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  1. Does anyone know if you get the specialty dinning as a perk for an 18 day cruise how many meals is it for. I know i'm going on a 10 day cruise soon and it was for 4 meals but not sure on 18 day if you get more. Thx
  2. Thank you all for your answers that makes me feel a lot better
  3. Can anybody tell me typically how long it takes to disembark from the cruise in this port. We have a 9:30am pickup at the port and I wanted to make sure that was enough time
  4. thank you for your response it certainly makes me feel better about possibly using them
  5. has anyone done the Tuscany bus from Livorno to Florence and Pisa. I was thinking of using them but based on the reviews above i'm not sure
  6. I love San Juan and the Puerto Rican people are friendly. We have been 4 times and the last time was 8 months after the hurricane. They were so appreciative of tourists. I have never felt unsafe and I have taken the public bus there and walked around old San Juan. So many nice restaurants and things to see. You will love it
  7. You can sometimes use two of them if you are booking a balcony or above
  8. watch out for rooms on deck 8 they are enclosed balcony and not like real balconies at all just like a picture window without the glass
  9. beware if you do a balcony guarantee you will probably end up with an enclosed balcony on deck 8. That was what they tried to do to me on our upcoming Jade cruise and mine wasn't even a guarantee it was supposed to be a mid ship balcony. Look online at the pictures of the enclosed they really are just like a window cabin with the glass removed.
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