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  1. A question was asked in another post: "Please remove the Lisa Lutoff-Perlo forum from it's locate inside the Celebrity forum; it makes navigation difficult, especially on a mobile device". I've paraphrased the above, and don't disagree with the statement. We like to leave these Q&A's available for folks who do not visit the forum as frequently as our "regulars" do. We will remove it by COB today. In that same topic: Member Miched said: "Even though it is a Cruise Critic Forum it doesn’t mean that X can’t own the or pay to run the Celebrity section. Cruise Critic isn’t just a stand alone forum it is owned by a group that owns many travel agencies and etc. It is standard practice today for many places to rent, lease or whatever you want to call it to 3rd parties. Casinos lease out their theaters, space in the casino for restaurants, and sometimes others that own or manage the hotel section. Food chains lease out space in their store for products that are stocked by the vendors such as the bread, candy, snacks, cereal, beer, wine and liquor sections ..... There is money to be made from a forum. A neighbor of my daughter runs a Ford GT forum. He didn’t do anything else and showed her his income. It was in the 6 figures. How many do you think would be on that forum compared to something like Cruise Critic? My comment is just a comment and that is all, but something to think about as to why it has been on here so long." We normally do not share our business plan but I think it matters in this instance. Q&A's aren't owned, sponsored or paid for by any entity. Guests are asked to participate. In addition, no forum on Cruise Critic is paid for, or sponsored by a cruise line or any other business. You may see links in forums, but they are clearly marked as "Sponsored By'. Even more important to clarify is that Cruise Critic is not owned by a group that owns many travel agencies. We are part of the TripAdvisor family and have been since 2007. I hope this info clears up some misconceptions for you. If you have any questions please feel free to write me directly at: community@cruisecritic.com
  2. Hi all: Thanks for your feedback regarding contests. Please understand that it is not Cruise Critic's decision as to who can participate in a contest. It is the decision of those who are giving the prize away. There are different rules for sweepstakes around the world -- especially for Canadians -- and that is why many contests do not apply to our Canadian friends. Cruise Critic certainly isn't making a decision to exclude you. If you access any of the contests, we include a full set of rules. Those rules include eligibility. Those rules must be included in any sweepstakes offered throughout our site. With regard to the statement about "separate forums for our U.K. site" -- which we do have cruisecritic.co.uk -- the forums are one and the same. Everyone is directed to the same set of forums, there is no difference. Even if we create numerous websites that are English-based, all members would be directed to this one set of forums. We believe everyone would benefit from the knowledge of everyone else 🙂 HOWEVER, we do have a U.K. cruising individual forum, and we do have an AU forum. We can certainly open a "Canadian Cruising" forum if there is enough interest.
  3. Enter to Win a 7-Night River Cruise on Emerald Waterways Sweepstakes here In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, ROL Cruise, the UK's No.1 Independent Cruise Specialist, are giving away an incredible 7-night Emerald Waterways River Cruise for two people. The Win a 7-Night River Cruise from Emerald Waterways Sweepstakes (“Promotion”) is open only to legal residents of the United Kingdom, who are twenty-one (21) or older at the time of entry. Learn more on the sweepstakes link above.
  4. Join us as we welcome John Delaney, President of Windstar Cruises, for a Cruise Critic Q&A -- that's where YOU ask the questions! We've opened a forum just for this purpose; here's a link: Q&A with John Delaney, President of Windstar Cruises You can ask all the questions you'd like now; John will arrive on October 14th to answer! Hope you enjoy this event; if you have any ideas for a future Q&A, please let me know!
