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  1. Thank you for your wonderful reviews. We are booked on the Copenhagen to Boston cruise next year and it was very interesting to see reports of the ships (and menus!) and some of the ports we will be visiting.
  2. We visited Cobh on a cruise in 2026. Berthed at the main Titanic quay, right outside the museum, minutes to walk into the little town.
  3. THank you for your comprehensive review. We are looking at a similar cruise in 2020 and found your remarks very interesting.
  4. Just checked your trip map and you should be fine. Above the the three gorges dam up to Chongqing was calm when we were there 5 years ago. We only boarded at Yichang so can’t comment on the section below that to Wuhan, but it is far up-river so should be OK. The Yangtze is very wide when enters the sea near Shanghai and that area can be subject to high winds and storms. A tourist boat sank there a few years ago. I would think that is the only section vulnerable to heavy weather conditions.
  5. Friend recently returned from a Mekong cruise. He commented that, unlike in Europe, at many places the ship simply nudges into the river bank and it was a steep scramble up the dirt slope to the roadway. Suggest you check with which company you are considerng for more specific advice.
  6. I tend to disagree about choosing a shorter cruise. Do your research and you should have a fairly good idea what to expect, and whether it appears to fit your expectations. On most river cruises you are out and about most of the day, so the ship is just like a floating hotel transporting you overnight. As as I live in Australia, visiting Europe requires flights totalling around 24 hours. We chose the 14 day Budapest to Amsterdam cruise, with 3 days in Prague beforehand. We then continued on to England where we hired a car for another couple of weeks. As neither h
  7. We cruised BUD-AMS last September. Occasionally we did gave another ship berth beside us, but I can’t say it was a major issue. Even if two ships berth the gather, only one side of each ship is affected. Luckily we never experienced being in the middle of 3! We did berth beside another ship one lunchtime, so the curtains were closed in the dining room on the side. Occasionally we we had to cross another ship to get back to ours - stairs to the sun deck, gangway to our ship sun deck, back down stairs to the foyer. Only an issue if mobility impaired.
  8. Our only disruption during a Budapest to Amsterdam cruise during the low water last September was a 3-4 hour bus trip and a ship swap. As we missed lunching board, each person was given €25. As we did not miss any scheduled touring or sightseeing, this was the only (rather generous) compensation.
  9. When we were on our river cruise last year (September, low water) we were told by our captain that the river authorities fully control both the Danube and the Rhine rivers, and captains are told when and where to arrive, berth, and depart. We did the Budapest illuminations cruise, a trip highlight. Our ship was docked at the downstream end of Budapest, during dinner we cruised slowly upstream to Margit Island. Then around 9pm, after dinner, we slowly drifted downstream enjoying the lights and reflections.
  10. We are thinking of this cruise. Would love to read a review when/if you have time. Thank you for the photos
  11. As said, river cruising us about the towns you visit just about every day. You will be off the ship for at least 4-5 hours each day, most of that time spent walking and sightseeing. I was quite surprised how active the days were. Evenings are a talk about the visit the next day and any tours, then dinner from 7pm until around 9pm, followed by a singer or music in the lounge. Most evenings we set sail for the next destination once everyone was aboard, usually during dinner, so options to “do your own thing” ashore in the evenings would have been just about zero.
  12. That’s a shame - but understandable while investigations continue. Our Budapest night illuminations cruise was was a highlight of our 14 day river cruise. We had a clear, cloudless night with a calm river (possibly one of the few advantages of the low water last year) and the lights were stunning as we slowly drifted down the Danube.
  13. On our river cruise there was a vegetarian option at each meal. I have heard similar from people who travelled with different companies.
  14. The claim would have been accepted at face value. Person falls down stairs, clearly an accident although no witnesses, and therefore covered. However, the claim was reassessed when records received from the hospital showed the blood alcohol level. No travel insurance covers you for incidents arising from intoxication. A valuable lesson to all, especially when some river cruise companies include all-day unlimited alcohol.
  15. Thank you for the link - copied into google translate for English! “Hardly repaired, the lock Riedenburg on the Main-Danube Canal falls out a second time. Once again, a ship has rammed one of the gates. After a river cruise ship on June 5 had damaged the edge protection at the lower lock gate so severely that the gate could no longer be closed, on 28 June another ship approached the lock at Riedenburg. This time it got the edge guard on the upper gate. The shipping at the lock was initially stopped until the extent of the damage was determined and repair measures were carried out.
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