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  1. Well, there have been some weird comments on here, that's for sure. But I can assure you that the Viking crowd is a great crowd, second only to the Oceania crowd - but not by much! I think you'll have a great time on Viking.
  2. I'm not saying this is what happened in this situation, but in general, I find it hard to believe that some people apparently don't even read the Dailies. When we were outside Heimaey, Iceland, someone who ate breakfast near us asked with a surprise why it appeared we had stopped. We told her we were tendering there. She had absolutely no idea that it was a tender stop. There is so much good information in the Dailies; wish everyone would at least skim them for basic info.
  3. So many extraneous comments on here. Ugh. This might be considered extraneous too, but in case it's not: We find the little compartments in the special space under the top of the desk to be very helpful for storing small things that can get easily misplaced, hard to find in a cluttered drawer, possibly left behind and/or used a lot -- e.g., camera cards, small binoculars, earrings/rings, small batteries, excursion tickets, etc. I love that part of the desk. So my tip (which was original idea behind this thread after all) is to keep the little pad of paper and pen that Viking gives you just to the left of the moveable desk top, and keep the bottle of water and water glasses behind the desk top. It takes a day or two of reminding yourself to do that, but once you get it, it saves you from having to move things to get into the desk.
  4. I think that's it, but the pictures I see are always taken from a bit away, so it's hard to say. I'll have to look back and see. In the mean time, if you or anyone knows if smallish cruise ships actually dock at the Chania harbor, I'd love to know. Our itinerary simply says "Crete" so I'm assuming we will dock at Souda Bay. But I've snooped on Marine Traffic and maps and a ferry appears to dock in Chania, so hope springs eternal. We're (hopefully) on the Sirena (Oceania). I forget the dimensions/draft, but it's not terribly large.
  5. I don't remember one in our deluxe veranda room last month, but hopefully someone else will confirm.
  6. OK, I'm back, with more info on Kotor. https://pbase.com/roothy123/kotor_montenegro__sept_30_2015&page=all is a link to my photos of Kotor. There's also another "gallery" right after this one. Make sure you hit "All" to see all photos in each gallery. If you want a larger version of a photo to pop up, double click it. The tour guide was named Milo Popovic, Kotor Bay Tours. He's listed/reviewed on Trip Advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g295381-d2234299-r230322226-Kotor_Bay_Tours-Kotor_Kotor_Municipality.html
  7. KOTOR is a fun place that you can just wander in, or perhaps take a half day tour outside the city as we did. I'll have to look up the name of the person we hired to take 4 of us around. If you trust people on your "Roll Call" to be healthy and vaccinated, perhaps you can find a couple to share a tour. I was obsessed with going to see this little island not far from Kotor, so that was where we mostly went. But the city is right there, or at least it was for our ship, a smallish cruise ship, so may be a little different if you're on a larger one. So it's easy to just walk off and meander into the town. There's also a hike you can take up the mountain there - not exactly easy, though. The sail out of Kotor can be really pretty, so if you're not eating dinner then, you may want to be on board, especially around sunset. I'll find my photos and post a link, and get the name of the person/company we used for a half day tour.
  8. Thanks for the info. We're going to Chania next May. I hope to see the lighthouse in Chania, plus the center city area, and hopefully get to Reythymnon too, on the bus. The harbor/port/marina area there looks attractive and I love taking pictures. I've seen pictures of Chania with a large domed building on the waterfront. What is that? I'm just curious.
  9. I just booked a cruise in May (Sirena) which starts in Istanbul and makes another stop or two in Turkey. I'm also curious to hear what people say about cruising now. I really don't know the status of Turkey now, but can tell you that I've been looking on marinetraffic.com for a cruise ship stopping in Istanbul the last week or so and haven't seen one. But many lines are just now starting up (including Oceania) so perhaps that means absolutely nothing. I hope your cruise goes out as planned, and is uneventful and fabulous. We visited Istanbul once for 2 days before a cruise. It is certainly a magnificent city, as the poster above stated.
  10. I'm jumping on here to see if by chance, either of you can answer a rather odd question about Paphos. We're not going to be there until May, but while there (tendering, I believe) I will probably visit the mosaics. And I may walk up to the park that's just north of there (Tomb of Kings, I believe). But I love lighthouses and I'm trying to determine if the lighthouse in Paphos is inside the archaeological area or outside closer to the water. I've seen a couple maps (Planet Ware online map and map in Rough Guides Cyprus book) but it's still unclear to me where I should go to be close to the lighthouse. Do I need to go inside the Roman mosaics area? Is that a roped off or walled off area? Does the seaside path I've read about go up that far in Paphos, and if so, does it go near the lighthouse? I realize these are oddball questions, but if you happen to know anything that might help me, I'd love to hear it! Thank you.
  11. I made a lot of fabric masks last year and I've seen results of at least one test done to compare efficiency of masks of various types. If masks are 100% cotton with multiple layers and good fit, they are wonderful for keeping bad things out, and wonderful for comfort as well. I think the reason Germany does not allow cotton masks (although this is pure speculation) is that there can be too much variation with cloth masks, from loose and light "gaiter" masks, to one-ply masks, to flimsy homemade ones that don't fit and thus don't protect much, to great 100% cotton masks that fit well and/or can be adjusted to fit a person's face perfectly. But the pleated paper masks known as surgical masks are widely available, and tried and true by medical personnel around the world. If your mask falls down a lot, especially when you talk a lot, you might want to try to make tiny knots in the ear loops, or at least criss-cross the loops before putting them over your ears. Or if you happen to have a crochet hook and little rubber stoppers, you can put rubber stoppers over the ends to make the mask tighter. It can't be fun to be constantly pulling up a mask because it's too loose....and if I wanted to sleep overnight on a plane, I would not want to be woken up in the middle of the night because my mask had fallen down around my mouth.
  12. There are also at least a couple Sirena itineraries in May that include Greek ports.
  13. If I were Oceania, I'd think twice about letting SA cruises go out right now. While I would love to go there, I'm putting it off for probably another year.
  14. Having travel insurance can help with expensive quarantine stays/testing/treatment.
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