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  1. MrFunInTheSun

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    Think it worked out for the best Savor didn’t deliver and you ended up going to Wasabi. Yum!
  2. Isn't it a cool view, I felt kinda foolish trying to grab a quick picture before I went down the slide, but knew it had to be done. I was as quick as possible. Glad you liked. Thanks for following along! 🙂 Thanks, glad you liked the review. Noise in general wasn't to bad. But you can hear the sound affects from the slide when folks are sliding it. When the shows are going on you can hear some, but the doors do really well for the most part in reducing the overall noise. If there is any noise from the shows its over by midnight. Have a super cruise, know you'll have an amazing time. This cruise is simply amazing.
  3. Solarium is beautiful on Symphony. Either way no matter which Oasis class ship you choose you will have a wonderful time. If you haven’t already Check out my old reviews for Oasis and Harmony. (Listed at start of review) Have a super cruise in whichever ship you decide.
  4. Next cruise. Hope your cruise was well. Though we could have met and didn’t know it. 😀
  5. Yeah sadly what started as a good day for them turned into a sad day very quickly. Hopefully they made it back to the US alright. Thank you, glad you enjoyed. Look forward to you following along for the “Live” aboard the Allure of the Seas in 74 more days. 😀
  6. Agree with the change in show times was no big deal, I’ve gotten kind of used to any aqua show changing. The way we were rocking those first couple days I said to myself the aqua show will get rescheduled and sure enough it was. Agree with you on Solarium, liked the one on Symphony better than Harmony. Glad you had an amazing cruise. Now onward to that next cruise! 😀
  7. At the start of each stop they told us the name and what was in each shot, sadly I didn’t take notes. Was lucky I remembered my own name. 😜 Indeed they were really good though. Thanks for reading along! November is the perfect time of year to cruise too, go for it and book, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading along! You’re in for an amazing cruise! You won’t be disappointed, this ship is amazing, wish I was going back on her sooner than later.
  8. LOL, now that is funny! 🙂 Not sure if your original question got answered, but it was $30 I think. However, with the experience you get more than just four martini's. We were even offered for the road of our choice when we left. Well worth doing. We were going to do it the second sea day. We didn't make it, not really sure why we missed it, but at all intentions of going again.
  9. Thanks for following along, glad you survived the adventure. 🙂 I was really upset I wasn't able to locate bread pudding to have some on the ship in his honor though, but at least I got the trainman breakfast sandwich. I'll surely be posting the link here to my "Live" Allure here once that wonderful day is here! 🙂
  10. Thanks for the compliments. You are in for a treat sailing on Oasis of the Seas. These ships are amazing. I've got two Oasis "Live" reports to help keep you busy if you get bored. 🙂 I'll post the link to the new "Live" with Allure on this thread to find it easier once that cruise day has arrived. Hope to having you sailing along virtually with me then. 🙂
  11. MrFunInTheSun

    Left Behind in Nassau!

    Oh my goodness Symphony of the Seas is simply amazing. Loved every minute of it, hated to get off of it on Saturday. If you get bored at all I did a "Live" trip report on it if you want to check it out. Below is the link.
  12. MrFunInTheSun

    Breakaway / Live (*) / Solo - Feb-07-17-2019...

    Ohhhh, but solo travel is lots of fun! Solo cruises are even better! 🙂
  13. Oh the post cruise blues. To help with that I’ve now officially checked in my cruise on Lady Allure in 77 days. Somehow I’m Star Class??? Maybe we all are as it’s an empty ship sailing from Miami to Ft Lauderdale to pick us up? That day we also have a very late sail away at 8pm. Now to go book our shows and the Ultimate Dining Package. 😀
  14. As our usual beach said I’m pretty sure it’s not available yet on Symphony. For our group we all has the internet package and communicated via iMessage on our iPhones. Thanks for following along! Have a super cruise in 6 days! You’re in for a treat!
  15. MrFunInTheSun

    Left Behind in Nassau!

    I was on the Symphony of the seas. We waited well and long enough for those missing. All aboard was at 3:30 and even at 3:35 there was a small line of folks. Then from about 3:35 on two or three people would run up at a time until 4:05 the last two people were able to jump on with some folks still missing. Ship pushed away from the pier right after 4:05.