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  1. I believe the App works only onboard. It did end up working just not when we first got on board, so we stood in lines. Comedy show can be booked on App, Social or Box Office, Video displays in Hallways but only if they are available which they weren't by noon. We did not use App to text others. sorry. Enjoy your trip!
  2. Sorry if this is not clear I meant one person can book 3 cabins for something but each cabin will be billed individually if there is a charge. And Vibe passes are sold next to the Social (there are signs)
  3. Hi. Answering a couple of questions. Yes LaserTag, Pavillion and Go Carts can be booked at Social. I have not tried the touch screens by the elevator, but if that works, it is better than standing in lines for sure. We made reservations for two cabins at a time for everything because we also were linked by NCL before we got there (Usually I was on one line and my husband was another or enjoying the scenery). If you have not done this before call NCL before your cruise and just tell them these 3 cabins are pretty much traveling together as a group. It makes collective bookings so much easier (only 1 person has to book for the whole). Each cabin does get booked separately, not collectively. Yes, I thought it would be much better if NCL allows people to book 50% of available seats, spots online before cruising (with a a minimal charge for no shows if not canceled 24 hours before) and the rest of available spots booked on board. We saw so many restaurants with empty tables (except last 2 nights, the theater always had seats. The comedy shows, go-carts and laser-tag and pavilion were led downs when people could not find availability. But here is the thing, who know what every member of the group wants to do on the ship every minute of 7 days before they ever get on board? We kept cancelling Lasertag because were able to get better dinner reservations, or there was a great music option we wanted to attend. True, NCL has to develop a better system. We felt we had to book another trip to experience everything the ship has to offer, we just weren't well informed. On the last of night of our cruise we went to check out the Pavillion and it looked so cool and we wanted to try it - and that is when we were told that everything was sold out for a long time and we should have booked when we got onboard. Overall we had a great time. Yes things could have been done more efficiently to minimize frustrations and waittimes onlines but we felt we were spolied with the the great entertainment we got to enjoy for basically free with a low crusie fare. Going to see Choir of Man and Kinky Boots in NY would have cost us a lot more that this cruise with the seats that we had. This is why I wanted to give interested people some tips that I wish we knew before our trip.
  4. Final tips unless I remember more, feel free to ask questions and I will answer if I can. The Go-Carts hands-down will definitely be counted as a highlight in this trip. The cars are definitely not as fast as othe Go-Carts but the track is fantastic with all the up-and-down’sand the track's tight turns. My husband who goes go-carting often says this is the best track he has been on. Also do not show up and flip-flops at the go carts or laser tag you’re just wasting your time do you need close toed shoes. Weather plays a factor and go carts were almost canceled because of the Highwinds. we were told that they would just reschedule us. Also couple of other things about this attraction: factor in 30+ minutes, there is always a bit of waiting and orientation etc. Additionally, have somebody who cares go to the track viewing area and shoot you when you pass by, that gives you a speed boost - if you forget to bring somebody along just wave at the viewers they will usually boost you for fun. If you easily get cold, bring a sweater with you. Mornings can be especially windy and the theater is usually very cold. People with easily frizzy hair bring lots of conditioner and hair spray. I would spend 30 minutes doing my hair and it would look great in the cabin, I walk out into the hallway and suddenly I have stuck a finger in a socket hair. Finally, If you like the talent support them by buying their CDs and DVDs, it’s a great way to take some of your Ship experience home and it helps them further their endeavors. Please be extra appreciative of the bartenders, wait staff, servers and clean up people, and finally the entertainment talent. You think entertainment would never get grief but it’s amazing how rude and miserable drunk people can be to them. If you are on the fence about Encore - don't be, great ship. If you are booked, enjoy!
  5. The first two Encore sailings out of Miami had lobster and king crab on seafood buffet night at the Garden Cafe. The general consensus is that this won't happen again.
  6. Yes you can book from the TV in your room, but you do not get your room until 1:30 and many options are no longer available. Also thanks for the info that Bliss and Joy had Observation lounges. This was my first OL
  7. Tip Six: Game shows - they are fun if you do not have anything else to do at the time. The newlywed game was hilarious. We have seen it over 20 times on other cruises but it was better this time because they finally change some of the questions, however I don’t know if they truly thought of their audience as one of the questions made reference to "This Is Us, Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead" TV shows. Also hubby commented on some of music played by the Bands - we loved all of it but I do not think there were so many Metallica or AC/DC lovers. Tip Seven- The observation deck is the BEST new thing this ship has to offer. It still stands as the best place to have a free continental breakfast in a beautiful setting. If you’re an early riser it’s definitely not crowded and the view is just perfect. It would be the place to watch the sunrise if you wake up early enough. It opens at 5:30am. More later or tomorrow
  8. Tip Four: Whenever you have an issue don't just sit and complain to other guests. We gave approprite people feedback and they were very responsive to it and appreciative. That’s the thing on this Ship they really want to be the best they can be so they appreciate when you point things out in a polite and kind manner. Screaming, yelling and throwing a hissy fit didn't seem to get better results as witnessed. Tip Five: Another thing that we noticed is that the live music that was really popular and sometimes did not get the larger venue and so it was really crowded in an uncomfortable way. So far this has been the case with Beatles cover band in the Cavern and the Duo well playing Latin songs in the Mojito bar far. Meanwhile the atrium was practically empty. So get to venues early to make sure you get seats to band or game shows. I know that this can get tiresome especially on vacation but we really enjoyed the entertainment so it was worth it to us. Speaking of shows I forgot to mention that we did book the Prohibition Show. On our cruise it was $36 per person, I notice din a couple of weeks the price drops to $30. If you love shows and cocktail drinks than this is worth it. The show was okay but the free shows of Choir of Man and Kinky Boots were much better. These two shows were really Broadway caliber. We thought the entertainment on this ship was a much higher value than the price we paid for our cruise.
