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  1. The two are apples and oranges. Two entirely different atmospheres. We have been on 6 Oceania and 2 MSC YC. Oceania is more intimate and MSC makes you feel like royalty. Both great. I think Oceania has gone down in the past years but you will have a great time on either.
  2. I was trying to be helpful. I didn’t realize I was testifying in a court of law! Thanks for your courtesy!?
  3. I called TA today and it was cancelled with refund within 60 days. 5/9 Sailing. I think the form says you must go through TA if you booked with them.
  4. After reading these replies and my own, I think I might handle it differently. I would probably wait until I was home and get in touch with the cruise line. I would explain the proposition and make sure they knew how uncomfortable I felt and it put a damper on my experience. After all you are on vacation. Who wants to make moral decisions? I would not name the employee involved and hope that a general warning would suffice. Its a difficult situation and certainly not one I would have to deal with on my vacation.
  5. We always give our room attendant and bar and waitstaff extra beyond the added grats. I am sure many others so as well. I personally would be offended by such a proposal. The attendants must talk to one another. This guy seems like a lone wolf.
  6. As usual I misinterpreted the notice. It refers to delivery service. I think because it was part of a shuttle notice, I lumped it together. LOL
  7. We have sailed Oceania, Crystal, Viking and our earlier days were on Celebrity, Norwegian, etc. We are now enamored with Viking. The only lacking element on our first Viking was the poor lectures. Crystal has all the lines beat on this aspect. Our last was Oceania Sirena. I don't think we will cruise with them again. This will surprise most. We love the MSC Yacht Club. We mostly travel to the Caribbean on them. They are inexpensive and have all private facilities. Everyone leaves for shore on port days and we have the rest of the ship to ourselves. Totally lacks lectures but we love it any
  8. Just curious. Wine, beer and soft drinks are included at lunch and dinner. Does that mean if you have a coke, sprite etc. in between you are charged? It sounds that way but isn't that a little petty? What about iced tea?
  9. Staying overnight before a cruise at Cambria Airport Blue Lagoon. They advertise free shuttle from the airport but they charge $5 per “package”. This would be $20 for the 2 of us. Not really free. Does anyone know if a taxi would be less. Or an Uber? Just annoys me to use the so called free shuttle.
  10. We just were delayed on another line for 4 hours and disembarked at 1:30. And the ship.only held 678 pax.
  11. Happy! We have 37 so far for Seaside 5/9. Last cruise we were getting ready and my toe caught the sheet!! No party and black eyes for the rest of the 11 days!!
  12. Is the white tent near main boarding. Last time we were a great distance from there and the cab had a difficult time finding it at the Miami port
  13. When is your cruise? I’m booked in that cabin in May. Interested in hearing about it.
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