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  1. Cruise ships have been going to Cayman for more than 50 years almost daily. I am wondering why there is no pier.
  2. We cancelled all 2020 cruises and requested 100% deposit back. Now Celebrity is working on our 2021 cruises. They started cancel the spring cruises, either refund 100% of the deposit of give 125% future credits. If we take the 125% credit and one of us or both die before the cruise, do the deceased lose the credit or the credit money is passed to the estate?
  3. Several years ago, we stayed at Mercure Dolphin in Southampton. When we entered the room, We found: We got a room facing the street. It was noisy at night. I would not go back.
  4. Last year (Spring), we went eastbound on Westerdam. While at the ocean crossing, the Captain decided "to give more sleep to the crew", he changed the clock forward at noon everyday. While crossing the Dateline, he changed the clock once at 2:00 a.m., then once again at noon on the same day. This was a weak excuse because deckhands had to mop the same amount of space, cabin attendants had to make the same number of rooms, cooks had to cook the same amount of meals, dishwashers, laundry staff had to work the same amount of load, waiters and bar staff had to serve the same number of passengers.
  5. As backpackers 15 years ago, we spent 2 days in Ostia. We also went to Tarquinia, about 30 minutes north from Civitavecchia. Tarquinia was one of the most ancient and important Etruscan cities. We visited several underground tombs and the good museum. Insert other media
  6. There are precautionary remedies or diapers for weak bladder people. Don't give up.
  7. The above may be RBC policy. I only have TD and BMO credit cards. Here is the BMO policy: 4.3 Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption/Trip Delay and Flight Delay Benefits Coverage Eligibility Coverage applies only when You charge the full or partial cost of Your Trip to the Primary or Family Cardholder’s MasterCard when booking Your Trip. 4.5 Out-of-Province Emergency Medical Benefits for cardholders under age 65. You do not need to charge Your Trip to Your MasterCard to be eligible for this coverage, providing Your MasterCard Account is in Good Standing.
  8. I found the higher end credit cards have automatic travel/medical insurance coverage if you are under 65. From 65-75, there will be addition cost. BMO used to have good coverage on their Elite MasterCard but they no longer accept new clients on the coverage, only grandfather the existing clients under 65. Check TD, CIBC and RBC websites. They have similar insurance coverage at good rates, usually a few hundred dollars per year for 2.
  9. Could we use the free minutes to print the airline boarding pass? If so, will there be a printer for the passes?
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