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  1. Just did this cruise on Anthem. Anthem is my favorite ship and I’ve been on many. Have a great time!
  2. If you cruise, make sure you choose a ship with a baby splash zone that allows swim diapers. Babies aren’t allowed in other pools. This is always important to us when cruising with our little ones.
  3. I want to buy an internet package before my cruise, but I am not sure if the diamond discount will show up at checkout on the website before payment? Any ideas?
  4. Has anyone done this excursion and can give some feedback? It says it’s at night, but how late does the tour depart? Can you actually see the fish/corral or is the boat super crowded? Is it kid friendly? I would be bringing my 6 year old along For almost $55 per person for an hour and a half tour, I am a bit skeptical.
  5. Just so you know, I sometimes feel seasick (not every cruise) and I have been able to get motion sickness/seasickness medicine (a pill) at guest services without going to the infirmary. I'm not sure if they do this on every trip, but in case someone forgets medicine, they may have it available at guest services.
  6. Was this issue resolved for you all? We set sail in 13 days and plan to do our online check in this weekend. I would like to be able to print our Set Sail pass.
  7. Hi all, Recent Anthem cruisers: I've heard that Anthem is very tech-savvy and that people used the Royal App for stuff. Is this true? If so, what should I use the app for specifically on the ship? Any tips are appreciated!
  8. Nope, aggressive photographers have not been my experience as of recent. You stand in line for any pictures before/after dinner (usually nightly), so there is no photographer asking if you want your picture taken. They usually take pictures by the pool on sea days, out at the beach on a private island, and sometimes in the main dining room, but you can politely decline and they usually just move on to the next person. The only time I've felt like they were pushy is when you get off the ship and they have someone dressed as a pirate or something and want to take a photo with you. You can just say no thank you and keep walking. They won't chase you down.
  9. You may hear a cart or two in the windjammer, but nothing very noisy. The grand suites on the Grandeur are very nice.
  10. What specific websites do you check? Just the RCCL website?
  11. Recent Anthem cruisers: RCCL website says the bistro is complimentary. Do you have to make reservations? How is the food? Does the menu change daily or stay the same? We most likely won’t be going to the MDR because my 2 year old won’t do well in that environment, but it would be nice to have another informal option other than the WJ for lunch and dinner. i appreciate your thoughts.
  12. Anyone know about Anthem? My toddler has to be gluten and dairy free. Vegan options are great to ensure the food item is dairy free.
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