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  1. Don't bother. Best wait for a callback with resolutions. My own experience was to be placed on hold for over an hour just to be disconnected. Once I actually got resolutions, things went better.
  2. Well, finally got Resolutions Department and reported the IT problem. Given the choices of canceling the cruise for future cruise credit or pay the balance and reeive some OBC, after a full minute, I decided to take the OBC. Hoping no further issues. Did get an answer that pleased me that since I am taking back to back cruises that start within 3 days of each other, I would not need to test between them.
  3. Just to clarify, I booked through the site. There are pluses and minuses with using a TA, and this time I thought I would go through the site since I had no t had issues before. About the call I was on: The original agent who placed me on hold finally answered at 1 h 34 minutes. I was transferred to a manager. I told them I was trying to reach XXX of Resolutions, but I would speak with anyone with them. I was placed on hold again. At 1 h 47 minutes, I was disconnected. I am giving up for the night and hope their Resolutions department doesn't call during my work time.
  4. So I booked a cruise on the Allure for November earlier this year. On June 15th, I asked to reprice my cruise. The agent had to cancel the original booking, and I received a new invoice showing that the money I applied to my excursions for that booking was applied to my new booking. I questioned the agent about this and asked him to check with hi supervisor, and confirmed the money was applied. I then signed on July 24th and paid the balance of my trip. The site seemed to confirm I was paid by stating no further balance was due. At the a couple days before the 90 day mark, I saw the link activate again. I thought this was just another RCL IT issue. I then received an email stating I owed 800+ dollars. I called RCL and asked what was going on. The agent stated I received a refund earlier on my excursions and needed to pay the balance. I requested a list of transactions so I could match against my accounts. I had repriced several of my excursions, so I wanted to verify. I was upset at this point due to the assumption I was paid, and I did not trust their system. I also requested a manager so I could report the issues I experienced with the site, including the fact I was fully paid when I paid at the end of July. The agent started to argue with me about the transactions, not listening to the fact I wanted to report the IT issues so the next person would not experience the same issues. At that point, I had enough and asked for a full refund. He stated I would lose my depoit. I asked again for a manager. He finally relented and advised my Resolution would contact me. They called while I was working, so I could not pick up. After work I called the number listed for them. I got an agent who assured me he would he someone. I was place on hold. After twenty minutes, he came on again, to tell me it would be a couple more minutes, Here I am waiting, and it has hit an hour since the call was started. I am done with RCL at this point.
  5. I just logged on the RCL site and went to my November 8th sailing of Freedom of the Seas for beverage packages. Previously, I am sure I saw the Deluxe Package showing as $68 a day with a %10 discount discount, although I might be incorrect on %. Now it stats $71 with a 20% discount. This would mean the beverage package is now $89 without discount? This seems to be a steep increase. I remember getting the same package for another RCL cruise for same time period for $47 a day earlier this year.
  6. Upgrade available for me was the Premium drink package to Premium Plus.
  7. My wife and I went on the POA in 2017. Although there was a flow to be seen, it was a mile away and the steam created by the flow entering the ocean obscures the view. Truthfully, the helicopter tour over the crater show much more impressive as it showed several spots of glowing red lava, and a daytime view of the same flow into the ocean. Much more expensive though, but it was a once in a lifetime experience for us. But I would suggest you research the volcano's current conditions as I have read the various flows have greatly reduced or stopped since 2018.
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