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  1. This question was about Canada. Someone posted that no test is needed for flying into the US. This is not correct. A number of Caribbean islands need a negative antigen test to fly to the United States or the airline won't even let you board. Just flew in from Aruba last week.
  2. I would switch with you in a heart beat. I absolutely love the convenience of being near the elevators.
  3. The sad part is, every time cabins get released the price jumps by at least $200. I wish you could contact my agent.
  4. It's less if you're solo because you have to pay only 1x taxes and port fees.
  5. Are you sitting down? The 4K is $2400 per person in a double occupancy cabin.
  6. Too bad we're not allowed to mention names or PM on here. My agent has 2 cabins available that are not guaranteed. 4K interior and Oceanview with cabin numbers.
  7. Personally I've never seen a planner discount. On occasion they offer discount codes on spa services or excursions. And once there was a 20% off promo for CHEERS. Other than that, nothing.
  8. The stinker is that the sailing was opened wayyy before the announced 9 am. I happened to check at 6 am and saw cabins disappear before my eyes. I grabbed 2 real quick, without even checking prices. LOL
  9. Incorrect. Groups weren't allowed to be booked. But I believe there are many folks who have cabin holds. So, keep checking in the next few days.
  10. I would only do the General cruise cash and maybe some bar cash. You can set up a cash account with as little as $50 and then charge everything to the cruise cash in your account.
  11. You can do this by ordering Cruise Cash. Max $500 per cabin.
  12. I think you misunderstood. The OP doesn't need to talk to Carnival. But neither does his travel agent. Most of the time the TA can process the price reduction themselves through their booking engine. In this case the TA told the OP that Carnival wasn't approving the drops. I don't buy that.
  13. Your travel agency doesn't need to contact Carnival for the price reduction. Most of the time it's a simple process on GoCCL.com to just switch you to the current rate code. So I believe they're the ones that lied to you, because price reduction means commission reduction.
  14. Thank you. You think we can go to any urgent care? Because $129 is lower than what I'm seeing so far. And was that for an antigen or PCR test?
  15. Could someone give us suggestions as non-US residents on where to find a PCR test location in the Orlando area? It has to be PCR (not antigen) with results within 48 hours. We already know of the airport location and FastTest now. Anyone know if CVS or Walgreens accept non-US travelers as well (and the cost). They're not responding to our queries. Thank you in advance!
  16. Next time you speak to your PVP, ask him. If you booked Early Saver and then switched to a refundable deposit rate, the cancellation penalties still apply. Because once Early Saver, always Early Saver.
  17. You said that you booked Early Saver originally and then switched to the RU2 rate code. The rule is once Early Saver, always Early Saver, so you're entitled to the price drop.
  18. No tricks. Just the lower rate overall, price match option but NON refundable deposit.
  19. I'm still not getting your point. Why is it shady? At this point Carnival will let you cancel with FCC or full refund for anything Covid related. Why would someone need to go through all the trouble you mentioned?
  20. It's very easy to just get extra cabin keys on board, then everyone sleeps with their own spouse and the guys get their Cheers. However, I would NOT book this way if there's a chance the other couple might cancel. That's a true can of worms.
  21. I'm not allowed to tell you how I know, but yes. This has been done multiple times by people I know. If the FCC is entirely in YOUR name, you can do this. However, if the FCC pertains to a canceled booking with you and other guests on it, you would need to submit proof that you were the one that made all the payments in order for the FCC to be used only by you.
  22. Yes, you can use the FCC to pay for the entire cabin.
  23. On the offer it clearly states that the VIFP nr guest MUST sail. If she doesn't, Carnival will reprice your cabin at the current rate and you will owe them that difference in price.
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