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  1. My daughter and I will be taking a Blexie tour on January 14th. How much should we be tipping the driver and tour guide. (We are not getting Blexie himself, but one of his other tour guides. Thank you
  2. My daughter and I will be taking a Blexie tour from 10-4. I'm thinking that we might want to go back to the cruise ship, freshen up, and then walk around Havana that evening. Due to cost, we're not looking at the Tropicana show or the other one always advertised. Are there any specific bars or spots where 2 women would feel comfortable stopping for a drink, and listening to some music? thanks
  3. My daughter and I are cruising to Havana in January, and I'm thinking that we would either have dinner or breakfast in the city, while we are there. Does anyone have recommendations for a place that we could easily find by foot, for either meal? we are not looking for something terribly expensive, just the opportunity to try some Cuban food to add to our experience. thanks
  4. My daughter and I will be using Blexie as well, what is considered an appropriate tip?
  5. augiesmom

    Blexie Tours

    For those who have set up this tour with Blexie, is it expected that if my daughter and I go to lunch during the tour, our tour guide and driver also need to be included in that lunch or would they wait for us? Have not taken private tours of this kind for this length, and want to do the right thing. am also trying to determine the total cost of what a tour like this would cost overall, beyond the tour charge.
  6. how was Havana? any tips you have would be appreciated
  7. Can someone who has taken this cruise recently, let me know what time you were to get on board? The ship departs out of Miami at 5pm. Working on setting up a shuttle pickup from hotel in Ft. Lauderdale down to the cruise ship in Miami. I've taken that shuttle before, but I believe the previous trip left Miami at 4pm rather than 5. Enjoy getting on the ship earlier, so as to have lunch, etc.
  8. Heading to Cuba in January 2019. Does it make more sense to bring euros with us, for exchange in Cuba? This would eliminate the 10% penalty we would encounter with US dollars, correct? Or with the exchange rate being what it is, are we still better off dealing with dollars exchanged into cuc
  9. In trying to complete this form, I thought I had saved a copy to my pc, but did not. It was submitted to NCL. Can anyone tell me whether I have to have a copy of this when boarding the Norwegian Sky? Wasn't sure whether to fill it out a second time, and print it this time, or if this would just confuse everyone.
  10. Will be overnighting it in Havana in January 2018. Is it possible to head into Havana and back to the ship as many times as we want, while the ship is in port?
  11. Are the costs for Great Stirrup Cay, such as drinks or the new buffet, covered by the cost of the cruise ticket? Haven't been on one of these islands before during cruises, so debating whether to head to the island, or just stay on board ship that day. Thanks
  12. Travelling to Cuba in January on the Norwegian Sky. Have applied for the necessary Visa through Norwegian. Do they provide us with the visa card prior to the trip, or do we receive it upon check in? Thanks!
  13. My mom and I are visiting Halifax and St. John's on the 4th and 5th of June. Not sure what level of warmth to pack, am thinking it won't be very warm yet, but have no idea. Not concerned about what to pack for the cruise ship, as it's our 4th cruise, but we always explore our ports, and want to avoid over packing items we will never pull out of the suitcase. 3 years ago we cruised to Alaska in June, and found beautiful warmer days which were not expected. So any advice would be appreciated! thank you
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