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  1. zqvol

    Latest date to book a cruise

    I do not know of any of the mass market lines that do not allow it.
  2. WiFi is findable in all those port, but why do you want to have to fool with carrying a device around. $99 for 2 weeks is dirty chaep for connectivity.
  3. zqvol

    Cabin Door Decoration

    Party City
  4. zqvol

    Lost on the MSC Seaside

    What does this quote say, it is impossible to read.
  5. zqvol

    Traditional Dining

    You have the option of going to your assigned dining time, or you may eat at the buffet or one of the specialty restaurants, any night. What you cannot do is go to the traditional dining rooms other than at your assigned time, and on most lines you cannot go to the "anytime" dining area. If you are on a line like NCL that does nto have traditional ldining you can eat in any restaurant at any time.
  6. zqvol

    Cabin upgrades at the pier?

    No they won't upgrade you or allow you to upgrade at the pier. The bidding system pretty much stops all of that from happening, and even if ti didn't could you imagine the confusion if they allowed people to do that?
  7. OP: At Harvest Caye, which is an NCL private island with not a lot to do, just go to the beach or the pool. You can also wander around the island. At Costa Maya take the tram into town, and go to one of the ebach clubs. Many provide free loungers, and umbrellas as long as you buy some food or drinks. I like Tropicante. On the way back to the ship wander through the cruise line owned "village" and window shop. Transportation is about $5 pp round trip. Roatan is a bit different as there is not much at the port. The Roatan board in the ports section has a lot of options. Victor Boden comes to mind as someone who does tours much less expensively than NCL. I can't offer many suggestion on Cozumel. You can always grab a cab to a beach and other than cab fare not spend much. The Cozumel board offers lots of options. Walking in town is another option.
  8. zqvol

    Meet and Greets

    Unless your cruise is a long way away, someone on the NCL roll call has likely beat you to the punch. Check your specific roll call. There are instructions at the top about who to contact at NCL to set it up.
  9. First don't buy souvenirs until you are on your way bag to the ship. The other stuff is not an issue. No one wants your clothes or towels. For valuables like cash and cards, keep them in a small pouch with you. For phones and cameras, usually you can find someone from the ship to watch your stuff while you are in the water. If you are on a boat, then your stuff is fine it isn't going anywhere. I have sailed that route at least 8 times, and have never been concerned about the safety of my stuff on any of those cruises.
  10. zqvol

    Latest time to arrive at port?

    If you have check in online you can technically arrive 90 minutes prior to sailing. To be safe you should be there by 2:00 for a 4:00 sailing.
  11. zqvol

    Norwegian Jade mechanical issue

    You uare assuming that it is a pod issue, which may or may not be the case.
  12. My only thought is where are you going to find a safe place near the pool to put this thing. While it may seem small space on the Lido deck is at a premium.
  13. zqvol


    Standard hold, it will fall off in a few days. Nothing to be concerned about. If it doesn't disappear then dispute it, but give it at least a whole billing cycle.
  14. My guess is that CN has not opted into the program so you will never get an offer booking through them.
  15. the only thing that I would add is that if you want to go flight seeing in Denali you would have time on the day you arrive.