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    Sorry to waste your time!
  2. We received our travel pouches with cruise document booklet. New to Viking. What do they want to see at embarkation? Just our passports? Or is there something in the booklet? Thanks
  3. agnesd


    Does anyone know the ball park figure for Travel Insurance through Crystal for a 15 day cruise. I know its usually more expensive but I think I read somewhere that they have a new company. We are in our 70's.
  4. agnesd

    USB ports

    Thanks for your responses!?
  5. agnesd

    USB ports

    I know this has been discussed a few times. But, of course, I haven't paid too much attention. We are leaving in a few weeks and now I'm not sure if I need my extension cord. I would appreciate this info. I am in a DV 2 category. Thanks
  6. agnesd


    Are there book discussions. I would love that.
  7. agnesd


    Are there Trivia games on the Sun. We do like Trivia.
  8. We were directly across from the laundry on a Crystal cruise and were worried about the same issues. There were no problems and in fact we liked it because I could just cross the hallway and iron something if I wanted. Cruisers just put their wash in and leave. We never heard a sound for the 16 day cruise.
  9. We have signed for the 9/11 tour. We live on Long Island and never seem to get there. It is a painful place to visit since it affected so many that we knew.
  10. Would be thrilled with either at this point. Our times were specific and neither coincided with the dates of Crystal. We are now taking a Viking cruise. I know it will be great but not Crystal. I am thinking positive about it.
  11. Can you see the Chefs Table menu? When do we know the dates and menus?
  12. Are the tables for 6 or 8 rectangular or round?
  13. I think you are right. This is my first Viking. I don’t think I would get up at 3am. I would probably wait until morning. Good observation.
  14. Call your credit card. They will usually just take it off double charges.
  15. This is our first Viking and I am sure we will enjoy it. Each line has something to offer that is more appealing, but none are perfect. It depends on your priorities.
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