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  1. We have never had any problem with it or my military bonus. They have always added it to our cruises.
  2. Tried the RUM and the Vodka, both were good for mixing. Bought them in Florida for a two cruise back to L.A. on the NCL. Next cruise is on the Star for 28 days in the Pacific. Will try them there also.
  3. I knew it was not the real thing. In two years the plating was gone. I gave it back with my recipt and it would cost me more then price I paid to get it rerplated. I left it with the sales person and the other people around me walk away also. I wonder why thay allow this kind of cheap stuff to be sold. Are we all this gullable?? Got to drink more and think less.:o
  4. We are back from a trip of a life time. I echo Gail's thoughts on the trip. Friends were made on this trip i hope will last. We got off in Panama and flew to Costa Rica for 10 days. a week on the beach in Quepos(HOT/Humid) in an apartrment. We had to cook for ourselves and everything. We think that the couple from Jersey Is. got put on standby to Miami. Richard/Betty. Anyknow?? That's all for this adventure.:eek:
  5. I plan on getting a bottle to tide us ove at the last stop before Costa Rica. We also had no problems ;) taking a bottle(SHARM EL SHIEK) on the Star Clipper when we sailed from Athens to Goa in 08. I'm in the final packing as we are leaving for LA for overnight and then flying Hawiaan Air to Ohau . We will stay over night there with friends. When we reboard ,I will pick up a bottle from Duty Free for the first leg, Sue will also get hers the sameway. We also plan on snacks Dark M&M peanuts, cashews, etc:p. I have a flask of Cognac I bought in Cognac last year. I might as well bring it also. Great for the evennings under the stars with friends. Can't wait until we all see each other in Tahiti at the docks for dinner and drinks.:D Ed
  6. When we reboard the next day in Hawaii I will buy me HAPPY Juice then and will have it when we get off in Tahiti. I will pack it in my big bag that night ther before boarding the boat the next day:rolleyes:. See you all at the docks that night;). Still thinking aboput a hamock for the deck for sleeping at night. IO have a small one I've used before , but not on a sailing ship. It was used between palm trees. Ed
  7. I called Star Clipper 2 weeks ago and the told they were sending them out that day and received them in 3 days. Sounds like the travel agency :mad:is slow if you used one, if not the postal system is at fault. Any way you will get them in time:rolleyes:. Think postive and have some good wine or single malt. We leave on the 10 and over night in Hawaii before going on to Tahiti for a restful night. See every on at the docks for drink and food:p. Ed
  8. Now that it is time to gather all the stuff needed for this adventure. My pile has water toys like FINS, MASK, SNOKEL and WATERSHOES. This will take up some room. I'm not willing to give my space for single malt or snacks:D. I tried to use their fins last time and they almost fit. So I bought my own SPEEDO from Amazon two years ago. Nice ones ,but large in size. I have an Eagle Creek 28" duffel bag and a 21" Osprey. After my trail packing I'll see if I bring them or not. I have my books and 4 books on DVD(Spencer Novel) to bring. I just hope they don't run out of draft beer like they did after the last stop in Egypt before Goa India. Little thingd mean a lot for the final 17 days at sea. Weather here is going to be in the high 60's to low 70's until we leave. Let the fun begin. Ed
  9. We got our docs today. Now I can start practicing my packing and selecting the Hawiian shirts and single malts:D. I'm taking a light weight jacket for the evening drinks on the aft deck while star gazing. Right now it is raining in Palm Springs and will not get out of the 60's until Friday or Saturday. Did I mention we got our DOCS?:p Sue is reading all the tour info and will sign us up for the fun stuff. Any one bringing their own snokel gear? We generaly bring our own mask and tube. Fins are always a bit bulky to pack:rolleyes:. The ones on ship are a bit wonky!:confused: Ed
  10. What is this with pirate night?:confused:? I'm going to bring a hamock if we can sleep on deck. It is small enought and have tested it out. Not to much longer now until we leave:D. Ed
  11. We were on the 2008 fall cruise from Athens and got off in Goa for 5 weeks of India. We had an US Navy escort to Oman. It was quite an adventure enjoyed by all. We are on the 34 day trip from Tahiti to Panama in Feb this year.;) Ed/Sue
  12. Just got back from a 9 day Mexican riveria cruise. Warm weather got me ready for the BIG ONE in February. Anything new?? :cool:
  13. In Oct 08 we had a US Navy escourt from the end of the Suez canal to Oman with the wire and electrical stuff, just no guns. We did have a bunch of salty old seniors to help repel any boarders. We aew going on the 34 day cruise from Tahiti to Panama in Feb 2010 on the Flyer.:D Ed/Sue
  14. We will be on the first leg with another friend from Georgia that was with us on the Athens to Phuet trip last Oct. We will stock up on Dark M&M's and cashews:p and other important snack food. It will be interesting to see how much they load up at the last stop before Costa Rica. We will also load up on necessary items there also as well as others. This is going to be be a lot of fun.:rolleyes: Ed
  15. We just got back from Portland Oregon and seeing our youngeat son and grandkids. I saw there were some more postings. We both speak French, I lived in Paris from 59 to 63, thanks to the Air Force. The 4X4 sounds good. I'm still going to pack one bottle of single malt and buy one in Honolulu at the DFS, for the evening drinks aft at night:p. The wine prices are pretty good aboard ,but check out CAREAFORE(SP) there. We are getting off in Panama and will go back to Costa Rica for a week before flying home. We spent my 60th there and will now do the same for my 70th. Not many days now. Ed/Sue:D
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