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  1. Sailing out of Seattle is fine by us. However, unless things change fast cities like Seattle, Portland, New York and Chicago are off our list for any tourist stops. Would go directly from airport to cruise port so no more getting there early to spend time exploring the city. It's really a shame.
  2. Please.....let's think about it logically. The Spanish flu has been around for over one hundred years and they give a vaccine every year .....only about 30% of the population takes it us being two, we think it helps. But so many people are already anti vaccine and honestly we have no intentions of taking any vaccine for covid until at least six months or a year after it's proven safe and effective. Covid is not going away any more than the flu did. The key is better and proven treatments that make these things less deadly.
  3. While we had received the FCC a while ago....and incidental charges back re: beverage pkg and spa charges....the port charges finally credited our card yesterday. Now all we need to do is try to book something before December 2022. It's a shame really, this was our first time "trying out" HAL.......one day.
  4. I'll have to ask the wife re: the date in September......we so enjoyed our Infinity sailing being overnight in SF was amazing. We did aqua class then but the deal for that we missed so doing a regular balcony this time.
  5. Hi guys.....we've only sailed Celebrity one time in 2017 aboard the Infinity for a California coastal, we just booked what we think is a pretty good deal aboard the Millenium for Sept. 2021 another California coastal in a balcony cabin. Now we know it's the same class vessel as the Infinity was but would like to ask you regulars as to it's shape these days. Hoping by next September things get more normal in our world.......thanks.
  6. Logic would tell you that cruise ships should be welcomed at the same point they're willing to accept flights from all over the world into their paradise. If they think it's safe for planes to dump throngs of people into their environment then why are cruise ships stopped....?
  7. I will assume then that they will keep the islands closed entirely to all air traffic incoming otherwise what's the point....? We know the islands are one big soup bowl for the entire world to go into so understand their concerns, but can't understand how they can survive 1.5 years shut down.
  8. Well that right there is happening all over the country and the results of it will determine what happens going forward. Here in California things are opening slowly according to what county your in. We drove up to the central valley over memorial weekend to visit our son and masks were optional in grocery stores and we were able to eat inside a resteraunt.....wow. People are over it.
  9. There are some fantastic prices right now if your comfortable with a January cruise. We're looking at the Royal out of LA to Mexico as we're on the West coast....but saw Enchanted deals out of Ft. Lauderdale in Jan as well......I think we're going to use a deposit to book one of them. Have to figure they should have it together by then.
  10. Cruise cancelled mid March was April 28 sail date.......waiting since then.
  11. News flash......my wife just texted me that our refund for related purchases to the cruise we lost have hit our credit card. It was approx $600 bucks maybe more with taxes/port fees but we took the FCC and we have a year to book and until Dec. 2022 to sail.......we're happy.
  12. Won't allow myself to even think about it.....was supposed to retire in April, not now. Two son's weddings this year, postponed until...? Wanted to sell house and move/downsize.....not now. Not a single trip on the calendar until May 2021. They just moved California "stay at home" another three months.......can't think past today.
  13. Now don't get me wrong we are avid cruisers and have cruised many lines. We had booked HAL to try it out when this happened, and have waited patiently for our FCC and refund of add ons which we just received the FCC but no refund of around $600 bucks....we'll see if that ever happens. What is concerning though is watching all the many promos coming to entice us into paying for more cruising including many incentives freebies and of course the dreaded "non refundable" deposit with more incentives to do this. Are they frantically trying to raise cash maybe so to pay off past cancelled guests....? Bad idea......no ticky no washy as they say. We have one year to book our FCC and up to December 2022 to sail. Patience is a virtue.
  14. We just receive our email about our FCC being available to book within one year and cruise by December 2022 which is great. We have yet to receive a refund of our $600 dollars paid for beverage packages and spa ......hope that happens.......
  15. Our Alaska cruise was the last one of the season....the next week they were going to Hawaii from Vancouver so everything on board the ship that was for Alaska they marked way cheap so they could make room for Hawaii gear. We also were able to see the Northern lights off our balcony at our Northern most point at midnight.......it wasn't entense but it was sure there.
  16. We live on the West coast......the venue cancelled the May date......they have given the couple until May 31 to make a choice to keep the August date and chance it or take a May date 2021. I am hopeful August will work. Another son wedding in October this year......so much stress.
  17. We would have embarked yesterday out of San Diego to reposition up to Vancouver......by by Alaska season.....I was to retire April 17th....by by retirement......we have two weddings supposed to happen this year......lesson...."we plan, God laughs"........
  18. Very doubtful.......our son's Memorial weekend wedding is moved now to August 30th.....now this is 100 person guest list and we're not sure about that. I'd be more confident in cruising for 2021........but hoping we can this year.
  19. Well said Fredric.......I agree with your entire statement and hopeful at some point all society and economic sectors will return to "business as usual". The problem I see with vaccinations, what percentage of our society won't vaccinate now for the flu...? It's like 30% , and the people I know that were hospitalized this year for what we thought was flu still won't get a shot. Here in California I really think the earlier timeframe might be true and we've got some herd immunity going on. As you say it's the treatments and routine proticols to treat this along with a vaccine that will change things.
  20. Your RCI ships have more stuff aboard to appeal to families.....rock walls, wave rides, ice rinks etc.....that's why they are great for families with kids. Princess won't have all that stuff so if you need that sort of thing be aware.
  21. Our draw is the ship....the relaxing feeling that only sailing on the ocean can bring.....unpacking one time and seeing multiple places.....evening entertainment and a simple walk back "home" to our cabin. Honestly I think we could "roll" with changes in food venues/options and procedures.......don't like being land locked. Praying they can figure out how to go forward.
  22. Well, we know the cruise industry has had to be "ahead of the curve" as far as careful monitoring of health and infection control in order to maintain a business. Noro virus while not deadly will shut down a cruise ship quickly, and they have been using processes and procedures over the years to control best they can. So, going forward just how will they fill ships.....? Can you see a test for all passengers at time of embarkation...? Until they produce a test that is cheap enough and quick enough how will the industry go forward...? Any ideas....? Because we don't plan on putting on our "land locked" clothes forever.....let me just say.
  23. HAL did step up last night and began to cancel it's operations, through April 14th at this point, we're waiting for our date to be included and the offer seems very good. Once things get back to normal we'll jump on a last minute deal.
  24. I was looking at numbers that did not add up to our full amount.....but our TA booked for another couple and she may have been quoting their numbers. As long as we get back all of our $$$ divided up however we'll be happy.
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