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  1. My spouse has been dealing with it, I'm just trying to figure it out. I don't think our TA would have put us in a group booking without consulting us - the TA is highly recommended by many people. I don't know though - I'm just really perturbed by this whole situation.
  2. We booked when it was a reduced deposit amount sale. Why would they wait 35+ days to demand an additional amount?
  3. Interesting, we haven't used a TA since 2008 and haven't had this issue before. He claims he also hasn't ever had this happen before but who knows? Would make since placing us in a group.
  4. Our TA spoke with someone at RCCI - escalated and was told we have 48 Hours to pay up. We booked 3 next cruises and so far the next cruise agent botched 2 of them. 3rd I am going to cancel.
  5. Booked an OS on Serenade for 2018 while on our last Cruise 1st of May on LOTS. Paid the deposit and and received all paperwork while on the cruise. Our agent today got a call from RCCI demanding an additional $700 for deposit immediately. Now this is around 35 days since we made the booking. Only answer we have gotten is that the next cruise agent was mistaken or booked it wrong and we owe it. If we refuse to pay we also lose our deposit of $250. Anyone else run into this problem?
  6. I would disagree - I thought the service was great in the lounge, they were definitely being run in multiple directions but took care of us. Yes it was frustrating with what I thought was a perk being negated. We also requested a porter multiple times and they kept getting sniped before we were able to grab one. Jorge had to personally walk one to us to keep people from snagging them. Customs was a big pain this time because of Belize and Honduras. My biggest gripe: they had us (a group of 5, all in a family suite) sitting at a table for four, in the aft starboard corner of the dining room. We couldn't even get to our seats and then there was only 4 chairs. Luckily the head waiter remembered us from before and got us a bigger table but a worse spot. Food was ok, seems as though the MDR is cutting back - again.
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