  9. Tip One - backtracking, definitely download the NCL app and it will activate the Encore activities and Restaurant reservations etc once you get on board. For us it just did not work when we first got on board so we had to go to the Social Club on Deck 6. Also Virtual Reality Pavillion can be booked there. They do offer one time event, one hour, day and week passes.
  10. Yes all these can be booked along with shows at the Social as soon as you get on board or later at the Box Office. You can also use the app which took a while to work for some reason.
  11. Yes you make Comedy Club reservations at the Social. Everything was unavailable by noon day of boarding. Please read my bit about the line to check in - we are Platinum and that was bunched with Priority and about 3 other categories and that line was much longer than general boarding. We stood in line for about 25 minutes to check in where normally it is under two minutes.
  12. Three: Restaurants that we tried: Cagney's (twice) Black Tiger Shrimp was fantastic, Chilean Sea Bass no longer an option it has been subsituted for Salmon but both times not cooked properly. My husband's steak was dry but shrimp entree was ok. I keep hearing that if you want a delicious filet, than go to Le Bistro. Best service was at Cagney's - Big shout out to Ching, the supervisor. Best shrimp was in Los Lobos (surprise) but we didn't eat at Ocean Blue. Guacamole at Los Lobos should win an award. The seafood buffet with lobster and king crabs didn't happen it was substituted for steak and shrimp at the Garden Cafe this happens Day 2. That shrimp was not a hit because skin on and it was difficult to peel. Los Lobos was our favorite specialty and best meal in Manhattan Room (Savor and Taste same menu) was Day 6 the Beef Strips with Chimichurro sauce.
  13. Two - Internet. If you need it, get it - It is much better than previous sailings in terms of speed. I would get more minutes than you think you need because logging on and off eats ups time and they round off to the higher minute.
  14. So there have been others who have done a great job posting photos, giving you a tours, copies of dailies and a general overview of drinks and food. If you’re looking for any of that check out for BirdTravel and Sid’s reviews. After reading those great reviews and going on the Encore this week, December 8-15 I’m going to point out some tips that may enhance your experience on the encore . One. Try to get to the terminal as early as you possibly can. There are many reasons to attempt to do this. In our case we are flying in from Virginia so we didn’t get to the terminal until 11:25. We stood in line for about 20 minutes outside terminal B to just enter the building. Then when we entered we asked where the platinum line is and were told that there is one line from platinum, platinum plus, priority, and casino guests. Issue is that this line was longer than the general admission line. Everyone on our line was pretty much frustrated as we were on it for at least 25 minutes. Once we checked in and got on board we headed straight for The social club to get on another 40 minute line just to make reservations the shows, laser tag and the racetrack. I left my husband on that line and headed to another Line for making reservations for the specialty restaurants across the way at the Teppan-Yaki restaurant. Couple of tips here: make as many reservations as you can before your cruise date online. I waited to the last minute and wasn’t able to make any online reservations. Another tip If you want to go to Teppanyaki restaurant to make reservations there’s a long line that develops right at the entrance however if you go inside there another five people taking reservations. I will post a picture of the show options here (at the very end) so you can start to plan Ok, now that the cruise is over I can give you some feedback. A. There is always room in the theater for every show even though the ship was to full capacity – if you need great seats, then book early. B. Comedy shows were fully booked by noon on Day 1, they say no problem just get to standy by line 30 minutes early and you will probably get it NOT TRUE! The standby by line starts about 1 hour before the show and 30 minutes before the show there were 90 people were online – definitely not everyone got in. C. Reservations for the restaurants may open up during the cruise, if there are cancellations but very few and hardly ever for last night. D. I heard racetrack and laser tag were also fully booked for entire week day 1 – the problem is you do not know where you are going to be every minute of every day before the trip so plan as best as you can. Make reservations, but if you don’t show up they charge you even though I was told that would not happen and had to argue to get charges removed. More later but these points were really important because I talked with and overheard many frustrated guests in regards to these topics.
  15. Thanks for all your posts Sid! I am boarding on Sunday and so excited!
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