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  1. We've booked That's the Spirit Tours for a 4-5 hour exploration of Devonport and the coast on the way there. I found the Discover Burnie tourist information center to be very helpful with ideas.
  2. So if we're not flying into Australia, simply boarding a cruise ship elsewhere that visits Australia, does this mean I basically pretty much only have to worry about how the meds (including OTC??) are bottled/packaged, and whether I have a letter from my doctor?
  3. I would like to go to the Whaling Station and around, but I couldn't find a place to rent a car, since we're there on a Saturday afternoon and night. I struck out with Avis & a Car-Truck rental place I found. Would anyone know of another rental place that might be willing to rent a car in the afternoon, with return around dinner time? Or is there another way to get to the Whaling Station? I contacted Busy Blue Bus and they plan to offer a tour to Torndirrup Park, The Gap and Natural Bridge for people not taking the cruise ship excursions. But I could do so much more if I could rent a car. I've seen a picture of the ANZAC Museum, and it's indeed stunning.
  4. A lot of those products, from what I've seen, are made from hemp oil. Is hemp oil really illegal in Australia?
  5. I haven't been to Bali (yet) but have done a lot of research, and bought a book on Bali by Tuttle from Barnes & Noble. I'm in the process of hiring the driver hallasm used, because earlier this year, someone else recommended him, and others then used/liked him. We're not going to be in Bali just for a day, though, so I'll try to address my comments from the standpoint of spending a day in Bali rather than spending several days before joining the cruise ship. It has been really hard figuring out what I wanted to do, as there were no real "tours" to simply read and make decisions. And the ship isn't offering any excursions, as it's embarkation/disembarkation day. Traffic can be bad in the southern part of Bali, so once you get the book you ordered, I would look at various parts of Bali and pick just one or two to explore. And of course, I would start your day as early as you can, and allow plenty of time to get back to the ship. My place of choice would be Ubud, in central Bali. There's lots there, and on the way up you could drive through some small towns to see (but not necessarily to shop!) some crafts people/shops along the way (Sukawati, Mas, Bali Bird Center, etc.) You could also go through Sanur, a beach on the southeastern side of the island. However, if you're going in December, and probably January as well, keep in mind that there will likely be some rain, but apparently not all day. It's the wet season. Unless you're young and beach loving, I would stay away from the big beach area on the west side of the island (Kuta, Nusa Dua, etc.) - winter time rain, traffic, not too authentic. Getting up to Ubud might take up to two hours, and certainly at least one, but there are great things you could do around there like temples, rock carvings, Elephant Cave Goa Gajah (great exterior), rice fields in the city or outside at Tegallalang, Tirta Empul temple where people stand under the holy springs, etc. If you want something closer to the port, which is in Benoa, you might want to see if you can find the Roll Call for Oceania Cruise's Around the World Cruise this year (2019). Someone on there went to some pretty interesting places in Bali on a day tour, and those places were closer to Benoa than Ubud. I was drooling over the pictures she took. There is a big, maybe touristy but also maybe pretty visually-stimulating center a bit northeast of Benoa. I can't remember the name, though, but for people with limited time, it may be a good option. I don't suppose you'll be in Bali Dec. 21 (this year), but if so, you may be on my cruise!
  6. Thank you both for the replies, info, link, etc. Since I like to pre-plan, and because I'll have a number of days for touring, I'm going to hire a driver. However, someone on my cruise is now asking if a driver can be hired on the dock once your cruise ship pulls up. I assume that's possible, but does anyone know for sure? If anyone has gone to one of the dance performances, I'd love your impressions. Part of me thinks I'll be too tired after touring, or that I'll find them a little too long, or too contrived or touristy to completely enjoy. The Kecak looks almost too dramatic, and the Barong I saw on Youtube too violent. But then part of me says I should go anyway. And what about food? We can't afford to eat too much, or eat too many unfamiliar foods, and get bali belly before going on a cruise. But how do you pick what you think might be the safest places to eat, and what to eat?
  7. There isn't much information on here about Bali, and now I can't find a post that I found earlier this year that I found helpful. I was looking for a thread in which a driver was recommended for touring around the island. In addition to the driver recommendation, there were comments from other people who had used this driver, some general information about touring around the island, and a link to a video and blog that I was hoping to look at for ideas and inspiration. Did this thread disappear, or was it taken off for some reason? It's now finally getting close to my cruise date, and I want to hire a driver and make some plans before it's too late. Therefore, if anyone can point me to that post, I would be grateful. If not, if you could provide basic information on the following, I would really appreciate it: What is the cruise port in Benoa like (wifi? port terminal? taxis available? drivers available? shops available?) What is the airport like - very congested? Allow extra time? Wifi? In the absence of recommendations for a driver that I can arrange from home in advance, how do you hire a driver? Should this be done before you arrive in Bali? Is there a limit to how far the driver can travel? Is there a standard price or standard hours? Can you use the person for multiple days, even if you want to move from one city to another? How do you know if the person's English (or your desired language) is good? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  8. But is that typical now, at least for ports other than in Russia? I haven't been on an Oceania cruise for about a year, but I don't remember any restrictions before on when people got off the ship.
  9. Yes, when we were there some years ago (on Marina), there was a lot of congestion in the terminal the first day, as well as long lines on the ship to get off. It was one stop where EVERYONE wanted to get off as early as possible to meet tour guides. We toured with Alla, and 2 people didn't make it to the meeting place on time. After waiting a short time, Alla sent the rest of us along on our tour and had a driver stay behind to collect and catch the 2 people up to us. So terminal congestion affects a lot of things/people, and it's probably a good thing that a solution is being sought.
  10. Crazy! Glad to hear things are back to the original state.
  11. We are not using Oceania air, and not overnighting at disembarkation port. We're flying to Indonesia and embarking a cruise there that goes to Australia and then New Zealand. Disembarkation, the stop the day before and the flight home are all NZ.
  12. But are port fees per hour? Somehow I'm thinking they aren't - although I suppose dock workers might have to be paid overtime on occasion if the ship stays late.
  13. Hello. I am having a major hiccup with my flights home, and was wondering if it would be possible to leave my cruise the night before, with prior arrangement, of course. It would be in New Zealand, with no U.S. ports involved, and I would want to leave either in the morning when the ship got to the previous disembarkation port, or else perhaps late afternoon. If I need to do this, what do I do at this point? Does it take a long time to receive permission (or a "No" answer)? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  14. Anyone know if there's a place to rent a car in Eden, or would I have to go to the airport? Also, about how far is Ben Boyd Park?
  15. Could someone please tell me the status of Regatta? I thought she was going to undergo a refurbishment this fall, but has that already been done, or is it in the future, or what?
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