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  1. MrFunInTheSun

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    Thanks for bringing us along another one of your amazing cruises. Looking forward to your next adventures.
  2. MrFunInTheSun

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    Thanks for bringing us along Sid. That cucumber drink looks really good.
  3. Thsnks for bringing us along! Looking forward to your adventures.
  4. Thanks for bringing us along! Looking forward to seeing what new drinks might present themselves on this cruise.
  5. MrFunInTheSun

    Harmony & Me Live - Eastern 11/25 to 12/2

    Thanks for bringing us along. Looking forward to an amazing week on the beautiful Harmony of the seas!
  6. Thanks for bringing us along.
  7. MrFunInTheSun

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    Looking forward to sailing along with you. Thanks for bringing us with you. Nice score with your prime room upgrades. My next cruise which is on Symphony also is my complementary prime cruise. When I first booked it, the upgrade was so low but I didn’t jump on it, couple weeks later I called back to see about it and the price was triple. Oh well, I good with an interior room, price was right. 😀
  8. MrFunInTheSun

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    LoL. Be sure for your next cruise you have more pineapple clothing, see how it plays out. 🙂 When you do, be sure to report back here how it all worked out. 🙂
  9. Nice comparison. Aren't those virtual balcony's nice? I had one on Harmony this past September and felt it was really nice alternative if someone wanted a balcony but didn't want to make the plunge.
  10. Shes a beautiful ship, don’t let this stop you from booking this beautiful queen. Things happen and sadly John & Laura are in the things happen catagory of their cruise. 😀
  11. Indeed it was a perfect week, wish I saw those last minute folks join the ship. They surely won the Royal Caribbean lottery.
  12. Was a perfect cruise, only thing that could have made it better is if y’all were cruising with us! 😀 You’re very welcome.
  13. MrFunInTheSun

    Chops Grille & Giovanni's Table?

    I’ve always had multiple appetizers, one entree and dessert. Never had issues with multiple appetizers.
  14. MrFunInTheSun

    Interested in a Live report?

    Download Chome onto your iPhone. When I did my live review I found that was a good ap replacement. Plus it’s a good way to separate other web browsing items.