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  1. ok last question. I understand I can go to the desk and adjust my gratuities if i'm not satisfied with some service or if I decided to give some of my gratuities in cash directly to people. Somebody above said that isn't a problem. 1 person said it could be adjusted and credited to onboard charge folio and another said you have to fill out form and they would mail it. My question is if we decide to prepay at the old rate before we go will they still adjust it onboard or should we not prepay the gratuities and have them put it on our room folio and adjust then. sorry I know I have a lot of questions. Guess i'm used to the old days with envelopes and you tip how you feel. I would like to feel that the ones who go above and beyond are given a good part of the tip and the ones who really don't don't get as much. Now understand that I am a good tipper for service at home. It's just what I prefer to do is pay in cash. I'm not asking to adjust the whold amout of the gratuities just maybe a few dollars a day so that we can give the ones who go above and beyond the difference in cash. thank you
  2. Hi sorry have a question about adjusting tip/gratuity at end of cruise or prior to disembarking. Do you just go to the desk and tell them you are giving cash tips and want to adjust your gratuities. Do they tell you how much you can adjust or do you tell them how much? Is it given back as credit on room bill or as somebody stated do you have to fill out form and they mail it back to you or credit the card you used to originally pay if you paid prior to boarding. We are booked way in advance for a transatlantic cruise April, 2021. Sorry for the long question. Thanks in advance.
  3. We just used them a week ago for the Amalfi tour from port of Naples. Great service and guide. Prompt emails and easy booking. definitely book them again next time
  4. I found the same situation with our party of 3 so I called NCL and was told that they only release approx 30 percent availability in advance the rest of the reservations are reserved for onboard. We've gone to maitre de as soon as boarding normally set up by Chinese restaurant and had no problems getting the reservations we wanted
  5. Hi there we did this cruise last year and were able to board around noon. I will be honest though even though it was quiteearly the lines were incredibly long and you mostly wait in the line outside in the heat
  6. We are going to be there on aug 30th on the Jade and I book EU tours. They are quite reasonable and come highly recommended. Any question I have emailed them, they email back almost immediately
  7. has anybody had experience with buying the transfers but coming into airport 2 days early. Do they do the transfer from the hotel to the port or how is that handled. Thx for any input we are doing transatlantic next year and have arranged to go into NYC 2 days early
  8. Does anyone know if you get the specialty dinning as a perk for an 18 day cruise how many meals is it for. I know i'm going on a 10 day cruise soon and it was for 4 meals but not sure on 18 day if you get more. Thx
  9. Thank you all for your answers that makes me feel a lot better
  10. Can anybody tell me typically how long it takes to disembark from the cruise in this port. We have a 9:30am pickup at the port and I wanted to make sure that was enough time
  11. thank you for your response it certainly makes me feel better about possibly using them
  12. has anyone done the Tuscany bus from Livorno to Florence and Pisa. I was thinking of using them but based on the reviews above i'm not sure
  13. I love San Juan and the Puerto Rican people are friendly. We have been 4 times and the last time was 8 months after the hurricane. They were so appreciative of tourists. I have never felt unsafe and I have taken the public bus there and walked around old San Juan. So many nice restaurants and things to see. You will love it
  14. You can sometimes use two of them if you are booking a balcony or above
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