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  1. Maybe they want to slow down the Credit Card disputes.
  2. I was curious so I just went over to the Carnival people to see how their refunds are going. I only read one thread, but it looks like people there ARE receiving their refunds. Hopefully Princess will get it in gear soon. From that thread: "Well here is part of my theory. They have been doing some processing all along but just didn't submit for payment. There were little to no refunds for several weeks and now many people are reporting refunds either partial or total. Something tells me they were sitting on many of the refunds until just recently. I m
  3. Most of us would have appreciated not having to make that final payment.
  4. At this point even if they do eventually make refunds for canceled cruises, the damage they have done to their reputation is beyond repair. We are waiting for a $12,000 refund, and I'm not sure I will ever risk that amount of money again. The trust is gone.
  5. Could be worse than flying. The CDC was behind the curve on this virus, now they will go to the other extreme. Typical government bureaucrats.
  6. I'm concerned the announcements on April 14th, by the close of business might be more negative than we expect. Hopefully its not an announcement of bankruptcy.
  7. I agree! We are in the same boat with a May 4 sailing. Much rather have more time to cancel and see how things go.
  8. Five days have past and we still have the "Upgrade" cabin. So obviously didn't get our room back. I can't even get my Princess Rep (TA?) to call back. I realize they have a lot of things going on a lot more important than ours but I'd at least think she could send us an email.
  9. We got an email from Princess last evening and they had a "Upgrade" for our cabin. Third time we've moved not by our choice. I called today and said I wanted to stay in the same cabin. She had to fill out a form requesting our cabin back and told me it would be up to 72 hours before I would get an answer. We had a cabin that had a connecting door with the next cabin, so I'm assuming someone wanted both those rooms. Our upgrade was same room just up three floors and opposite end of the family member we are traveling with. P.S. We've sailed many times in the front of the ship a
  10. Make the decision that is best for you and your wife. If you go and worry the whole time you are on the trip what fun will that be. Good luck!
  11. I called our Princess agent and she said I could not move up to Platinum level as it was after final payment date. If that is incorrect I'd like to know.
  12. I was on board also and according to the captain what happened was that when attempting to dock, one of the fenders on the pier broke making it impossible to complete the procedure on that side of the pier -- not a "collision". An Oceania ship was also at HC that day and they had to tender their guest to the island. (from Coastalbreezes)
  13. My son and family got off the Escape today after a Western Caribbean itinerary. He said when the ship was trying to dock at Harvest Caye, Belize the ship had a collision with the dock. They thought they were going to have to tender off the ship but the Captain decided to try and dock on the other side which was successful. They didn't think much about until today when the got to Miami they were met at the dock by a company that does underwater scuba repair. Just wondered if anyone else had heard anything?
  14. Actually I did call and I was on hold with a message saying call times were longer than normal. I called two different days and held 15 minutes 1 time and 20 minutes the next time. But I did talk to my person today and I could have made a positive change with price and value but I would have went to a Guarantee room and we are traveling with family, so its important to us to have rooms close.
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