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  1. I LOVE the Anne books! We will definitely visit Green Gables when we are there next year! I'll need to borrow the book back from my mom :) Thanks for posting!
  2. cruise wizard....We usually book well in advance, so we are just taking our chances on Vision next year for the Snowbird cruise. Hope we have good luck like you did (w/o all the rigmarole). For now, looking forward to 9 nights pre-winter relaxation on Grandeur (1st time on Grandeur).
  3. That's O.K. Hope we at least get a porthole to the outside world! Thanks for checking!
  4. We intend to book the Snowbird cruise for next year (when we are on Grandeur in 11 days). So we are Very interested in your reviews! On Vision -- see you next year cruise wizard! πŸ™‚ !
  5. I have been eyeing the new Sketchers Lightweight (slip ons). Would be easy to pack. We will be doing the snowbird cruise from Quebec City next year (is that the cruise you are taking?). Hope you do a review. I would be very interested in hearing about it! Bring extra socks and wash them out in your sink every day then you will always have dry socks to change into πŸ™‚ And, layers.... Hope you have a Great cruise! 3 weeks for our "short" 9 day cruise out of Baltimore (going south)! Can't wait!
  6. We are on Grandeur in Oct. and just received a time change in multiple ports. I am wondering if it is because they expect more propulsion problems? They can't predict the weather that far out (25 days from today πŸ™‚ ). 1st time on this ship and very curious as to what it will be like.
  7. hfmtrock....see you soon on Grandeur! My first slot pull πŸ™‚
  8. I would go with a short sleeve under the longer sleeve/sweatshirt. I'm going to WA state tomorrow (non cruise) and am wearing a short sleeve tee shirt under a regular long sleeve shirt, but bringing 1 more tee and 1 sweatshirt. Cool in the am and pm, maybe warmer mid day. You will be fine with options! On the plane/to save luggage space....good to wear the heavier items. Can always take off a layer during the flight and change when you arrive at your destination, if needed. Sounds like you are seasoned travelers though and know all this! πŸ™‚
  9. Living in the midwest, layers are important. Tee shirt under a sweatshirt. So, when cool in the morning, you can peel off a layer and be comfy when it gets warmer. Have fun! I know you will!! πŸ™‚
  10. Hope they get everything "ship shape" and in "tip top" condition! We will be on Grandeur in 47 days (yup, I'm counting! πŸ™‚ ). We have never been on this ship and looking forward to Vacation on a new for us ship.
  11. Thanks for the great review! We have been to a few of the places you went to and Loved them too. In Santorini we took a boat from the cruise ship area to Oia, then a bus to Fira; and was able to have a not very long wait for the cable car going back down the hill. Worked out great. We will be on the Connie (will be our first time on this ship) for the first cruise after the revitalization (in May). I have been reading all the reviews I can about the ship. Glad to hear that the food was good. We noticed how overworked the staff was on our last cruise (this past winter in the Caribbean). Thanks again!
  12. jmb4534. We are already booked in 7166. You don't have that listed (above) -- do you know anything about it? Nice balcony? Thanks!
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