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  1. This is the correct answer. Only the first cancelation and the last cruise that sails. The middle ones, all commission gets recalled. So agents basically work for free on the middle ones.
  2. High number of CDs found jobs elsewhere since the pandemic hit. There's no way to know now who is still employed and on which ship.
  3. I would try to have Carnival refare the booking now to a different rate code and have her be a no show. Rather risking being denied on boarding day.
  4. The official saying is: Once Early Saver, always Early Saver. Protection, but also penalties stay with your booking.
  5. Call the Casino dept and ask if the Free drinks offer is only for you or also for a companion.
  6. Well, sad to say.... a year later and no refund. Initially the hotel promised that they would if we provided bank letters stating that the bank account is indeed ours ( no clue why they couldn't just refund to the original form of payment which was a credit card). Now, emails are not even being answered. It's a substantial amount, so I won't just let it go. Pretty disappointing of Hotel Jazz. Word of caution - don't pre-pay any hotel in these weird times.
  7. The article has disappeared. So, it was probably fake news :(
  8. I would not choose an interior, because I'm claustrophobic and need natural light. I have 3 future Mardi Gras bookings, DS Deluxe suite and OT suite. We spend a lot of time in the cabin and on the balcony. That's why the proposed restrictions won't stop us from cruising.
  9. You pay for your ticket together with your cruise final payment.
  10. You received a standard email. Just call Carnival and confirm you will receive a 100% refund.
  11. That is absolutely no problem. Lots of folks do this to get 2 cabins to benefit from offers or the Cheers package (booking 1 adult with a child so only 1 x Cheers).
  12. I had a Havana suite and loved it. But to be honest, I didn't feel any privacy on the porch. So we hardly ever sat there.
  13. For $1100 I would not book the suite. There are so many activities for the kids, plus the special family lounge is a fun space to play, eat, spend time. I would save the extra money to do fun stuff with the kids.
  14. Keep in mind that all casino rates carry a non refundable deposit. It's not like Early Saver where you only lose $50 as penalty and the rest deposit becomes FCC. You lose it all.
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