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  1. Most of the Insurance companies won't insure you more that 4 months prior to traveling once you turn 75.
  2. You should try it in a 63 foot Trawler, we used to surf down the face of some of the waves.
  3. If the vege heads are so keen on their veges and so down on meat, why do they try to make so many things taste like meat? I've always wondered about this.
  4. So do I, I nearly spew at the mention of shows like that, I'm a retired Builder.
  5. According to an article in this mornings paper us double vaccers, and others, can expect to get Covid but only be lightly effected, this will apparently strengthen our resistance to it.
  6. Why should the majority be dictated to by the minority disbelievers. I've read of some who beg for the vaccine as they are being put onto a ventilator, so let's see the strength of their convictions. A percentage of them are just troublemakers, but it would be interesting to find out how many of the troublemakers are actually vaccinated, it may surprise some people.
  7. If your FCC's are with Princess , P&O, or Carnival, you can get them extended. Our FCC's were originally used to book a cruise for October last year, they've been cancelled rebooked cancelled again and extended twice and are now on a booking for the end of April 2023.
  8. We're booked on Princess at the end of April 2023 and if it's masks on we will be off.
  9. Drive up prices? Last time we were in Lifou the prices they were asking for rubbish would amaze you, one dress that in the past they were asking about $15.00 for, they wanted $100.00, this is a result of so many ships calling. Sooner or later some sucker will pay the ridiculous price.
  10. I'm 77, am a Diabetic with Coronary Artery Disease, I'll take any shot they want to give me and I'm already double shot.
  11. I overheard a conversation on Friday at the local shopping centre where one in the conversation gave the opinion that opening up the country may thin out the percentage of non vac dah dah's. Sad that they don't realise how vulnerable they will be.
  12. Read an authorative(sp) report a couple of weeks ago pointing out how very few medical reasons there are for an exemption.
  13. We used to alternate November Fiji or NZ and always a mid year 10day cheapy on Carnival up to the islands. March 2023 we've booked the 35day Hawaii Tahiti one. Article in the NSW Sunday Telegraph about how Fiji is cracking its neck to get tourism going to the point of the Gov subsidising 10days including flights food drinks etc for under $1000.00 per person. So that may auger well for cruises there.
  14. Lived through a couple of fairly big ones when I was living in the Philippines, not an enjoyable experience.
  15. While this does entitle them to be exempt from inoculation, it does not entitle them to admission to an area that requires inoculation.
  16. Some of the claims in the Ruby case are about failing to provide a safe environment or words to that effect. The same applies to an employer as it does to a ship, they are both required to provide a safe environment, so in my opinion they are entitled to discriminate against the non inoculated.
  17. I have to disagree with you, to me your attitude is like telling someone with a broken leg that they are lucky they don't have two broken legs.
  18. Lucky bugger, we applied for ours on the morning of the first day and still haven't seen them yet.
  19. They don't have to agree, it's a Federal thing in conjunction with other countries, and will be built in to Passports as well as QR coded unattached documents.
  20. Trouble is we are not stuck in limbo, the months are still ticking over and for a lot of us the battery does not have a helluva lot of charge left in it.
  21. No good shooting a few in Aus, some are too dumb to get the message.
  22. So do I, from shots a friend brought back on their trip the whole area is fantastic.
  23. Ask about the two Pneumonia shots available to us oldies, given about 3 years apart. We've had the lot except SWMBO has about 6 months to her second P shot.
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