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  1. It certainly is for those employed by the cruise lines. They can't make a living without passengers, right?
  2. True but I was replying to a comment that the virus had to go away completely...it's not going to. That was my point.
  3. I am not sure which organization, either the CDC or WHO, but they said that SarsCoV2 isn't going away. It is here to stay so if it has to go away for folks to cruise then it's not going to happen (according to what I read about the virus being here to stay)
  4. I don't really drink. I might have one or two per cruise. I am Elite so I took those couple from the Elite hour. So now having to pay for something I really won't use. Also I go on vacation to get away and disconnect. I only use the internet to check in for my return flight and maybe check email once or twice...there again that was an Elite perk.
  5. I don't know if it will happen this year. I am hoping for next year though. The thing is, that I think people have forgotten, that the shelter in place/ stay at home orders were to flatten the curve...not eradicate the virus. Whether we stay at home for 2 more weeks or 2 more months the virus will still be there. So for those who think they can wait until it magically disappears you'll be waiting forever. Even once there is a vaccine it will be like the seasonal flu vaccine in that some people won't get the vaccine. And with the regular flu you can get the vaccine and still get the seasonal f
  6. I was just on the Reflection from 01/3-01/10 and they did have Prime Rib in the MDR on the first night. I didn't have it as I can't pass up the jerk chicken so can't comment on how good it was 🙂
  7. I am boarding the Reflection tomorrow as well! I hope we all have a great cruise :-)
  8. prices for zumba used to be $12 + gratuity. Sometimes they have a zumba like class that they have by the pool at no charge. It's called something like "fun latin dance" but it's basically like a zumba class.
  9. Not to barge in on this thread but hopefully this is relevant to the OPs question. I've sailed with Celebrity quite a lot, but have never been on the Reflection. Curious why it feels more crowded that the other ships? The last couple of cruises I've been on (Silhouette and Equinox) there were empty sun loungers available pretty much all day on the deck above the pool. I'll be on the Reflection in a few weeks. Thanks
  10. We just booked the Reflection 7 day Caribbean for January 3rd. We've sailed Celebrity a lot but never been on the Reflection.
  11. https://www.wptv.com/weather/hurricane/tracking-hurricane-dorian?fbclid=IwAR3QR0ZDuyPn7u1RUweKDQDnx6Rojj0epR0PmrwfXobCV3otgpAqpsGL3pA
  12. I would love it and it would bring some different and cultured entertainment.
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