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  1. 👍 For anyone with any type of mobility issue these could actually be a tripping hazard.
  2. Hang the door tag when you go to dinner. As mentioned - just talk to your stateroom attendant or butler. It's been my experience that they are happy to oblige - a little less work in their busy schedule. They will also leave the "Currents" and whatever other paperwork outside your door.
  3. We received email notification(s) from 'O via our TA.
  4. Jan - As you probably know, your Dec Sirena cruise is affected (Santa Barbara day shortened by 2 hrs) also the following cruise (San Francisco day shortened by 2 hrs). This seems to have popped up as SOP with 'O for the last couple of weeks. BTW - also, both of our Oct Insignia cruises have had some ports shortened by 2 hrs.
  5. At some point corporate may realize that the important "bottom line" is being negatively affected by encouraging and accommodating children.
  6. Apparently they are altering the current (09/05) itinerary and staying in Vancouver to have it repaired. Here's some info from an email I received from Cruiser Jane -
  7. I meant that this thread was started by OP as "Guarantee booking end result" and Shank63's post was probably(?) meant for the "Alcohol in Checked Luggage or Carry On?" thread started by ricka47
  8. Mistake? Might have the wrong board for this ???
  9. Any hard spirits - vodka, whiskey, etc. - may also be brought onboard for consumption in your stateroom. We have never been stopped or questioned when doing this. BTW - you may also bring wine, etc. onboard at port stops (we frequently did this when in France).
  10. Hi, Sunnies - we were on that Amazon cruise and totally agree that the cruise was one of the best. Along with all the interesting stories we heard about how people managed to get to the ship in Boston. IMHO, Oceania handled the Sandy situation very well.
  11. The last night is always casual dress and apparently you were both dressed appropriately. Cannot understand why any MD would "table-shame" you under those circumstances.
  12. 👍 Thumbs up! Right on! Totally agree ... it's just a shame that some parents don't see it that way.
  13. On the Marina we were sitting at Waves grill, enjoying lunch, when this gentleman (?) trots in from the pool wearing a Speedo (he definitely wasn't built for a Speedo!) and nothing else ... no shirt, robe, flip-flops ... just him and his Speedo. Nothing was said to him as he placed his order - but he sure got a lot of stares and snickers from those having lunch there.
  14. Are you are saying (implying) that 'O fails relative to Carnival and RCCL? THAT will definitely ruffle a few feathers here.
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