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  1. So as you can see I was able to login and post on this thread using the newly updated Tapatalk app. I realize there may be some issues with staying logged in and we’re looking at that at this time. So far I haven’t been logged out… Crossing fingers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  3. testing that same countdown clock in my signature
  4. To edit your signature, click on your Member Name, and choose Account Settings from the dropdown. You'll see the option to change your signature on the left side. As CC Help Jenn mentioned, the old Cruise Critic countdown is not supported, so you may want to find one you like somewhere else and use that.
  5. While you may have been able to find the page, more than likely they aren't advancing (actually counting down). So, they are no longer official in that my team will not be able to help you with them going forward.
  6. We're extremely pleased to welcome Hurtigruten's CEO Daniel Skjeldam to Cruise Critic. He'll be here on January 28th to answer all your questions about Hurtigruten...from their ships, itineraries as well as the overall experience! The good news is you can ask your question now! Either access via this link Q&A with Daniel Skjeldam or you'll find the sub-forum linked at the top of the main Hurtigruten forum. (Use NEW TOPIC button once you are in the Q&A area. We hope you enjoy this special event; if you have any ideas for a future Q&A, please let me know. Laura
  7. Daniel Skjeldam will be joining us here at Cruise Critic to answer all your questions about Hurtigruten's ships, itineraries....and most of all the experience. He'll be here on February 4th, but you can ask your questions now! Here's a bit of background about Daniel Skjeldam: Daniel Skjeldam is CEO of the world’s leading expedition cruise line Hurtigruten, where he started in October 2012. The company operates 14 cruise vessels along the Norwegian coast, as well as in the waters of Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Spitsbergen, the Northwest Passage, and Arctic Canada, in addition to owning hotels and other travel-related business. Skjeldam holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Siviløkonom) from NHH - Norwegian School of Economics. Previously, Skjeldam served as Chief Commercial Officer of Norwegian Air, where he was part of the start-up team in 2002. Before joining Norwegian, Skjeldam worked as a business consultant and as an officer in the Norwegian Army. Skjeldam is a board member on several companies in sectors such as finance, tourism, and transportation
  8. Celebrity / Cruise Critic Connections party on board Edge - January 2019.
  9. So I did ask our developers and they said and I quote "That's just a speed test of their own internet connection from what I can tell". Just sharing!
  10. Hello all: I wanted to address a few of the issues raised in this posting With regard to PCWalton1's interest in the difference between popularity of his two Panama Canal "Live From..." threads -- the answer is simple. His original post -- was five years ago. It has been live on the site the entire time, accessible to all AND via search engines -- and was last posted to in September of 2018 (and we all know what posting to an older topic does, right? Brings it right back to the top of the forum!) His new Panama Canal "Live From..." is barely two months old. Give it time, we're comparing apples to oranges here. That said, we realize there have been (and still are) issues with the new forums, particularly with the loss of our Cruise Critic app and logins (particularly difficult in November). The good news: We're working on bringing the app back. As a matter of fact, our forums are now available via Tapatalk's app for Android users at this time. Shortly to follow will be the Tapatalk App for IOS devices. AND....the branded app will return in a few weeks. The majority of our login issues have been worked out. I invite anyone who may be experiencing continuing issues with logging in to visit our help forum, or write to help@cruisecritic.com. As a matter of fact, lots of issues are discussed on the help forum, including information on the status of the app creations. Finally, our Community Guidelines and rules of participation haven't changed in over 20 years. Any questions or comments about moderation of these forums can be directed to me at: community@cruisecritic.com. Please do not post on the board, or on this thread. I'll be happy to research and address any specific issues you have with any posting OF YOURS that has been removed. I may not have addressed all of the comments in this thread, but I think I covered your major issues. My email is always "open"....feel free to email if you'd like. Laura PS: That download speed graphic....oy! I've shared that with the developers of this software...out of my realm of response!
  11. Hey MisterBill99: Sounds like an issue with **how** the Tapatalk app works -- if you have a question or an issue with Tapatalk app itself, you can click the "Contact Us" button in the Tapatalk mobile app/. The nice folks over at Tapatalk will be able to assist you from there.
  12. Quick update: If you are using ANDROID devices, keep trying. You should be able to log in, and post a reply/new topic. However, there may be times when you are logged out automatically. We're working on this glitch. For IOS users: we are still working on IOS version. Stay tuned for more information.
  13. Still some bugs w/ login with IOS. I'd appreciate those using Android devices giving it another try. Please note: this is NOT the branded app we used to have. We're talking about the Tapatalk app ONLY at this time. Do, look at the app icon on your device....if it says TAPATALK you are good. If not, go to where you get your apps and download TAPATALK.
  14. Me too Host Hattie. I'm working w/ Tapatalk folks to figure that out! Hattie and I have different credentials. Anyone else getting the "i'm not logged in" error message when trying to reply?
