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  1. For the 12th May sailing, we were onboard shortly after 11am. Note that the Windjammer and Chops didn't open until 11:45! --bruce T.
  2. Maybe they heard charter fisher reports of a good weed line over the radio, and are rushing over to catch tonight's supper? We used to do that all the time! ๐Ÿ˜… --bruce T.
  3. Having just worn jeans in the main dining room on Freedom a month ago, I'd say yes. ๐Ÿ˜ --bruce T.
  4. I can't speak to the $100 shipboard package, since I'm on Verizon. But, we were just on Freedom and I was in a similar situation - or, at least I had to keep in touch. I had the Key, which includes surf & stream - so while at sea, I put my phone into airplane mode (cellular radio off), then enabled WiFi calling. In port, I turned off airplane mode (cellular radio back on) and (important!) disabled WiFi calling. Reception was generally good on the islands, but your mileage may vary depending on what islands you go to. My experience with WiFi calling over Zoom was mostly positive, but there were some dropouts. Good luck! --bruce T.
  5. THIS. Anyone who has ever attended a quinceaรฑera knows what a great occasion it is. I'd question that a bunch of 15 years olds partying at a quince would be any noisier than a a bunch of 15 year olds partying for anything else. And if you're there & friendly... don't be surprised if you get sucked into the festivities as extended family & friends! In my experience, there's always room for honorary tios, abuelos, and primas! ๐Ÿฅ‚ DISCLAIMER: originally from Miami, have lived in Texas and New Mexico for >35 years total. --bruce T.
  6. We just got off Freedom last week, and we traveled from Houston. We could have flown in the same day, since we had the advantage of the direct flight on United... but chose to come in a day early. I'm happy we did - the thunderstorms hit in Houston that afternoon, and screwed up flights through Sunday! So, we got there, checked in to the hotel, and had a good dinner. The next morning, we checked in to the ship early - and after lunch, left and grabbed a cab to Old Town to sight see on our own. If you do fly in the same day - and a lot of people did it - muster drill is at 5:45pm, and they have a make-up session if you miss it. The scheduled departure is 8pm. --bruce T.
  7. Clarea called it. When we exited customs, the porter took us over to a truck. We let them load our luggage, as well as two small carryons (we kept my laptop and camera bag on the bus). After the tour, we were brought to an area outside of Terminal 3 where our luggage was waiting for us (supervised by two people). Note that there were no porters there - I had to walk down to Terminal 2 to get a porter, then brought him back to Terminal 3 so he could take our bags to Terminal 1! --bruce T.
  8. We just got off Freedom last Sunday. You're gonna love it. I hope you're assigned to Imelda (waiter) and Mohammad's (assistant) table in the Main Dining Room! --bruce T.
  9. We just did it 6 days ago. PROS: comfortable bus, friendly driver, an hour or so to spend exploring Old San Juan, you can leave your personal stuff on the bus during your stops, and your luggage is waiting for you at the airport. CONS: most of the time is spent driving - other than our stop in old San Juan, we only had a couple of 10 - 15 minute stops at various locations. Also, you will not have enough time to visit the forts during that hour! Finally - very important - there is NO luggage storage on the bus. No outside storage trunks, no overhead bins... nothing. Anything you bring on should fit under the seat in front or you or on your lap. I hope this helps! --bruce T.
  10. "Refrigerator" is a relative term. On Freedom a week and a half ago, the fridge was empty - but also has a sign saying that the minimum temperature was 55 degrees F. Drinks were cool, but not cold. --bruce T.
  11. And there's a CVS just next to it (or maybe a couple of doors east, anyway). We were just there a week ago, it's very well stocked. ๐Ÿ™„ CVS - Carolina - San Juan --bruce T.
  12. LOL, I hope not. This Sunday, we have two of these rooms on Deck 8 (the inward slanting windows at the top). From what I've read, the noise was generally not a factor - but there were exceptions. I would think (hope?) that the worst of the noise would be for the Deck 6 cabins. Then again, that vaulted roof could concentrate the noise on our level. We're gonna have a good time regardless... --bruce T.
  13. Hence my research here. ๐Ÿ˜ But truthfully, I don't know if it is a badly lit backstreet market... for example, it could be something like Bermuda's Harbor Nights. --bruce T.
  14. Hello all... can anyone here share experiences with or recommend the Bridgetown Night Market"? The RCI Itinerary Fairy decided that our sail away from Barbados on 17th May will be at 10:30pm instead of the previously scheduled 5. In the email, RCI tells us that we can use the time to enjoy the "premiere event... Bridgetown Night Market and Riddim Route". Here's the fun part: Google doesn't show an event by this name in Barbados... and the Bajan tourism sites don't list anything for the 17th. They do show the weekly Cropover Festival the next day - but we'll be well at sea by then. thx in adv for any input... --bruce T.
  15. OK, fun fact: I may be the only person on this thread that was quarantined in The Bahamas. In the mid 60s, my family was visiting - and I developed chicken pox. I wasn't allowed to fly back to FL until all of the scabs were gone! So, my Dad and siblings headed back without my mother, grandma, and myself. We were left to fend for ourselves at the hotel... who basically adopted us. I can barely remember it, but I do remember sitting in a kiddie wading pool (one of the locals had found one) as Mom and one of the hotel workers poured lots baking soda in it. This happened twice a day! I found out later that hotel workers went out and cleaned out the island stores (not too hard since there weren't many of them back then) of all of their baking soda... then canvassed friends and family to empty their cupboards and pantries! After almost three weeks of extended vacation, I was cleared to return to the US. Mom told me later how upset I was to leave my new best friends. --bruce T.
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