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  1. Someone may have a different answer and possibly a bad experience, so didn’t think it’d hurt to ask.
  2. I am considering 2111 for my next sailing. Can anyone who has stayed in that cabin or the few hump cabins nearby, advise how much noise there is from upstairs? Also, does the support beam that is right outside the cabin disrupt the view at all?
  3. I am currently looking at 2111 and it seems that it is in the same location as 2112, on the port side . I am seeing some photos that look like there is a support beam right outside the balcony. Does this disrupt the view? Also, is there likely to be any noise from upstairs or smoke smell?
  4. How has the ship been handling the buffet? Are they allowing people to serve themselves or are crew members dishing the food?
  5. For anyone that has stayed at Cambria (in Dania Beach) and used the airport shuttle, can you please give me some feedback on it? We currently have a car service scheduled to pick us up, but they informed me that if I call them once our plane lands, they can send someone to get us to take us to the hotel. My concern is that I don't want to sit at the airport waiting for an hour or more. I know the airport shuttles can sometimes be full or only run during certain times. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. TY! I am so glad you said this. I was hesitant about going to the MDR for lunch on embarkation day because I really didn't like the idea of having to leave my carry-on bag at the front. Like you said, that is the reason I HAVE a carry-on, for valuables. So I am happy to know I don't have to leave it there. It's not a huge bag by any means, but I'd like to keep it next to me until I can get to my room.
  7. Ship: Celebrity Reflection Length of Cruise: 10 nights Cruise Sail Date: March 13, 2020 Date email offer received: December 29, 2018 Captain’s Club Tier: Classic Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: C2 Bid? Yes/No: No If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Bid Offer: Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected General Comments (offer details, etc.) Minimum bids: Royal Suite $1250/person Signature Suite: $1000/person
  8. No, my sailing isn’t until March, but we actually decided on Mystic Man tours instead. I believe it’s similar, but not through Celebrity.
  9. I am currently booked in 2171 on the Reflection (C2 Category). It is a port side, aft facing, hump cabin on deck 12. Unfortunately, it's right below the restrooms and entry to OVC and I am concerned about the potential noise early in the morning. I am also concerned that the overhang from the pool deck will cover some of the sun on the balcony. However, I do like being just one deck down from OVC, making it easier to grab breakfast, etc. I have the opportunity to move to cabin 1118 (also C2). This is a starboard, forward facing, hump cabin on deck 10. I love that it's right under
  10. I am just trying to figure out how the day is typically spent. If it's just a quick pass of the Pitons and then just sailing around or if there are several stops. That sorts of thing.
  11. Has anyone done this excursion or have an idea of who the excursion company may be? I am trying to determine what the excursion involves since the description on the Celebrity website is super vague.
  12. I am torn between what we should do. I read Royal Palms has private beach cabanas, which I think would be perfect so we aren't baking in the sun. However, I also read that the beach is smaller and it "feels" more crowded. I've tried to find information on Calico Jacks, as far as something similar to a private cabana, but haven't found anything. Does anyone know if CJ offers something similar? If given the choice, which would be the better option?
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