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  1. I prefer anytime dining whether I am traveling solo or with friend(s). Nice not to be tied down to a specific time. On one cruise my friend and I met some very compatible people so we arranged to all go at the same time and ask for the same table. When alone I enjoy meeting different people at dinner and often have been seated with some of the same people who go at the same time and ask to join others. Only once were we poised to refuse to sit with a particularly annoying person, but luckily the occasion did not come up again! When traveling solo it is nice to be seated at a table with an odd number so that I don’t cause a seat to remain empty.
  2. I have AT&T and use its international Passport plan. It includes lots of data, unlimited texting, and reduced rate voice for 30 days for US$60. It works in most countries. For this trip, I have to figure out which 30 day period I want, since I will be away from home for 31 days. Since I will be meeting friends in Yokohama on the 27, I will probably start it on the 27th and take my chances in Sydney that I won’t be needing the phone just to get to the airport.
  3. Do not book the HAL bus to airport. Long wait and no saving, even for one person in a taxi.
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