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  1. We've got 5th November NZ cruise with Princess booked, I'm betting it will be cancelled before final payment in August is due.
  2. Looking at what remains of the "Escape" travel section of the Sunday Telegraph I read the ad for train travel on the Ghan and the Indian Pacific, what you got for the prices charged just confirmed why I prefer cruising. The last holiday we had in Australia was a coach tour of Tasmania, supposedly 10 days actually 8 real days, and the cost 8 years ago makes 14 days to Fiji in a Princess balcony at today's prices look cheap. We'd love to support Aus Travel, but not at the prices set for overseas tourists who, with our lousy exchange rate, think it's cheap.
  3. The way I'm feeling at the moment, 4 weeks into an expected 6-7 weeks recovery from a major and very painful operation, I'd be happy just to leave Sydney and cruise around in circles for a fortnight.
  4. No offence intended but you obviously have no idea of the logistics involved in the changeover of 2500 service personnel. Definitely something that can not be changed at a moments notice.
  5. Cancel, the 6 person group I'm part of already cancelled our November NZ cruise, it just ain't gunna happen pilgrim.( Imagine the John Wayne voice.)
  6. According to ScoMo the biggest restriction to all travel will be border restrictions for some time to come yet. Years not months.
  7. ......... and just happen to be the largest Muslim nation in the world.
  8. Noticed a report in the news this evening that during the discussion regarding why the $1500.00 payments were only going for 6 months, ScoMo when referring to industries that will be most hit, mentioned that the Tourism industry would be the hardest hit with border restrictions for some years to come yet.
  9. Great Southern at the southern end of George St. has the Light Rail (Tramway) at the front door which will take you a short walk from OPT, or catch a cab to White Bay. In Chinatown so a good feed is not hard to find, and the hotel also puts on a good breakfast.
  10. Does anyone remember when we were paid on Fridays and it was often called the day the Eagle Shirts. (Spelling to avoid deletion)
  11. We've got a NZ cruise with Princess booked for early November this year, I'd say our chance of winning Lotto Powerball are a lot better than that cruise happening.
  12. Thanks Bizziecruiser for the post, and thanks Don for saving me some typing. Couldn't agree more, as quite frankly so far the only things that have affected us, 71 & 75 yo, are the loss of 2 cruise holidays this year, and the restriction on some activities. Actually with the Gov handouts, paid and promised, we are $3,000 better off to say nothing of what we would have spent on our cruises. Please don't think for one minute that we have lost sight of the struggles of many, after all we do have kids and grandkids who are part of the struggle group.
  13. I think this poster should see a Doctor, they seem to get their nose out of joint very easily.
  14. I'm 76 in July and can remember the use of the early mark expression as far back as school, and ever since.
  15. Well one good thing has come out of this, it has shown which TA's are thieves. One I have known about for some time.
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