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  6. We're pleased offer you the opportunity to interact directly with John Delaney, President of Windstar Cruises. John will be here on October 14th, but you can ask your questions now in our dedicated Q&A with John Delaney Forum. Now, here's some information about Windstar Cruises from Cruise Critic, and continue reading for John Delaney's impressive bio: John Delaney serves as Windstar Cruises President, appointed by parent company Xanterra Travel Collection in July 2016. As Windstar’s president, Delaney oversees global sales, marketing, operations and financials for the boutique cruise line that operates six small cruise ships sailing to more than 300 ports of call around the world. In his time at Windstar, Delaney has been responsible for the award-winning small ship line’s expansion to global deployment including the launch of comprehensive cruise programs in Asia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Canada & New England, U.S. East Coast, Alaska, Mexico, Central America and most recently Australia & New Zealand, as well as continued expansion to maiden ports across Europe. Most recently, Delaney is at the helm of the award-winning small ships groundbreaking $250 Million Star Plus Initiative, the most complex and comprehensive small ship lengthening, engine replacement, and renovation project in cruising. The initiative was announced in November 2018 and will be complete in December 2020. "This is the biggest investment and expansion in Windstar Cruises’ history," said Delaney. “The investment of a quarter of a billion dollars ensures to our loyal and future guests, and industry partners, that these ships will continue to sail for generations and deliver on their promise of visiting the smaller ports and waters of the world that our brand is known for. We are all proud to be part of this historic event in the small ship cruise industry." During his tenure at Windstar, Delaney has been focused on bringing on new expertise and talent to the leadership team at Windstar to offer new and innovative guest experiences. With Delaney overseeing operations, the Windstar team has developed guest-centric travel programs and partnerships such as longer Star Collector (back-to-back) and Grand Voyages; Easy Stays hotel-transfer program; Concierge Collection, Beyond Ordinary and Essentials tiered shore excursion programs; and expansion of a unique, multi-year, culinary-travel partnership as the Official Cruise Line of the James Beard Foundation. In 2018, Delaney oversaw launch of the line’s innovative and award-winning Signature Expeditions program offered on all Alaska sailings. The program brings guests closer to nature by launching Zodiacs and kayaks direct from the ship, guided by a team of Expedition Leaders of marine biologists, glaciologists and more, who also offer lectures, narration while scenic cruising and engage daily with guests offering insider insights, tour tips, and personal experiences throughout the cruise. Delaney was formerly Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales for Seabourn Cruise Line (a Carnival Corporation brand) from 2011 to June 2016, and also had significant tenure with Walt Disney Company and Holland America Line. He held a number of positions at Holland America Line, including vice president of revenue marketing, director of special projects at corporate audit services and manager of management advisory services. Before working for Carnival Corporation, Delaney spent six years at The Walt Disney Company starting as a financial analyst in food operations at The Disneyland Resort, working his way up through various positions including senior business planner for theme park operations revenue and manager of marketing finance. After a brief stint with Gateway Business, he returned to The Walt Disney Company at Disneyland Resort culminating as director of financial planning and analysis. Active in his community having served on various charitable boards, Delaney was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors for Reach the World, an education non-profit based in New York City that focuses on cultural diversity and awareness; he previously served on the Board of Directors for the Pike Place Market Foundation, based in Seattle. Delaney earned his BS in Business Administration and Accounting from California State University in Long Beach, California, and resides in Seattle, Washington.
