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  1. Cruising on the Escape this December (yay!) and trying to complete the online check-in. There's an option for Priority Access ($179 per stateroom). There are 14 in our party (5 rooms). Is it worth it? TIA
  2. So excited to be sailing on the Escape - Christmas 2020! We have five cabins for our family (total of 14 -- 7 kids/7 adults). One of the cabins is an inside (Cat IC) - 8th deck. We have one adult and three kids staying in that room. It says it's only 135 sq. ft. -- how is it possible to fit in there? We also have Cabin 8112 (Balcony/Category BF) -- two adults. Is the view obstructed? Have not been able to locate any info specific to these cabins. Appreciate any feedback! 🙂
  3. Going on our first New Year's Eve cruise on the Magic! Do people dress up for this evening? Is there a theme (all white party)? Just want to be ready to celebrate and be a part of a fun night (isn't that every night and day on a cruise? 🙂). Thanks for any feedback and suggestions. Can't wait!!!
  4. Okay... maybe not avoid -- we may have had an off night. Just didn't seem worth paying extra when our experience was not wonderful.
  5. I had never used the spa or spa amenities before until this cruise. The last day at-sea I spent most of my day in and out of the spa (sauna, steam room, spa pool....). I took advantage of deals and got a 75 minute massage and mani/pedi. They were all fantastic. I'll have to look for the price sheet.
  6. It may have been an off day... server was very nice; there was only one table with patrons and we had to wait a bit to be seated (as well as another couple). Food didn't seem much better than the MDR (which means it's good not spectacular). Again, my soup was delicious and my daughter's ice cream was amazing. Hope that it was a one-time error with us because it's nice to have good options. :-)
  7. Ours was an 8-night cruise and they had multiple Chef's Tables - we were assigned our night. We did book prior to boarding. Enjoy!
  8. Not a full review of the Chef's Table, but here are some photos. This weekend I'll try to post my review of our experience. By the way, the parmesan roll thing is to die for!!! And the magician is always a fun treat and break! 🙂
  9. The Steakhouse was definitely worth it!!! Avoid the Italian place. I believe they still have the wine offer. Large and delicious portions. The mushroom appetizer and the lobster bisque were great, too. Enjoy!!!
  10. Club O2 is for up to 17 year olds (which is a bummer because we will be back on the Magic in December and our son turns 18 next month). I just asked him and he says they have volleyball tournaments (over 18), basketball tournaments... I'm sure they'll have a great time! So much to do!
  11. If you're in an interior room then it doesn't make a difference if it's deck 11 or 12, EXCEPT make sure the deck 11 cabin is still a Cloud 9 room. Also, deck 12 has less traffic (I think). If you plan to use the spa amenities (sauna, etc...) then I think it's well worth it. My in-laws were on the Magic a couple of weeks ago and paid about $250 to use the spa for the duration of the cruise. You also get a little gift. I really like the location because you have quick access to the shops, lobby, casino, exit to ports... Whatever you choose, it will be fantastic! I'll try to post photos and more
  12. I'll try to post it later. I think we had 14 different courses! My favorites were an olive oil poached seabass and slow cooked crispy lamb. Delicious! And the constant flow of champagne and wine.... 🙂
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