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  1. Could we use the free minutes to print the airline boarding pass? If so, will there be a printer for the passes?
  2. Your ship may be docked if you are the only ship in the village. Others have to be tendered.
  3. At 5:07 a guy picked up a piece of bread with bare hand and put it back on the tray.
  4. We went to Viva before the Wyndham took over as weekly guests. The beach is large with powdery sand, no rocks at the shore. Water was extremely clear. There is a natural break water rocky bank about 1/2 mile away therefore the beach water is very calm. At that time, we could use all water equipment free of charge, canoes, sailboats, water bicycles, etc. Of course, lounges and umbrellas were free too. I cannot comment on food and drink because different owners have different level of service.
  5. We joined the ship's excursion to El Yunque National Park 20 years ago. We walked on black top trails most of the time.
  6. Sorry about my Apple Watch ignorance. I want to use up the credit. Thank you everyone.
  7. Does the iLounge store on Silhouette sell iwatch?
  8. Many cruise lines do not charge Zumba fee. Celebrity not only charges Zumba fee but also adds extra percentage (15%?)
  9. The only time that you must turn the balcony light off is when the ship is in the Gulf of Aden.
  10. Ah, I remember the Flåm train. By the time when we got on the train, the window seats were occupied by the Princess Excursion passengers. We only sat on the aisle seats. When the train passed through the scenic areas, all window passengers rose and took pictures. The aisle passengers could only peek through their armpits. This is another pro for joining Princess excursion.
  11. Here are a few more pros: 1. If you find the same Princess shore excursion elsewhere for a lower price, you will receive 110% of the difference in price. 2. Cruise line excursions are insured for accident and liability. Private excursions may or may not be insured. But how to claim is another story. 3. If you find the ship's excursion is not delivered, you can talk to the Excursion Desk later. For private Excursion, too bad. 4. If the ship found that they have to cancel the excursion due to situation, such as weather related problem, they will refund your money. It happened to us on Great Barrier. If it was on a private tour, we would be sent out regardless of water condition at Great Barrier. Then $600 would have down the drain.
  12. Last year I talked to someone who took Tokyo to Vancouver. He was not gunho on that cruise. 1. The outside weather was chilly that outdoor areas were totally deserted. Inside public areas were very congested. 2. Hard to find space in Oceanview Cafe anytime of the day because there were many board/card game players and book readers occupying the tables. 3. Ports were limited and uninterested. Apparently there are only a few small ships cruising Northern Trans Pacific. Are there any good reasons to cruise this route?
  13. If you are coming from Brazilian city, such as GRU or RIO, you usually fly to IGU. If you are from Argentina city, such as EZE or AEP, you usually fly to IGR. It is a nightmare if you crossing the countries, i.e. from Brazil to IGR, or Argentina to IGU. However, when you fly to IGR and taking taxi to Belmond and if you hit the rush hour traffic, it might take a long time to go through the immigration at the boundary.
  14. I have been receiving propaganda from Oceania a few times a week for years. Quite often, the identical material was sent to me and my wife in separate posts multiple times with different reference codes. These propaganda are very annoying not only because I can get the same or better information electronically, but also cost Oceania several dollars per brochure to print and mail. That is over $1,000 per year for many years. If you multiply by many thousands of passengers, that is many million dollars. These propaganda costs eventually would be added to our cruise cost. I have notified Oceania many times, by phone and by email, not to send us anything. Yet these brochures still come week after week and year after year. We don't open them but just throw to the recycle bin. We decide not to look Oceania cruise until they stop sending us junk. Any other ideas?
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