  7. We hope you've enjoyed this Q&A with the team at Coral Expeditions! This forum will remain accessible on the site for future readers. If you have an idea for a Q&A, please let me know at community@cruisecritic.com. A special "Thank You" to the entire team at Coral Expeditions! Laura
  8. Hi Folks: Many of you have reached out about some of the comments in this thread. Now, it is normally NOT our policy for me to head over and post something like this. The discussion of dining attire seems to trigger the best and worst in many of us. I would ask....politely at this time....that the discussion remain about the topic and NOT THE PERSON DOING THE POSTING. This is easy to do. Re-read what you are posting before pressing the button. Ask yourself: is this post on topic? Did I refer to other posters in the thread in any way? How many times did I use the word "you" when I've quoted another member's posting? Let's keep it on an even keel. (get it??) If that isn't possible, then don't post on these topics. Thanks for your cooperation, Laura
  9. Hopefully these pictures will trigger someone's memory! Good luck with this! Laura
  10. We're happy to welcome the entire Coral Expeditions team to Cruise Critic. Have you thought about trying something different? Think: Australia. Think: snorkeling and the Great Barrier Reef!!! Think: different! The team will be here to answer any question you may have about their ships and destinations. Ask Coral Expeditions a Question Today; they'll be here Sept 16th to answer! Thanks for joining us; if you have any ideas for a Q&A, please write: community@cruisecritic.com
  11. Sorry Everyone, I didn't mean to make this so difficult! Thanks for the URL Carolyn. Laura
  12. As part of their Kimberley Cruise Month, Coral Expeditions invite you to ask any questions you have about The Kimberley, their fleet and the expedition experience. The whole Coral Expeditions team, including Captains, Crew, Reservations, Expedition Leaders and Group General Manager, Mark Fifield are on hand on Sept 16th to answer any question you may have. Ask away now! In April 1996, when Coral Expeditions completed their first Kimberley Voyage as the first ever expedition cruise operator to explore the region, the challenge of the Kimberley’s extensively uninhabited coastline, 11m tidal range and inadequate GPS charts at the time meant the 10-night voyage between Darwin and Broome was a pioneering concept. 23 years on, and Coral Expeditions are still running expeditions in the region, with more shore excursions than any other operator. Their local knowledge, experience and expertise means that they know every inlet and bay of the Kimberley. #KimberleyCruiseMonth: For the month of September, Coral Expeditions is dedicated to building an awareness and appreciation for the beautiful and largely inaccessible region that is the Kimberley. Follow their Facebook, Instagram and Website for Live From The Kimberley coverage, videos, photos, testimonials and more!
  13. We're pleased to welcome Celebrity Cruises President & CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo to Cruise Critic! Ask Lisa Lutoff-Perlo A Question, she'll be here intermittently through August 12th to answer! Since 2015, Celebrity Cruises has increased the percent of women working across the brand’s growing fleet from 3% to a record 22% fleet-wide in 2019. Leading the charge is Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, who, upon her appointment to this role in 2015, challenged her leadership teams – both on-land and at sea – with diversifying their teams. Today, Celebrity Cruises is launching a new initiative, taking the conversation about diversity and gender equality public and challenging not only other cruise brands, but companies worldwide to #CrewUpWithWomen. We are so pleased to welcome Lisa to the Cruise Critic forums for the first time ever! Lisa will be visiting this thread intermittently through August 12, 2019, to answer questions from community members about the #CrewUpWithWomen initiative, or anything related to Celebrity Cruises.
  14. Some additional information from the customer service team over at viator.com: Re: getting an error message that the "code" is not valid. This is a browser issue. In terms of the browser issues, unfortunately this is a known issue but not something we can easily change or update. We generally suggest that you clean your cache and cookies and/or open an incognito window.
  15. Here's more information from the viator.com customer service team: Re: getting an error message that the "code" is not valid. This is a browser issue. In terms of the browser issues, unfortunately this is a known issue but not something we can easily change or update. We generally suggest that you clean your cache and cookies and/or open an incognito window.
  16. Hello Everyone: First, thanks to Jenn who has looked into this issue up to this point. From time to time, we have to make difficult decisions about how we are going to have to spend out engineering time....we weigh all the pluses and minuses and at this time we find that we just cannot put the countdown clock fix on the proverbial "to do" list. We apologize, but want you to know we are looking to see if there are other options or a "countdown" company we can partner with. For the time being, feel free to use a countdown from a cruise line or one of the countdown clock type websites. Laura
  17. Have you used MedallionNet aboard Princess Cruises' MedallionClass ships? Have you worked while sailing aboard Princess ships? If you are interested in being interviewed about your experience, please send your contact details, the name of the ship you sailed on, and the approximate sailing date, to Cruise Critic reporter David Swanson: dswanswan@aol.com.
  18. The envelope appears because Admins and Moderators are able to message members....and members can message them back.
  19. Thank you for the screenshots… They are extremely helpfulThank you for the screenshots… They are extremely helpful
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