn on booking and my Carnival stcok credit, but would match if I added the value of the Silber wine package. Since we have had issues with credits before, I was wondering whether that is what they did - add the value of the wine package, and also whether our actual account shows as the purchased wine package or if they just gave us an additional dollar credit in the value of the wine package. Also, I do not see anything anywhere about the complimentary internet minutes. And, yes, I know I can and have picked my benefit choices on line, but I need the answer to the above questions before I finalize those selections, because it will affect our choices. Markham's response, which also echoes my thoughts on the new website, seems to confirm my conclusion that I will have to check or have my trave agent check directly with Seabourn.
  15. Does anyone know if there is a way to check on the Seabourn website to see what credits you have on your account for an upcoming cruise. We are supposed to have a complimentary Silver Wine package as compensation (that was offered to us, we did not request anything) for some minor issues on a prior cruise. Also, the cruise came with shipboard credits and complimentary minutes of internet. On my final booking and final invoice I see account credits, which actually exceed what I was expecting. I think it may includes the value of the wine pacakge, but I cannot be sure. Also there is no where I see to confirm the internet minutes, which affect which Seabourn Club benefits we select. I think I recall being able to check some of those things in the past, but I cannot seem to do it on the current website. If not, I will ask my travel agent to confirm the details, but if I don't need to bother her, I won't.
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