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  1. Currently on a very long hold to speak to Celebrity! We are booked from Venice to Rome in July. Final payment due April 12. We also have choice air booked with payment for air due also on April 12. I would like to keep booking with hopes of thing clearing up by July but do not want to pay for cruise and air in April. Does anyone know if they extend final payment dates will this include choice air payments?
  2. Beware we booked with Random Wind for a July cruise. They cancelled on us at the last minute because of a few morning rain showers which cleared up by 9-10 in the morning. We ended up on a ship excursion to Simpson Bay Beach where we saw the Random Wind docked in the harbor. My theory is the rain gave them a good excuse to cancel a partially full trip as we were aboard Allure of the Seas and the only ship in port that day.
  3. Has anyone done Celebrity Beach Escape by Boat to Mullet Beach? Have always wanted to try Mullet but heard it can be tricky to get a taxi back on your own. Usually prefer non ship sponsored tours less people but thinking of trying this one. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone booked with Levi at Bumpiing tours recently? Would like to do Roseau Valley Treasures but Trip Advisor has very few recent reviews. Had this booked in 2017 but did not get to visit Dominica itinerary change due to hurricane.
  5. We did a private tour with Vaughn in 2017. Would highly recommend! We will be back in Grenada in November and hope he is available.
  6. Have been to San Juan for embarkation but never as port of call. Where does RCCL dock Allure for port of call in San Juan?
  7. Has anyone done the RCCL Mullet beach excursion?The description states you will take a boat to mullet and have to swim to shore. Would love to visit Mullet. Any info would be great!
  8. First trip to Curacao, if we do a beach and snorkeling during the day would we still be able to explore the town in the evening? How late to shops stay open? Also is shopping worth our time or would you suggest seeing the island and snorkeling? Thanks!!
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