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  1. Sorry that this happened but they have no obligation to notify you at all, it is your responsibility to keep up with those things.
  2. zqvol

    River rafting - Alaska

    It is just a float trip for the most part, and about half of it is through subdivisions with houses on the sides, and wrecked cars lining the shore.
  3. zqvol

    UBP - taxes while in port

    All of the east coast ports charge taxes, but the figure is so small it is not worth worrying about. In Florida it is less than $1 per drink.
  4. zqvol

    Internet question

    Any device can connect to your account at any time, as long as only one device is connected at a time. The limiting factor is the login not the MAC address.
  5. On a 10 day cruise you should see a different menu every night. You can do a google search and find the menus, the problem is that there is not set order so until you get on the ship you won't know what is coming when.
  6. zqvol

    Jade/balconies??? need help, please

    any deck that is between cabins is fine for noise unless it is too far forward (you hear the anchor and docking lines and thrusters) or aft (you hear and feel the engine).
  7. zqvol

    Promo Beverage Package - Coffee?

    By all means you should not accept it if it is offered as a perk. Of course if it is a perk it is the least expensive of any beverage package on any line, even if it doesn't include coffee or water.
  8. zqvol

    USD in Latin America

    You are getting quotes in $USD because you are in the US. You always have the option of paying in local currency. Keep in mind that the currency on board the ship (for most ships) is $USD. If normally get a better price paying in local currency.
  9. zqvol

    2 Questions - coming and going

    Disembarkation fight time is fine, will not be any problem at all.
  10. You should use reef friendly sun screen all the time. it doesn't matter if it is required or not.
  11. zqvol

    Bliss Thermal Spa Pass Cost?

    You can also get a regular balcony and pay the $200 per week for the spa access and come out about $500 per person cheaper. Any spa cabin that costs more than the cost of the spa for a week than a regular cabin is not worth it.
  12. zqvol

    classic 'bait and switch'

    Read the offer very carefully. I am sure of two things the offer has been run through NCL's legal department, and it is not bait and switch.
  13. zqvol

    Carry On Luggage Question

    IF it is small enough to carry on the plane it is small enough to carry on teh ship.
  14. zqvol

    River rafting - Alaska

    What are your options. We did one in Juneau from Mendenhall Glacier, down the river and were not impressed at all.
  15. zqvol

    Western or Eastern Caribbean?

    If you want snorkeling the western is better. If you want lush green islands the eastern is better. Shopping is better in the east.