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  1. this is so stupid. this is called VACCINATION RECORD. we have one that includes all of our vaccines like yellow fever, hep, tetnus, typhoid, shingles etc
  2. KIWIMUM - thank you so much for posting Princess Mar 4 covid notice. this is a game changer for us. we are booked on 97 world cruise Jan 2022. if these rules apply then, the cruise would not be worthwhile and not enjoyable for us. we do our own shore ex. we just paid our second deposit but will probably cancel. we may hang in until August. again, thank you.
  3. Princess web site lists all Alaska cruises from Seattle as NOT AVAILABLE. you cant book one. call Princess or have your TA call Princess. how can someone pay final payment if the cruise is not for sale.
  4. RCL is doing cruises with PAX and crew vaccinated. this could be a game changer https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/royal-caribbean-resume-sailings-med-haifa-vaccination-mandate-odyssey-seas
  5. LauraS - see this topic. white house is interfering with the CDC science based guidance. it will not be safe to cruise until science controls it.
  6. Princess has cancelled the World Cruise sailing Jan 2021. This info is posted at their website.
  7. testing is the future. this will allow fellow pax and ports to feel safe.
  8. excellent. thank you so much. very useful to pax still booked on 2021 world cruises.
  9. for cruising to really resume again, we need an inexpensive test that provides results in one hour. the new check in process will be 2 parts: first part - health questionaire, temp check and covid test. part two is to proceed to check in if your test is negative. testing of pax and crew will be frequent. we cant go thru again the nightmares of what happened to so many ships like the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess, Coral Princess, HAL Zaandam and the many world cruises that stopped partway through their voyages with pax having to scramble to get home from Fremantle, Auastralia. Eeven w
  10. we spent 32 days on the Coral Princess in Jan & Feb. late dinner was at 7:15 - ugg. the entertainment was mainly planned for early dinning. we missed out on a lot of it due to late dining.
  11. we find that Princess is fun with music & activities for everyone. HAL is stuffy and for old people - like a nursing home - assisted living. HAL has a nite club for classical music but very little rock & roll. we did the 2017 world cruise on the amsterdam LA to FTL. we died. each to his own. no more HAL for us.
  12. We were on the 2017 World Cruise on the Amsterdam – LA to FTL. We visited Korea, Japan & China in February. It was cold. It snowed during our visit to Beijing – the crew made snowmen on the ship. The ship was cold during this time especially the Lido Market buffet on the top deck which was surrounded by windows that let the cold in. Orlando visited our cruise for a week. He hosted a town hall meeting. A passenger asked why the ship was so cold. Orlando could not answer so an engineer type officer said the following. The air conditioning is controlled by HAL headquarters in Seatt
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