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  1. Well here I am 45 minutes after my last post, ran it past SWMBO and she said enough is enough. I've set aside 14 bottles of our favourite Shiraz, and have ordered a folding trolley to drag it onboard for our 14 night cruise to Fiji on the 8th Nov on the Ruby Princess.
  2. Never thought I'd be asking this question as I have stated in the past that I would not do it, BUT considering the prices, I'm asking what's the procedure for taking a dozen wine aboard? Does one have to carry it all the way?
  3. Make sure you keep away from the Tiger Snakes, on Kangaroo Island they tend to be black and most of them are blind due to the birds pecking out their eyes. Being blind they have a very nasty temperament, and will strike if they sense warmth nearby, the warmth quite often is from a persons leg.
  4. When we were last there we were unofficially requested not to make any mention of, or ask questions about, the massacre, as many of the staff and guides who were present on that day are still working there, and mention often causes very painful memories and stress.
  5. That's OK NSWP, my 75yo brain has similar problems now and then.
  6. No 'twas I that made mention of this succulent morsel.
  7. Go back 8 generations and one of my ancestors was a 7 year guest at Port Arthur, an involuntary guest that is. Checked his name in the registry they have there last time we visited.
  8. At 75yo I can still remember the original Sargents Pies, which IMHO were a great pie at the time, and far superior to the poor imitation that is sold under that name currently. Now being one of the fortunate few who, at the time, had access to Darby's Pies in the Newcastle/Central Coast region I had found a suitable substitute. Very reasonably priced particularly if you took advantage of the 5 for $10.00 deal which we usually doubled up on, buying unheated pies for freezing. Disaster struck some relatively short time back and unfortunately Darby's went belly up after many years as a local legend. Since then we have tried various frozen and fresh offerings, including the $4.50 disaster offered by the local replacement for the Darby's shop, without suitable results. However, in a last ditch effort to satisfy the lifelong cravings for a decent meat pie, we in sheer desperation last night tried Scotts frozen pies. Haleluya! Haleluya! Finally a pastry that resembled, in taste and texture, the original Sargents, and filled with edible tasty meat that was firm enough to stay in the pie when bitten into without running down your shirt. The filling was not ruined like many others by the addition of an overdose of caramel, and it carried the slight but noticeable hints of pepper common to both Darbys and the original Sargents. In truth there is a Dog.
  9. Well we have to get rid of the stash somehow.
  10. I think you'll find that Princess is doing their usual train wreck and are converting the Aussie dollars as if they are US dollars hence the stupid price, Princess are noted for this type of mistake.
  11. He did refer to Dunedin which was originally a Scottish settlement of NZ, very big Scottish influence to this day according to my Grand Daughters boyfriend who hails from there.
  12. Read about it yesterday, it came from underwater volcano/earthquake.
  13. Yes you can share a card because the card is number limited for the specialty products. My wife is a tea drinker and often likes a hot chocolate, we have never been refused either with the punch card or the new system.
  14. Yes this is what makes the coffee card such great value, free standard coffee, standard tea, and hot chocolate as well as the 15 specialty coffee or tea.
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