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  1. Thank you! Also, does the Allure have an escape room?
  2. We are booked in a Grand Suite on the Allure for 6/16, first time in Sky Class with Royal and excited to see how it compares to The Haven on NCL. Few questions, first will concierge reach out to me, we are only 11 days out and I haven't heard from them yet? Should I go ahead and make show reservations or do we just go to the shows and show our card for priority seating? The only show not available in our planner is the comedy show, should I email concierge about it or wait until we get onboard to see if a spot opens up? Also, it may be too late, but if we want a cabana on Labadee should we email them about that or just wait until we board? Final question, if I should be the one to reach out to concierge, what is the email address to use?
  3. Great info! We are doing a GS on Allure in June and this thread was super helpful! We just did NCL Breakaway in The Haven, so it'll be interesting to see how it compares.
  4. First cruise without our only child, she’s off to college in the fall, so we figured it was a good reason to upgrade our room. My brother and sister n law are also coming and we were both in junior suites. We called and were able to upgrade them to a Grand Suite w/a large balcony but that left us with a Grand Suite Guarantee, which was fine. When I got my confirmation, all it says is GTY, no class specified. I called back to verify and basically the person just kept repeating that I won’t know my room # until later, I kept telling them I knew that but wanted to make sure it was at least a grand suite or higher and they finally said if that’s what I booked then that’s what it is. That stresses me but it was quite a bit more $$ so should I assume it’s correct? Also, with a guarntee are we still able to contact concierge with some planning stuff? We also bought the key with the junior suite, is that necessary now that we will be Sea class so we will get priority embark/disembark and hopefully the concierge can get us times for the North Star and I fly, which is basically why we got the key. Or does concierge not help with this kind of stuff? Lastly, do we need to make show reservations with Sea Class? If it matters we are doing a 9-night Fall foliage cruise on the Anthem.
  5. We had a private Catamaran booked through RCCL for our Cozumel day. Our Oasis cruise got cancelled so we just booked last minute through NCL, does anyone know how I could find out that info so we can just book it ourselves?
  6. I’m just wondering if people have gotten their refunds? We’ve had a few small credits come through for an excursion and some extras but not the main cruise portion or others things we have purchased. We did get our FCC email and i just didn’t want to call about it if everyone is still waiting for their money also. We were on the 4/14 Oasis cancellation if that helps. I was following the main Oasis cruise thread but got lost in it after they officially canceled but if this info is in there please just direct me to the post. Thanks!
  7. How would we find out if Margaritaville was open for Haven guest. We just booked a last minute cruise in the Haven, due to other cruise being cancelled. Also, does the Haven have an email I can reach out to them about a dinner reservation?
  8. Awesome information! This is why I love these boards so much. Thank you everyone for the advice. One other question, does anyone know if I have to bring any sort of documentation to bring our daughters friend with us? On Royal we used to have to get a minor parent signed authorization but now that she's 18 they said we didn't need anything to bring her.
  9. We were scheduled to be on the Oasis 4/14 but due to the incident with the ship, which I think Royal handled the best they could, we luckily found the 4/14 Breakaway cruise available and have lots of questions. We did the Oasis last year and loved it, but we know this is a different type of ship and any kind of vacation is a good vacation! -Any good tips for the Breakaway? I'm going to try to book shows/dining online now but it may be too late, can we get some reservations onboard -Docs - do we need to print anything to get onboard, I checked us in online but can't check our daughter and her friend because they are both 18 and in the room beside us and I was told not to check them in because I have to sign a waiver for them to be next door, is that correct and if so, do they just not bring NCL documents -We got the 3 night dining with our room, can we upgrade that to the 7-night ( we do the Ultimate dining plan on Royal) -Messaging, we got some free wifi with our room - I saw there is an app, can we message each other on it? -Port of Maimi - any suggestions for a good hotel close to the port ( we are coming in the night before) and is Uber the best way to and from the port? - Our 18 year old and her friend are asking about other's there age, since it's our Spring Break, I assume there will be lots of teens their age -Our daughter also read that at 18 I can sign a waiver for her to drink wine/beer is that true? She will be spending 3 wks out of the country this summer, so she's preparing for the 18 year old drinking age 😉 *Sorry for all the questions, I've spent the past 6 months researching our other cruise and now feel so unprepared.
  10. Sorry if i missed it, but did anyone say where we can watch the news conference?
  11. Any thoughts on those of us on the 4/14 sailing being pro-active and trying to switch to the Symphony now? Or will they just say we have to wait and see. We have 5 rooms booked and it's our Spring Break so we can't change dates.
  12. I was told on our last cruise that Jr Suites check in with real suites ( we were at Port Canaveral though) but when we got there I was told my set sail pass would say "Suite" if I was supposed to use the suite line. This upcoming cruise we are a Jr Suite again and The Key, guess we will find out when we get there.
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