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  1. We were supposed to disembark Liberty last Sunday... I'm keeping hope alive! --bruce T.
  2. ...would love to see a confirmation on taxes, gratuities, and fees being refunded. Would also like to know if Vacation Protection Plan will be refunded since it was Royal that cancelled? I won't have time to wait on hold with Royal until tomorrow. --bruce T.
  3. "Right" as in "valid and permissible"? Probably, depending on the terms and conditions you accepted with the booking. "Right" as in "good business"? Of course not. They are alienating a regular customer and risking that relationship for only $100. Should you take your business elsewhere in the future, it'll probably cost them much more than $100. --bruce T.
  4. This was a challenge for me about a year and a half ago. I'm the caregiver for my mentally disabled brother, and make our reservations. I had to cancel a cruise about a year and a half ago - but they weren't able to cancel his without his permission. It took about an hour on the phone, and an escalation to supervisors, before they would cancel his room - even though the special needs desk had documented his disability. After they were able to cancel it, the agent expressed surprise that they approved it. Next time? I'll put him on the phone with them, and he can tell them abou
  5. This is not an exaggeration! 🌬️🌫️🌪️ --bruce T. (been there, done that)
  6. 👆 THIS 👆 times 2. They may defer capital investments for those items generating less revenue. And depending on what they expect as future ROI, lower interest rates may actually be a significant bonus. --bruce T.
  7. I'm not losing sleep over this - in fact, I think it makes sense. What will be interesting is the effect on the upcoming beach clubs in Nassau, Antigua, Vanuatu, etc... --bruce T.
  8. They knew that. They were just testing us. 🙄 --bruce T.
  9. Actually, I didn't - just didn't document it, because I don't see them going under within the next three weeks. Looking at their balance sheet, I think that's gonna take a while. And if I end up with FCC, I would not sit on it past the summer. thx... --bruce T.
  10. Kind of why I'm waiting until the last possible minute for my 29th March cruise on Liberty. For me, there's a finite number of solution sets: Situation improves and cruise goes as scheduled: 👍 (already upgraded cabins!) Situation doesn't improve but RCI precautions / screenings demonstrated to be effective: 👍 (thinking this is the most likely scenario) Situation doesn't improve and cruise is cancelled: 👎 (gimme back my money) Situation doesn't improve and ports are affected: 👎 (not into being redirected to Key West and CoCo Cay) Situation doesn't improve and warn
  11. The cruise ships take care of that. Here's a great video from earlier this year: I Took My Guide Dog On A Cruise Ship For A Week! --bruce T.
  12. I upgraded our cabins last night, and went out this morning to download the updated luggage tags and cruise docs with no problems. --bruce T.
  13. Don't forget formal night dress code threads. --bruce T.
  14. I was on Freedom last May, and used Voom multiple times for calls. I only had a few intermittent issues with voice quality, and never had a call dropped. --bruce T.
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