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  1. mrtxcruisers

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    Perhaps humorous was not the best word, rather, I found it a bit odd that Viking was unclear in their marketing of the segments. I see it as another characteristic of their growth as new to the ocean and even newer at WC. This also contributes to travel agents being kept in the dark. It's also enlightening that when another post makes it sound like Viking overestimated their success in selling this second WC which left half the capacity open until they saw the need to sell segments. It's a bit like adding 10K runners in a marathon without telling them that they'd be intermixed with 470 who would be on a different pace. The WC FB page already reflects a disturbing posting rooted in such a misunderstanding. We enjoy meeting and interacting with others of all durations. both staff and passengers. Heck, even the Captain gets off after segment 3, though he said he'll meet us on the pier in Greenwich.
  2. mrtxcruisers

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    Incredible that so many single segment passengers have no idea they are joining a WC or that other segments are available. Were any segment 1 guests invited to extend? After the way Viking treated us and our travel agent, I suggest Viking needs travel agents more than they know. Agents are selling single segments without knowledge or effort to add on. 2018 WC was sold out without a need to sell segments. This season less than 1/2 passengers are on for the full cruise. It already appears Viking is challenged to provide for the different populations (WC vice segmenters) We've seen this as a one time experience and it's a bit deflating that Viking's focus is blurred and will be 3 more times from here to London. It's humorous that late arrivals complain of lack of access to excursions, dining, etc. yet they have no idea they're arriving late to the party. Again, I wonder why they don't have the info, or perhaps, don't remember. Viking has work to do. 2018 WC, sold out. 2019 ~ 50%. Not a good trend and the 2020 is even more unclear.
  3. mrtxcruisers

    ASAP...Help, how much to text home, only?

    free wifi often available at port calls Sent from my SM-G920P using Forums mobile app
  4. mrtxcruisers

    Vaccinations requirements in South America

    Update. Due to resupply delay Viking Sea bypassed Sulat Islands, making my question mute. Guess we'll visit a travel doc before our 2019 WC. Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app
  5. mrtxcruisers

    Vaccinations requirements in South America

    What's the current requirement for Yellow Fever vaccination to spend 6 hours on Devils Island (Viking 21 Dec). Cruise line said they recently received notice from French Guiana of a requirement. CDC site seems to say a YF vaccination within 10 years is required by French Guiana, yet CDC no longer recommends the booster. My YF was Jan 1988.:confused: I've seen postings that only mainland FG had the requirement but they were years old. I'm not sure the cost ~$400 USD per person for "travel exam" and shot makes sense for 6 hours ashore.