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  1. 👍Totally agree ... SS should be above "nickel-and-diming" like the mass market ships.
  2. Yep ... we had 46 days on the Shadow B2B2B in March/April of next year booked. All were just cancelled. Not sure where the Shadow and Muse will be positioned during this period. 😟😕
  3. Didn't SS offer to move you? Obviously with such a "light load" they must have had many suites available. To just "bring extra blankets" does not seem to reflect SS's standards of service IMHO.
  4. The advantage to using the smaller ships is that they are able to get into some places that the larger ones can't ... further up inlets/rivers/etc. For example, while not usually on an ATW itineraries, in St. Petersburg the smaller ships will usually dock right near the Hermitage, Nicolas Palace, etc. while the larger ships are relegated to docking at the big cruise ship terminal - which can be a 20 to 30 minute ride to this area.
  5. Here are the itineraries for Vista's Inaugural Season - VISTA ITINERARIES
  6. Here's a link to the Inaugural Season for the Vista - VISTA SAILINGS
  7. Designers don't consider the demographics (age-related) of typical passengers ... many of whom have hip, knee, back related issues and find it difficult getting up from the "designer-styled", LOW furniture.
  8. But a window that opens. The Ocean View category on the Marina and Riviera have door-size windows that do not open.
  9. The Shadow is scheduled to do about 4 months around Australia and New Zealand from Jan 4th through the end of April. These are still showing availability for booking ... haven't been moved to "Wait List" status ... yet. Doubtful that they will go as scheduled.
  10. Since the Australia/New Zealand itineraries for late 2021 and early 2022 will most-likely be cancelled, any ideas as to where the Muse and the Shadow will go? Any "insiders" that might have a clue as to when this news might come out?
  11. Perhaps someone can verify that this is the case (Jan?) ... I was under the impression that they prorated the extra days on the current "Cruise Only" prices.
  12. Totally agree! Why pay the extra $$$ when you'll only use the veranda to step out for a minute to check the weather? Another plus - in rough weather the most stable decks are the lowest ones ... and that's where you'll find the Vistas.
  13. 😅 🤣 😂 That's a whole new side of you that I never imagined.
  14. Bingo is just a game ... no money to play ☺️ ... no money to win. 😕
  15. Also, there are people that have never been on a particular cruiseline or ship and merely post "experiences" to stir the pot a little. Need to take everything with a grain of salt. And, I TOTALLY agree with the last part of your post! 👍
  16. We were also on that cruise. Watching the crew out in the snow was a LOT of fun! And, even with the "uncooperative" seas 🤢 and weather, we had a great time. We were on all the way from NY to Rome and enjoyed every minute of it. 😊
  17. Speaking from a position of having 800+ days-at-sea ... with 200+ days spent on all of the Oceania ships - We have never experienced the service issues that you had with Regent. Service on Oceania, for the most part has been excellent. Yes, there is the occasional lack of a smile or long wait times in the dining room during peak hours. But countering these with a little pleasantry, on our part, will usually turn frowns into smiles. Likewise, grouchy attitudes and nasty comments from the occasional passenger (which we have witnessed) may be handed right back to them. Yes, Oceania may not be everyone's cup-of-tea ... and they should move on until they find a ship that fits their needs. As for us ... Oceania fits beautifully and we're quite at home when on board.
  18. A week or so ago, I read (and promptly lost) a post regarding Azamara cancelling the Australia/NZ cruises for the rest of 2021 and early 2022. Also, there was a reply showing the "Lift and Shift" options for these cancellations. Any help finding that post again will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. JoanandJoe - Our personal experiences on SS have been polar opposites than what you have described. We may, from time to time, have some minor issue ... but that has ALWAYS been immediately resolved by to whomever we reported it. SS has some of the best personnel and service of any cruiseline we have sailed with. Apparently your mind is made up and perhaps you should move on to whatever company best fits YOUR needs. SS has always filled OUR needs.
  20. Everything in the world of cruising is in a state of flux ... things can (and will) change tomorrow ... next week ... next month ...
  21. Check "What's Included" as these can change. Recently SS removed included air from a number of cruises and then the prices decreased. Also, I noticed some that previously did not include shore excursions now include them and prices increased dramatically - approximately +$100/day.
  22. Or did they merely "claim" to have been vaccinated ... backed by so-called vaccination cards purchased somewhere???
  23. Any clues as to when all the itineraries for the rest of 2023 should be coming out?
  24. MHF - We have used Rome Limo a couple of times. Once for just a straight transfer to the airport and the second time for a very nice 6 hour tour of Rome with drop-off at the airport. I would highly recommend them ... very clean, newer vans and punctual, well-dressed, knowledgeable, English-speaking drivers.
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