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  1. TheDee

    Marina Private Dinner for 2

    Number8, Sorry that I didn't answer your question about booking the dinner. I think that there are only two dinners a sailing. We booked our dinner when we booked the cruise over a year ago. Linda :-)
  2. TheDee

    Marina Private Dinner for 2

    We have reserved the dinner for two this August, weather permitting, on our actual 50th Anniversary. I would also love to hear from someone who has done this. It sounds very romantic. :-) Linda
  3. TheDee

    Vow Renewal on Motu Mahana

    Magroo, Happy 30th Anniversary! The PG is such a wonderful way to celebrate any special milestone. We have booked that dinner for two on the dive platform. It will be on our actual 50th Anniversary, so if the weather cooperates, it will be a lovely memory. We love the PG and FP. It's hard not to be "blown away" by the natural beauty that surrounds you. Linda :-)
  4. TheDee

    Vow Renewal on Motu Mahana

    I will post after our "ceremony". Three cruises ago, we did the Anniversary Celebration on the ship. It was fun and a great photo opportunity. For our 50th, we thought that weather permitting, the Motu Ceremony would be a great idea. We are also just looking forward to getting back on the PG. When you get the FP "flu", the only way to get rid of it is to go back. :-) I think that you will love your cruise. Linda
  5. My husband and I are on the August 14, 2019 cruise, ( please join us on the Roll Call if you will be sailing with us.) We will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary and have booked the Vow Renewal Ceremony on Motu Mahana. Does anyone know what time of day these ceremonies take place? We still would like to enjoy the motu activities, but would like to have time to get back to the ship to dress in our "wedding attire". On our actual anniversary, we will be in Bora Bora. We couldn't have found a more perfect setting for this milestone. This will be our fourth time on the PG, ( we were on the last Reunion Cruise), and our seventh time to FP. Thanks. Linda
  6. TheDee

    Tahiti Excursion

    Has anyone taken a tour with “Mr. Tahiti” and his tour company “Ia Ora Na Tahiti Expeditions?” “Mr. Tahiti’s” name is Olivier Teuai Lenoir. He was one of the Les Gauguins when my wife and I were on the PG in 2014. We will be at the IC in August 2019 prior to a PG cruise. We are thinking of doing one of Teuai’s tours. Any comments/suggestions?
  7. TheDee

    Reunion Cruise 2019

    When I was a little girl, there was a TV program on that I never missed. It was in black and white and called "Adventures in Paradise", starring Gardner McKay. He had a schooner named Tiki III and his home port was Papeete. The movie South Pacific came out about the same time and I was enchanted. ( Even though most of that was shot on some back lot in Hollywood...but I digress ). I always wanted to travel to the South Pacific, but living in New England, it seemed like a looooong way to go. One day in 2001, I received a brochure from Renaissance Cruises highlighting my dream trip with an extra stay on Bora Bora. My husband came home from work and I told him that we were going on our "Trip of a Lifetime". Now after five more trips of a lifetime to FP, most on the PG, we are planning our 7th for our 50th Wedding Anniversary, ( August 14, 2019- The Tuamutos). It really does get in your blood and it does not get old. Linda:cool:
  8. TheDee

    Reunion Cruise 2019

    Cobby and I are booked on the August 14, 2019 cruise. It puts us in Bora Bora on the actual day of our 50th wedding anniversary. We couldn't say no to that. Linda :hearteyes:
  9. TheDee

    Who is experiencing withdrawals?

    Cobby and I are from north of Boston. We have had a record breaking cold winter this year. I check these boards almost every night to get my synthetic dose of vitamin D. We do go to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, for the month of March, but that still a long time to wait for sun and warmth. We have booked the PG for our 50th Anniversary on the August 14th, 2019 Tuamotus cruise. Now, that seems like a loooong way off. I've started a Roll Call, but no joiners as yet. I know it's a bit early to start, but planning and anticipation is half the fun. Linda:cool:
  10. Love these pictures, especially the "crescent beach" photo. I found Cobby and myself in the picture. Cobby is in the water taking a picture of me in your picture. We are going back in August 2019 for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We are already enjoying the planning. :-) Linda
  11. TheDee

    Fiji 2019

    Thanks Miriam and Flight Medic for your responses. Maybe this is a cruise we will skip. :D Linda
  12. TheDee

    Fiji 2019

    We marked our 70th birthdays in July with the great Reunion Cruise. Our next milestone is our 50th wedding anniversary in 2019. I just saw two cruises on the PG in September to/from Fiji, Tonga, the Cook Islands, and the Society Islands. Fiji would be new to us. I would love to hear any opinions about this itinerary, either positive or negative. We always get such good information from these boards. Thanks. Linda
  13. My husband and I stayed in the new OWBs at the IC in July before the Reunion Cruise. In the past we've stayed in the Panoramic Rooms. We loved the new OWB. They did a great job with the décor, the size of the outside deck, and the bathroom was wonderful. Granted, the color of the water is not the same as the lagoon in Bora Bora, but the views were beautiful. We had made the trip to Tahiti in one day leaving Boston for LAX then on to Papeete. Recovering from jet lag the next day on the lounges on our deck was just wonderful. We found the resort to be clean, the food great, and the service friendly. I can't comment on the older OWBs since we have not stayed in them. Linda
  14. TheDee

    Just a teaser to get our motors running ....

    Thank you so much for the great pictures. They are much appreciated. The Boston area received a foot of snow yesterday, with snow forecasted for Saturday, Sunday, and blizzard warnings for Monday. July can't come soon enough. Linda:-)