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  1. Ahhhh. I should have asked onboard. we did ask in the onboard shop but they said no. Didn’t think to ask housekeeping. we absolutely loved the Princess Grill robes.
  2. Minnie29


    We’ve just come off our Sun Voyage on Queen Elizabeth and our first time in Princess Grill. we completely fell in love with the gorgeous teddy bear soft bathrobes in the Grills. Does anyone know if Cunard sell these robes? thank you
  3. We thoroughly enjoyed this cruise. It was our first time in Princess Grill and we loved it. the COVId protocols did not dampen our experience and we felt that Cunard kept their passengers and crew very safe. The food and service were excellent, great entertainment and lectures and the ship was in fantastic condition. Booked our next cruise onboard with a great onboard credit and low deposit offer.
  4. Woke up this morning and opened the curtains and the Queen Elizabeth is docked right across from the hotel. Looking beautiful!!! Super excited now!!!
  5. In our hotel. Just watched P and O Britannia sale out. hoping our sail away will be a little sunnier tomorrow 😀
  6. We will be joining you on this cruise. We are all packed and ready for the journey to Southampton. Fingers crossed for sunshine and calm seas.
  7. Are there the usual paper menus or are they all on QR codes?
  8. Are you still able to self disembark? we were on Celebrity Silhouette a month ago and decided to self disembark and it was so easy. we were off the ship and in our car by 6.30am.
  9. Did you have to book for your evening meal in QG? I seem to remember reading somewhere that we book a time each evening in PG when we get onboard?
  10. Good to know you still have your own table in The Grills. Are the tables more spaced out than usual?
  11. Sorry to ask you so many questions but is The Library open onboard?
  12. What was the process with CPS parking at the terminal this time?
  13. Thanks for all your information. How does the ship feel with less people on board and are there lots of social distancing measures?
  14. Next week we will be embarking….fingers crossed and we can’t wait to be back on board the beautiful Queen Elizabeth. it’s our first time in Princess Grill so any comments on the Grills will be much appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful cruise 😀
  15. Hope everyone has a fantastic time. we are sailing on August 20th and we can’t wait to hear all about your first sailing
  16. Thanks that would be lovely if you can let me know. I can have a decent breakfast at our hotel if that is the case. waiting to try the Grills afternoon tea though 😀
  17. Thank you for your comments. We have been considering the coffee drinks package but are wondering if we need it in Princess Grill? I understand there is coffee etc in the Grills lounge and the coffee maker in the cabin. I love a latte so just want to check that I can request one in the Grills restaurant etc?
  18. It’s our first time in Princess Grill on the beautiful Queen Elizabeth in just over a week. Super excited and would love any comments from Grills experts. what should we expect and what are the moments we should not miss. thank you
  19. Have been trying to contact Princess on their UK 0344 3388663 this morning and the line rings but no reply. Sometimes it rings for 10 or so times and just stops or there is silence and no automated choices etc? Has anyone got another contact number? Thank you
  20. I am asking in regards to the August UK seacation cruises this year?
  21. Can anyone advise what times the theatre production shows are normally on on Queen Elizabeth? Thank you
  22. Just checked in for August 20th!!! Very smooth process. just entered passport details, credit card details and downloaded photo and then I printed and e-tickets etc. got a boarding time of 12.15 so thrilled with that.
  23. Sounds fantastic. thank you
  24. Always take a couple of novels on a cruise but I understand that the Library on QE is quite extensive. Do you know if they carry plenty of crime novels onboard? what is the procedure for borrowing books whilst on a cruise? Thank you
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