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  1. I can tell you that when we cruised Alaska it was the last cruise for the season mid September.....we saw them off our balcony at midnight one evening.....we were the Northern most we would sail.....it was very cool.
  2. I might be thinking of the couples price......but we still thought it was more than what it's worth in our minds.....with the few heated lounges in the space odds are not good you could even get one.
  3. Price was too expensive when we were on the Ruby this year.......for a 7 day expect around a bit under $300pp
  4. There will be a variation of the thermal suite on all ships......the Star should have one like this because it's a "grand class" ship so it is built like the Ruby, Crown, etc.....the new Royal class ships call it the "enclave" I believe and that one is on an outside wall with light and windows which is much better.
  5. I disagree.....but everyone has a viewpoint.......we stopped there September of last year, yes it's true they don't get too many ships but when they do they roll out the red carpet. There were buses running all day long to get you into town and back to the ship. They do a canon lighting ceremony there during these visits three times throughout the day......much history there, it was great to see. Many restaurants and shops to see. There is a small zipline at a park by the water......one can easily spend a half day.....not a waste of time in my opinion. Granted ours was just a four night turn around cruise stopped in Victoria and Nainiamo.
  6. We sailed her in Feb 2018 to the Caribbean ABC's and loved the ship.....no issues for us.
  7. We live on the West coast so we do repositioning cruises a lot as they move ships in and out of the Alaska season. This year we're on the Star next month in/out of Seattle and next year we're going to try HAL for the first time on the Kotingsdam out of San Diego going up to Vancouver. We like these because they're usually only about four days and less expensive as well. Princess does four day cruises up to Santa Barbara or Catalina down to Ensenada in the spring and fall and we really enjoy them. This is a great way for us to try out HAL next April.
  8. thanks for the answers.......I'm sure we will have a great time.
  9. We've been aboard multiple Princess ships lately and some have them, some don't.....the Ruby had them in February and the Royal did not have one in our cabin in April. We will be aboard the Star next month out of Seattle for a turn around cruise and given that they are selling her next year has anyone sailed her recently and can tell us if the new beds have been put into her.....? I know she is not medallion and we don't care about that but a good nights sleep is important to us. Oh and one more question about the bar/lounge in front of the theater.....is it a smoking lounge....? Thanks in advance......happy sailing.
  10. Two benefits to cruising Alaska late in the season......one are the bargains both on the ship and on land as the season is ending and they need to move their merchandise. On our ship the very next sailing was going to Hawaii so all "Alaska" things were replaced with "Hawaii" things so everything was half price. We came home with much more than we packed there. The other thing we enjoyed was that we did see the Northern lights at midnight one evening off our balcony. As to weather that can be anything anytime in Alaska and we had everything from rain and cold to warm sunshine and pool days.
  11. As I look at our booking it shows "VH"......
  12. We're taking the Kotingsdam in April 2020 for a test run repositioning cruise from San Diego to Vancouver. Having never sailed on HAL, we know and love Princess doing lunch in the MDR on embarkation day to avoid the madness of the buffet.....does HAL do a similar thing.....? Not sure what our options are once on board besides the lido buffet. Thank you for any info..... Oh, and one other question.....we booked a guarantee obstructed balcony cabin and as I look at the deck plans for this ship, it looks like all balcony cabins on a certain deck are at the level of the tender boats thus obstructing the views......would this be the entire deck our cabin would likely be .....?
  13. We were aboard her last year and they do price for the entire cruise.....as said it's not inexpensive.....I remember doing it once and we did enjoy it. However the last time we thought the price was too expensive to consider, remember there are only I believe five tiled heated loungers in there, from what I remember for a week cruise it was around $280 pp.
  14. The Crown Plaza cruise package used to be 15 days free parking......hope it still is when we take a 15 day Hawaii cruise
  15. We did the ABC's last year.......Aruba has a real submarine that goes out right at the ship......not cheap but holds about 40 people dives to around 170' costs about $90 bucks pp.....would not do it if claustrifobic .....in Curacou (sp) we did a nice kayak trip through the mangroves.
  16. While we were aboard the Royal In April, they announced a vow renewal event one afternoon in the Piazza.......for free.....I was dressed in my best sweats.....along with about 15 other couples.....the cruise director conducted the ceremony......it was great.
  17. We are sailing aboard the Koningsham (sp) next April having never sailed HA before. It's a repositioning before the Alaska season San Diego to Vancouver just to try out the line to see what we think. What is different about the Pinnacle class ships....?
  18. Honestly.....I'm not sure where you frequent to purchase drinks, but I find Princess drink pricing very reasonable when compared to many other places. If you've traveled with RCI lately you'll find they charge around $12 dollars per average drink while Princess is closer to $8.....many lines are pricing to get you into their "package" and at the higher price it's worth just paying for it. If you don't drink that much then ala carte is a better way to go on Princess.
  19. My wife and I just booked the Pacific coastal aboard the Kottingsdam (sp?) repositioning for next April. Being HA virgins, we're used to Princess mostly, we wanted to explore the newer Holland vessels and it looks like this ship is one of them. Having never sailed this line before we have some questions. I enjoy smoking cigars occationally while on vacations and would like to know the smoking policy as it pertains to this....? Am I allowed to be up on deck with the cigarette smokers to enjoy one...? Is there in interior smoking lounge anywhere....? Also, it looks like this ship has a nice looking spa with tiled heated loungers.....do they sell day use passes or maybe a deal for the entire cruise for us to use this....? I know there will be more questions as we figure this all out so I thank you in advance for your help.......:) What things about HA and/or this ship should we "not miss".....?
  20. there is a smoking lounge off the casino and also up on deck aft.
  21. Yes....it's only a twenty minute walk into town and the wharf is halfway.......easy walk.
  22. Beware of far forward cabins as we discovered the ONE TIME we booked a "guarantee" balcony aboard the Crown last year. We were assigned on Caribe deck which we were thrilled about, however the cabin was second behind the bridge and the first two days we got rough seas to the point where my wife did not want to walk up the our cabin one evening. Imagine your floor rising up some 40' under your feet then dropping out from under you again.....not fun. Learned our lesson that time, we book the cabin we want......and midship or at least front midship works better.
  23. It's a fifteen minute walk from the ship......
  24. Agreed for sure about the "smog"....I grew up against those mountains by days end we'd all have what we called "smog throat" where our lungs hurt so bad to inhale. I't s environmental strides aside, the cost of living is driving us Cali born folks away.
  25. There is a Chart House just down from your pier where your ship will be docked.......at least it's walkable for you....it's on the pier where all the restaurants and carrosell is.......we love it and are Landry's members.....just another option.
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