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  1. Banana15

    Bernard’s Tours

    Did you pay online or over the phone? I was considering booking this excursion, but I definitely don't want to have credit card issues.
  2. I have looked at a few YouTube videos and it looks like the boat has no cover. Is there any shade? How much time is spent on the boat?
  3. Banana15

    Cabana Rentals??

    Well, I was totally wrong. Apparently it is St. John’s, Antigua. I just looked at the itinerary and saw that.
  4. Banana15

    Cabana Rentals??

    Yes, it's USVI. So, is there a decent beach to spend a day at where you won't burn to a crisp? Haha!
  5. Banana15

    Cabana Rentals??

    We will be in St. Johns from 8-5 and would like to spend the day at the beach. Our last cruise, we had a private cabana at a beach club in Grand Cayman and we would like to do something like that again Does anyone know of a similar beach club/cabana rental in St. Johns? If not, is there a beach that isn't super busy that may offer chair and umbrella rentals?
  6. Ship: Equinox Cabin #: 9270 Deck #: 9 Class: ? Area: Forward/Mid, super close to elevator and card room, but no noise heard from there. Bead near: Bathroom Quiet: Extremely. Even near elevators and cats room. Balcony View: Hump balcony. Large and angled for the best forward view. Balcony Size: Really large. Wind or soot issues: None at all. Comments: I loved it and have chosen another hump cabin for our next cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Banana15

    Royal Palms Beach Cabana or Calico Jacks?

    We had one ship in port and it was not too busy, but I understand any more than one ship and it will get crowded. You do not have to pay in advance. You choose your seats and they will come around and collect payment.
  8. Banana15

    Bingo on Celebrity Equinox?

    I didn’t want to start up a whole new thread when there was a Bingo thread out there. I thought we were supposed to try to keep it all in one place! Yeah, I usually play Bingo for about $12 to win about $500...so paying $39 to win $100-$200 seems a bit steep...but I guess it’s about the fun. I spend a lot more than that in the casino.
  9. Banana15

    Bingo on Celebrity Equinox?

    $1500 would be nice, but it almost seems like it's not worth the risk to spend $40 to only win between $100-$200. I do love Bingo though... :confused::confused:
  10. Banana15

    Bingo on Celebrity Equinox?

    Thanks for the info! Are you allowed to just "share" a board? I mean, my husband and I play the same one? Also, do you know what the prizes usually are? And how many games they actually play? Thanks!
  11. Banana15

    Bingo on Celebrity Equinox?

    Does anyone know what the cost is per card?
  12. Banana15

    Electronic Craps on Equinox

    Now THAT part, I don't forget. --- I never win! The only reason I like to play is because I can make $100 last hours, whereas playing slots, it's gone in 15 minutes.
  13. Banana15

    Electronic Craps on Equinox

    Yeah, I have been "talked to" by the dealers and casino workers....but it would be a cold day if someone playing talked to me like that. In fact, I would have stood RIGHT next to him and talked the whole time....for the whole cruise. Hahaha!
  14. Banana15

    Electronic Craps on Equinox

    Oh no! That small, huh? Lol! Yes, that’s the exact one I’m talking about. I don’t know how big they are in Vegas, but our casino here fits about 8 people. I suppose I could try a Craps game on my iPad or something. I’m sure they have them.
  15. Banana15

    Electronic Craps on Equinox

    We played a few times, but after a while, you forget a lot of the rules. That’s why we usually go to the electronic one first since it won’t LET you do illegal moves.