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  1. We have always cruised Celebrity, since 2004. We booked our first Viking Cruise late last year for February 2021. Our main reason was that we both felt it was time for a change, even though we reached Elite Plus on our last cruise. And the itinerary (Northern Lights) was not one that Celebrity offered. So far, I've been impressed in terms of communication, which is all I have to go on at the moment. I am, however, still quite doubtful that we will be cruising by February next year. Australians won't be able to fly out of the country until 2021, so I think we may be cutting it a bit fine in the end.
  2. I don't know if there are any other Australians here, but we can access this series via 7Plus. We have just booked our first cruise with Viking, so I'm trying to find out as much as I can so thanks for posting the link X-IO1.
  3. If you get off the ship at 5am, and get a taxi, the trip from White Bay Terminal to the airport should take no more than 30 minutes - there shouldn't be much traffic at that hour. And the airport is in the city as opposed to many that are an hour or more away from the dock. We disembarked from the Celebrity Solstice at Circular Key on the weekend and caught a taxi at 7.30am and were at the domestic airport within 30 minutes.
  4. Great. Thank you. We have an excursion that leaves from the Reef Terminal so need to work out how much time we will need to walk from the bus drop off - not much it seems 🙂
  5. Hello From reading this board, I know there is a Celebrity shuttle from Yorkey's Knob into Cairns, but does anyone know where the drop off point in Cairns is please? Thanks. Maree
  6. Thanks everyone. It turns out that - as has not been my experience in the past - when I changed the cabin category, the system decided to delete my beverage package/wireless perks and give me a discount on the price instead. No choice, just did it. The code I was querying was a beverage package for one person only and appeared on the invoice I got when I made the change. As explained to me by the Customer Service person: you get an immediate invoice when you make a change, but the change is finalised within 24 hours, so the second invoice you get should be regarded as the final. The second invoice I got had dropped the beverage package code. No explanation about why the system decided to change my perks. But too late now. My only option now is to cancel this booking and re-book to get the perks back.
  7. I hope you get to see Mt Fuji - it was a highlight, only visible for a few hours. And you will enjoy the Millennium, new decor or not. It was a great cruise.
  8. To be honest I don't really know. I went out on the balcony and we seemed to still be moving forward but I don't understand ship propulsion enough to say one way or the other. I am trying to remember what they told us in the behind the scenes tour a few years ago about back up power but can't remember.
  9. Hmm. The mystery deepens then. No flights involved. I will ring on Tuesday when the office is open again and then report back. Thanks.
  10. No timing isn't of the essence, and I intended to call on Tuesday, but hoped that someone here would be able to solve the mystery. A bit over-keen as I said. Thanks anyway.
  11. Yes, thank you. I'd read on previous posts over the years that this was the case, so I'm not expecting any changes till the next cruise. Thanks.
  12. Sorry. Here's the story. I originally booked with wireless and beverage package as perks. When I changed the cabin category and got the new invoice, these perks had disappeared. In their place I now have what looks like a fare discount (marked Price Rate Only)and this other code: YWG7-PROMO2C 14N. I really don't know if it's for, but it was not a guarantee cabin. Thanks.
  13. Yeah I do know that but thanks anyway. It's Saturday here in Australia and Easter long weekend (which you know since you are also in Australia) so I can't call until Tuesday at the earliest. Maybe I'm a bit over-keen, but just hoped that one of the friendly and generous people on Cruise Critic who might have have come across the code in their own bookings would share the info.
  14. We sailed on the Millennium 30 March Shanghai to Tokyo. I did a live blog here. It's not totally complete as I got a bad cold in the last week that turned into a chest infection (ie really tired) and the wireless failed me when it came to photo uploads in the last few days (ie really annoying). My travel blog which I'm updating now will have the full story. A few comments about the stateroom though. The cabin decor didn't make me go wow, but then neither did previous iterations. Over time, I quite liked the subtle tones and wasn't pining for the previous colour scheme. The bigger bed is not a problem - I didn't think moving around it was any different to moving around the previous version. And it's bigger, always a good thing in my book. The mattress and new quilt/doona are great and make for a good night's sleep; the pillows are too soft for my liking though but I always travel with a small chiropractic travel pillow. We had plenty of storage room, including the wardrobe, and didn't use all the space available. The location of the wardrobe near the door is only (obviously) a problem if someone comes into the cabin or out of the bathroom while the other person has the wardrobe doors open, but in those circumstances you don't get banged in the head or anything like that. It's more like looks of shock on each other's faces and then the clash of doors is resolved. The new USB points and placement of the power points works really well. If you need to use an adapter though, the USB points in the bedside lamp is blocked. The bathroom is fine, again with plenty of storage. We did have a leak that made the carpet wet near the door in the second week, but that happened after we had a flood in the corridor when a pipe burst - eek! All good, and great response by Celebrity staff. And the shower was re-caulked when we point it out which seemed to deal with the problem. I would have like more room for my own toiletries in the shower - the large bottle of bath wash, shampoo and condition take up all the room - but I coped 🙂 The 'mini sofa' was good for storage of the stuff we used during the day; we have never used it much and we never get room service, so didn't miss the little table at all. And there is actually more space between the bed and the veranda door now. The chairs on the veranda are very comfortable but we didn't get to sit out there very often because it was too cold and/or windy. The mini-bar is colder than before thank heavens. The app worked really well for me and I found the info very useful and accurate. I used it often, including using it for unlocking the cabin door. I like how the sea pass card isn't swiped anymore but rather placed against a card reader. And staff were universally excellent everywhere on the ship. That's about all I can remember for now. Let me know if you need to know anything else.
  15. I changed our stateroom on our January 2020 Chile-Argentina cruise from Veranda to Concierge so we would hit the magical 750 Captain's Club points on the cruise :) I received the new invoice and it has this code on it: YWG7-PROMO2C 14N. I did a search of the forum but it comes up with nothing. It's not a code I've seen before and I'm hoping someone might have an idea about what it refers to? Thanks. Maree
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