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  1. I have all of last week's Freestyle Daily's. I'll try to look up the answer about Zumba later. We spent so much time off th ship that activites and theme parties were low on our list of things. I do not recall any theme parties, but considering the average age on the ship was over 70 I'm mnot surprised. It was a very port intensive week. We took four 8 hour excursions. Most of the time it was too cold to be on the decks. Very much like late September AK cruise as far as temperature and like a Med cruise as far as port intensity.
  2. Very interesting turnaround day. B2B passengers did not have to leave the ship. New key cards were issued yesterday if you were in the same cabin or this morning if you switched cabins. We got lovely "I'm Still on Vacation" stickers to wear around the ship. We were told to take passports ashore. I managed to lose mine. Thank goodness I travel with a PP card too, now I just have the pain of replacing it when we get home. The consulate is right in Old Town Quebec, and it only took a few minutes to file the report., then I had to do it on line. At least it didn't happen in Europe. Oh, and BTW if you have a PP card they can look up all the info that is in you book. Or steward forgot to leave shore excursion tickets, OBC forms or any of that other good stuff when the cabin was made up this morning. After running into the supervisor and letting him look in the cabin the stuff appeared with in 90 seconds. I'll try to remember to scan and post the B2B letter when we get home.
  3. Yes, and you can buy it on board after boarding.
  4. This is incorrect. They do not charge you is you miss a reservation even at a specialty restaurant.
  5. We boarded last Friday in Boston after having flown up from NC on Thursday. We left 95+ degree temps and landed in 52-degree weather. It has been cool to cold the whole voyage, with today, as we cruise the Gulf of St. Lawrence being the coldest. I don’t think it got out of the 40’s today. The first two days, in Bar Harbor and Halifax were sunny. Charlottetown and Sydney were mostly cloudy and windy. Today as we were at sea was sunny, windy and very brisk on deck. The good, the bad and the ugly so far. Embarkation was easy, much easier than an NCL cruise that I have been on which includes Miami and New Orleans and Tampa. No boarding group numbers as you check in, they direct you to chairs, in order of arrival, and they board the ship that way. First day lunch had three venues open, one of the main dining rooms, O’Sheens, and the buffet. Our excursion have been through NCL (I know). The excursion themselves have been good, but long. We had three back to back to back excursion that were each over 7 hours. That is a lot of bus time. It would not have been so bad if people had been on time, and not asked for special privileges like extra stops for pictures. I blame this on NCL as some of the crew encourage this to happen and were part of the delay. We have tendered twice. The waits have not been too bad, and they haven’t packed the tenders too full. We missed our M&G because it was scheduled on a port day when most of us were ashore. The ship is in good shape though a nice sand blasting and repainting outside is in order. I haven’t noticed any repair issues inside the ship, but if you know what you are looking for you can tell that it has been a while since carpets were changed. We have had some issues with our room steward, the details of which are unimportant but NCL seems to have jumped right on it and resolved the issues. Nothing big, but just a series of little things that keep adding up. Time will tell if the issues are resolved. The officers and supervisors have done there best to resolve the few issues that we have had, and really that is all you can ask. Food in Cagney’s and Moderno was nice, and the pacing of the meals was perfect. I’m not sure where the people who complain about Cagney’s have been eating but it is not the same place we dined. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about La Bistro. Bad food and bad service. Tomorrow we have another seven-hour excursion, but it is on a boat, so we won’t be stuck in bus seats. Some random notes. The NFL was on Sunday and Monday nights. The Internet is slow but bearable, just barely. I could not connect for my two online classes, but email, and most web sites including CC are working OK. I can easily upload pictures to Facebook using my phone, but it is next to impossible using the laptop. I will try to get back and answer any questions. The cruise ends in Quebec City Friday, well it does for most people, we stay on for the return to Boston.
  6. Most likely you can. If you can't do it online a quick call will take care of it. The wait times for reservations are rarely more than 5 minutes.
  7. Book the cruise in her maiden name and avoid all confusion. When she is on the ship pcall her whatever you want. Too many people make too big of a deal about this situation. BTW, she doesn't need the passport with the old name it is pretty much worthless unless that is the name the cruise is booked in, in which case she doesn't need the rest of the stuff.
  8. Last Name and cabin number. Maybe an email address but that is really not necessary.
  9. Never had a bad steak of any kind at Cagney's, of course I don't order them well done like many.
  10. NCL will refund the port fees and taxes that would have been paid to that port. Expect $10 - $15 per person at most.
  11. Get a day room in FLL and enjoy the last day of your vacation. Try roomsbyday.com
  12. There are legal connection times at all major hubs. In ATL an hour is plenty to go between the two furthest apart Delta gates.
  13. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to add shore excursions or other enhancements. OP is probably calling the wrong number.
  14. Two hours should be plenty of time, unless you take lots of time. The servers will pace dinner based on your needs whenever possible.
  15. The third person is not required to purchase the drink package, and at full price most people come out much better just paying as you go.
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