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    casino on explorer of the seas

    I just got off the Explorer on Friday. Spent a few hours in the casino. Smoking was allowed. If you were near any smokers you could smell the smoke. Otherwise it was better that NCL's casinos. Every so often there was the smell of something similar to fe breeze that was added to the A/C ducts. I assume a smoke odor killer.
  2. Quite possible "Mission Impossible......"
  3. TSA security at the airport is very busy at that time of day. It will take at least 45 minutes to the airport. If you have your own express car for you, you might make it. You might have to wait in line for your car as there are a lot of passengers doing the same thing.

    High Port charges in Seattle

    Port charges are split by all ports that the Ship visits, including the access to the Park entrances to see the Glaciers. Alaska has the highest around, being part of the US. Seattle has added more cruise ships every year, all sell out every week. Disney is planning to come to Seattle for Alaska Cruises.

    Seattle--fresh catch?

    The copper river salmon runs about 29.00 per pound on a whole fish. Up to 45.00 for filets. In about a month the price drops to about half of that.
  6. My Sister and a small group are on this cruise. Must be slow traveling just to go to Victoria and Nanaimo. But the cruise is sold out according to RCL's site. But I'm sure there is a wait list.

    Casino on Alaskan cruise

    If you are leaving from Seattle, the ship leaves around 4pm. The casino will open around 7:30pm. The ship is far from being international waters.
  8. When traveling to Alaska, You are missing a lot by not having a balcony. The views and travels along the inside passage have some of the greatest scenery around. You won't have another change for a cruise like Alaska anywhere.

    Balcony or mini suite on the star

    Mini suites all have tubs, balconies just showers. little bit larger balcony. about 4-6 extra feet in the room.

    Kona & POA

    Just remember you will be swimming in the ocean, if there are winds the ocean can be rough, Morning hours are best if you are doing this. The winds pick up in the afternoon. For a car be sure and you rent ahead and let them know you are on a cruise ship. they will do a pickup and delivery at the pier. If you are just going to drive around from Kona and you want to go to the Volcano, it is about 2 plus hours to get there. About 15 mile out of Kona, the roads are bumpy and lots of curves. There are a couple of places to stop for Kona Coffee. If you go to the Hilo side the changes are great going from the dry side to the wet and green side. Yes your ship will dock there also. Beaches aren't the greatest in Kona. If you want the best snorkeling beach and you have gear or will rent for the day, go to snorkel Bobs. Head South from Kona about 4 miles on the right, its a park, with shallow protected areas for snorkeling. We go there every time we stay in Kona.

    Mini bar complementary for Haven?

    The mini bar is complementary but not the items in the mini bar. Just a frig.

    Currency conversion on ship ??

    Leave it in the casino. They should exchange for US at the casinos for you. Most shopping uses US dollars. Take small bills if you are shopping, no hundreds. Tens and twentys work fine.
  13. This was an awesome travel log. So much info about your wonderful trip. I enjoyed reading every post, positives and negatives. For all those reading this, a cruise is what you make it. Work out the bugs and have a wonderful time.

    UBP price rise to $69 per day

    I just checked my drink Prices on the SS Britanis. Cocktails are $2.25 to $2.75. Oh, but that was 25 years ago this month. How times have changed. Though back then as is now they had the newly wed game, folding napkins and bingo.
  15. Awesome weather, and nice and warm