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  1. If you hover over your avatar, you'll see a link called "Find Content" Click that.
  2. We'll be working on the font size/darkness. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Again, the Roll Calls are there, you'll have to browse for yours in the old-fashioned way. OR access via an old notification post if you have one.
  4. Until the Roll Call Tool populates with the thousands of posts, we'll have to go old school and browse. The TOOL will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.
  5. Your existing Cruise Critic countdown will display. Creation of a new countdown is not available at this time.
  6. Yes, for the timebeing we'll have to go "old school" and browse to find the roll calls. Thanks for your patience while the Roll Call Tool is being worked on.
  7. Although it says 'NO POSTS" all the Sirena Roll Calls are there: here's a link to the Sirena Roll Call Forum
  8. LauraS

    Video upload

    Bumper cars 28F0A7CD-26AE-423F-B3EC-C1765C93EDA9.MOV
  9. LauraS

    Regal Princess New England

    One of my favorite cruises of all time!
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  11. We're so proud of all you share! Please take a look at our summer 2018 collection of Cruise Critic Member’s best cruise vacation photos submitted with your member reviews or photo journals during April – June 2018! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to Write a Review and submit your photos after your cruise!
  12. Just posted a link...nothing else!!!
  13. Check out the latest UK News from Cruise Critic: Number of Young People Considering Taking a Cruise Rises Continue reading for more details More...
  14. Hi Folks: Yes, a few posts are missing from this thread. We received a request for Scenic asking for us to remove non-public email addresses as well as the content of email that wasn't meant to be posted in a public place. Just letting you know, Laura
  15. Check out the latest UK News from Cruise Critic: Silversea Confirms Three New Cruise Ships on Order Continue reading for more details More...
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