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  1. zqvol

    Is personal FM transmitters allowed on board??

    I don't know of any reason to say you can't bring those devices, but don't expect them to transmit outside of your cabin. On the open decks you will get some more distance, but not enough to make it worthwhile. Bluetooth is almost as effective. The reason to put a device in airplane mode is because the ship has a cell tower, and data that come through that tower costs a ridiculous amount, even if you have an unlimited plan at home.
  2. zqvol

    Transfers from Whittier, AK

    Welcome to CC. You can always ask this question in the Alaska Port of calls section of the site, but based on a few Alaskan cruises here is what is going to happen. You spend that last night on board the ship, you don't have to get off at midnight. In all likelihood the ship will offer a train transfer to Anchorage airport that leaves around 7:00 the next morning. That is the way to go.
  3. zqvol

    Norwegian sent me a refund?

    My guess is that 3/4 got charged UBP gratuities and since they don't get the package the gratuities were refunded.
  4. Eleven is not a bad arrival time, but I would wait until noon if it were me. If you arrive at noon, the lines should be moving quicker because the first rush of people will be on the ship. If you want to board early arrive at 10:00.
  5. As of today, the Port of Miami does not enforce the check in times. If the OP arrives at 9:30 they will enter the terminal building and check in. They will then head upstairs and at the top of the escalator they wil given a boarding group number. The numbers are given out in order, and apply to general boarding. Prior to general boarding certain passengers are allowed on board including Haven guests, Platinum guests, and special needs. Boarding then begins with group 1. There is no way to insure that you will get group 1, but if that is your goal you should be at the port and in line no later than 9:00 a.m., and 8:45 would be better even if the porters aren't accepting luggage.
  6. zqvol

    Internet packages

    The packages are about 10% more if purchased on board. In all honesty the best value is the unlimited. The 250 minutes is about $125, the unlimited is about $200. The best thing about the unlimited is that you log on once and that is it, no log on and log off, and no worrying about minutes. I think I am still logged on from my last cruise (hen I got on board that one I was still log in from my previous cruise). BTW, with the unlimited package, you can log one device off, and log in on another one at any time. The deal is that only one can be on at once.
  7. zqvol

    Liquor in stateroom

    Since when. You could when I was on Getaway December 9, 2018.
  8. zqvol

    Onboard extras

    This is the classic example of looking for a reason NOT to sail on a specific line as opposed to trying to find a reason that a line works.
  9. zqvol


    Yes, the issue is how it is obtained. If you use a ship tour it usually includes the visa. If you go out on your own, you have to get it on your own.
  10. zqvol

    how to find pier information?

    Port Everglades lists the information on their web site.
  11. My experience with keeping my kids busy when they were that age is that they always managed to find plenty to do without any parental involvement. The real key is how long of a leash will a parent give a child.
  12. zqvol

    On Board Credit

    This may be true on some lines but not on other lines, it is really line specific.
  13. zqvol

    On Board Credit

    Depending on the cruise line and the type of on board credit it can be anything that is sold or available on the ship from gratuities to fine jewelry and on and on.
  14. zqvol

    Dreaded sunbed reserving

    It all depends on the line you are on, how long the towels have been there, and a number of other factors. Unless you want to be right by the pool finding loungers is usually not a big issue, though people like to act like it is a problem.
  15. zqvol

    Change NCL cabin?

    It may or may not be possible to swap cabins. It all depends on the fare class that you are booked in. NCL is usually very happy to accommodate cabin changes. The only way to know for sure is to call NCL.