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  1. Please write to: help@cruisecritic.com to disable your account. Alternatively, you can just stop posting.
  2. We are still looking at this. We have custom issues we have to work around regarding the tapatalk plugin.
  3. I'm going to refer people to you when they ask me "table size" questions LOL
  4. We'd like to recognize the following Cruise Critic members who, for the past two weeks since the launch of our new Community forums, have gone above and beyond in assisting others in our Need Help? Ask Here! @bemis12 @Shmoo here @Globaliser @POA1 @broberts @Underwatr @S.A.M.J.R. @AlanF65 @*Miss G* @hpeabody @SciFiGuy1960 We'll be sending them each a Cruise Critic Logo T-shirt as a thank you and token of our appreciation! LauraS Cruise Critic
  5. I am working on all of the above. This feature is "out of the box" and I'm searching to turn it off. I agree, I don't get why anyone needs to know what post I'm reading.
  6. Hi Lois: Check your Activity Stream to see who last posted on a topic you are "following". (Still trying to get the terminology correct myself -- I do keep saying notifications!!) Those relic social groups are no longer supported on this platform. Laura
  7. Hi grandma09: Try this. While you are logged in, look for your member namein the upper right corner above the "search" box. Here's what mine looks like: Click your name, then choose Manage Followed Content. I would suggest adding a new picture to your signature. To do that also click your member name, Choose Settings, then Choose Signature. Laura
  8. Hey Linda: So, in general, most folks signatures are tremendously long, heaving on the gifs and images and contain lots of links. It just isn't a good user experience to display them on mobile. Laura
  9. Thanks for the suggestion; it has always been "opt out". The global is for everyone to receive a notification if they participate.
  10. The blue dot is your friend, as SciFiGuy1960 said. Takes you to the first unread post in a topic. From other posts in this thread, what you are saying is you are interested in reading the LAST post -- so try this. Hover over the subject line on the forum level -- where you see the blue dot -- just a bit longer than normal. This will bring up a popup window that will display the first post...and the last post. At this point you can decide whether or not you'd like to actually read the entire topic. I'd like to thank those members who have taken the time to read our "help" topics, poke around, learn and then share their knowledge on these help topics. We've got our eye out and we'll be reaching out to some of you. Laura
  11. We've added this to our possible "TO DO's: list. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us; we'll pass it along to the developer (if he hasn't already read it). Laura
  13. That's just your opinion of why the topics were closed. We felt "question asked, and answered". We're addressing bugs and glitches at this time, in this forum. We want to get everything up and running the way it should be. We're collecting suggestions and feedback as well. We're listening to ideas, and everyone's thoughts. Right now, we have a great deal on our plate to fix and perfect. All other suggestions and feedback will just have to be put on the To Do List.
  14. If you hover over your avatar, you'll see a link called "Find Content" Click that.
  15. We'll be working on the font size/darkness. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Again, the Roll Calls are there, you'll have to browse for yours in the old-fashioned way. OR access via an old notification post if you have one.
  17. Until the Roll Call Tool populates with the thousands of posts, we'll have to go old school and browse. The TOOL will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.
  18. Your existing Cruise Critic countdown will display. Creation of a new countdown is not available at this time.
  19. Yes, for the timebeing we'll have to go "old school" and browse to find the roll calls. Thanks for your patience while the Roll Call Tool is being worked on.
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