  15. Hi folks! For those of you still with us on this discussion...please g/a and try logging into the Tapatalk app and "adding" Cruise Critic forums. I'm including both Android and IOS users at this point, because I was just now able to access the forums via Tapatalk App via my iPhone. Let me know!
  16. I'll look into the error message you Android folks are getting!
  17. We're pleased to offer you this oppportunity to ask any question -- any -- about cruise insurance. Should you buy? When should you buy? What does "pre-existing condition mean? How much should it cost? What does it cover. Be as specific as you need to be in your questions! Steve will be here on January 7th to answer your questions -- go ahead and ask now! Here's some information about Steve: Steve Dasseos is recognized as a leading travel insurance expert in the United States. Steve’s helped over 173,433 travelers understand travel insurance and how it benefits them. He owns TripInsuranceStore.com which is a popular and very informative travel insurance website. “The TripInsuranceStore is hands down the best site in the entire industry for booking trip insurance. I've spoken many times to Steve and he has always taken the time to educate me on the ins and outs of buying trip insurance properly. The trip insurance industry is a minefield and you better know what you're buying or you could be left out in the cold if the time comes to make a claim. You have to be a jailhouse lawyer to be able to navigate through the legal jargon and be confident you have purchased the right policy at the right price. Why go through all that trouble? Spend the time to read through Steve's blog and you'll be amazed as I was at how little I knew about this industry. The TripInsuranceStore is the ONLY honest broker out there offering trip insurance at a fair price coupled with a complete tutorial on which trip insurance you should buy!” Steve Helveston, Carrollton, VA “Steve, after twice buying trip insurance through you in the last six months, I've been telling friends and family that this is what they need to do before their next trip and that this is the place to get it done. The insurance provides peace of mind. And your outfit makes it easy to get. We had to cancel a European trip because of illness and not only got reimbursed, but when the insurance company questioned one item, you stepped in and quickly got us back another $100.” Philip Siekman, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Steve - the interview was wonderful - you sounded great! After talking with you it's clear why you are so successful - you project a great deal of warmth and sincerity. Keep me in the loop - we are always on the lookout for new things to benefit consumers. Asa Aarons, wjcl.com/ask-asa blogtalkradio.com/justaskasa "The Trip Insurance Store is an online insurance agency that also allows you to book your protection right from the site, but offers so much information in such a clear and concise manner that we found it to be one of the best Web sites we have ever visited. Not only can you compare the coverage of several travel insurance providers side by side, each covered component is described and explained in a manner that makes it easy to understand. We applaud and appreciate that, since the choices and conditions can be overwhelming. Another thing we liked about the Trip Insurance Store is that there are live agents you can call toll free to clarify any questions you might have." Jana Jones, Cruise Writer, CruiseCritic.com “I call you because I know you understand how travel insurance works.” Laurie Berger, Los Angeles Times Steve has been featured in over 347 newspapers, magazines, radio stations and books including The Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Forbes, Family Circle, CruiseCritic.com, CNN Travel, Fox News, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, CBS MarketWatch.com, Town & Country Travel, The Today Show, She Knows, Frommer's, New York Times, Life Goes Strong, The International Herald Tribune, Time, Undercurrent Magazine, The Plain Dealer, Ski Magazine, Howard County Times and The Complete Travel Detective Bible.
  18. I checked into a global fix and it appears that isn't an option (since what is left in the post is just a bunch of random characters (the youtube id). The good news is that it is easier to embed videos in this new platform. Just paste the link right into your post -- no additional code needed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  19. Hi. Looks like the old code to display videos embedded in files only worked on our old platform. I've fixed the ones in your Crown Princess review for now, and will have to look into a more global fix. Laura
  20. So, I'm doubling back on this topic....to share that we've been working on this and YES! The mobile app will be back. In stages. First, these forums will be available via the Tapatalk app -- for Android Devices. The Tapatalk App is available from Google Play or wherever you get your android apps. It may even be available now. Then, the forums will be available via the Tapatalk app -- for IOS (Apple) devices. This takes a bit longer as the Apple folks do more testing on the apps etc. FINALLY, our Branded standalone app will return. I do not have an ETA yet on this, but I will let you know. All of the above will be announced on a more formal basis when the Apple version is available. Hope this helps, Laura
  21. Hello Norris: Any chance you can pinpoint a specific posting where your video isn't showing? I see you have two Photo/Video reviews linked in your siggy but I'm looking for the exact posts. Just the number off the top right corner would work. Thanks, Laura
  22. Stopping by just to let you know that I've read all your comments on this issue. We believe that showcasing the photographs of our members is an awesome feature of this new platform. Over the years, we've had very limited ability to do so, and we're pleased to now offer this. I know those members who submit the photos are pleased to see their name up in lights. I think it is easy to just not look at something you don't want to see. The ads prove it can be done...as pretty much that's what happens on most websites <G>.
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