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  1. We were just on Emerald deck more forward on the Ruby two weeks ago......good location overall, the issue you'll have being towards the aft is vibration more than anything. Forward cabins get an up/down movement which is bad ( we had a cabin just behind the bridge and would never do that again. In the rear of ship you'll feel more vibration from the engines.
  2. Ruby TV was not fully working on our cruise......could not get personal folio informaiton on it.....only movies and TV
  3. Last year aboard the Crown we had only four of us but were able to log onto Princess@sea app and send texts to each other throughout the cruise......it was nice to have. Granted the texts might take some time to get to you but eventually it would get there. Last week aboard the Ruby I looked for the app (we had a group of eight) and it is gone. The wifi on board leads you to the Ocean Ready app where they charge for it. Nobody wanted to pay just to keep in contact.....we relied on house phones to our rooms. I wish they could find a way to offer both to it's passengers.
  4. At sail away we did see servers asking if you wanted a drink......had the trays of "sailaway" drink to pass .....after that nothing.
  5. I forgot to mention on my review of the Ruby ....we just got off her this past Monday from a four night Santa Barbara/Ensenada sailing and it was very apparent Princess no longer sees a need to have servers around the pool decks or in the theater prior to shows to sell/bring you a drink. Granted, it was not exactly a "warm weather" cruise.....but each time we went to the theater before shows nobody was offering drinks to the crowd.....nor were we ever seeing any servers around the pool decks asking if you would like a drink. If you wanted anything you'd have to go up to a bar and get it yourself. I would think it would be worth it to Princess to pay their staff to push alcohol......but no. Just think it's odd. As others have said, if they push the beverage package and don't make it easier to get drinks why buy it......??
  6. Show times have been adjusted to 7:45pm and 9:45pm to accomodate new traditional dining times.......it's always been a pet peeve of mine that Princess does not include a couch in balcony cabins like all other lines to including interiors. The Ernesto burger costs $5 dollars by itself or $8 for a beer combo which is a good deal as they charge $6.50 for a beer alone. It was no where near as good a Guy's on Carnival. The new pizza menu is quite good.
  7. We kept trying to get on to "Princess@sea" which we used to be able to get before the upgrades. Could not find it but the Ocean ready thing kept trying to get us to sign into for a fee. We did not use the internet so can't give report. Casino had those machines our friends played them don't know how many there are. Enough slot machines variety and amount to keep crowd content. On demand is available we did not use it, TV channels are minimum. One can't get your foilo on TV yet, hope that happens. MUTS might have happened but with the weather we did not try. We were going to get the thermal suite but cost was $149 for two people we thought that was too much $$ for the three days we could use it.
  8. We just left the Ruby yesterday and wanted to get information here before forgetting. Having sailed her before we were glad to see the updates to the ship with new carpet everywhere and in cabins too. The beds are fabulous as you've heard.....new system in place getting ready for medalion so screens you put your card up to for entry.......no more punching holes in cards for lanyards. Food was good in MDR we had late seating traditional as we were a group of eight.....service was great for us. Entertainment was very good we thought singer "Teacake" was fantastic with Motown music very energenic and great voice. Comedian Jamol was great as well.....very funny and no foul mouth or politics.....thank you. The Ruby does have some plumbing issues I hope they can address. We had toilet issues one day and our friends had to be moved to new cabin last night due to water leak flooded their cabin in Baja deck. The new food menu at the pools is good change but I think the system needs adjusting, we ordered the Ernesto burger beer combo for $8 bucks and a server will get your beer and bring your food to table but took a very long time to get our food. It was good but when compared with Guy's burgers on Carnival they do it better. Overall great cruise, fun with the Faithful 49ers on board their praise events were great.
  9. My wife told our friend there are irons to get out wrinkles in her clothes in the self serve laundry.....is this true.....? I know you can't bring one on board.....thanks
  10. The one time we sailed Celebrity Infinity in 2017 we paid for "aqua class" so we enjoyed meals in Blu and few other perks so we can't comment on the MDR experience. Our experience in Blu was extrodenary in every level and the line is refined as we like. I wish Princess would get the equipment for the "silent party" that we did on Celebrity and I hear RCI is doing it as well.....it was a hoot. We paid more for the aqua class experience but agree Celebrity has a good product and would try it again.
  11. We've sailed her before and love the grand class ships.....will be aboard her next Thursday again for a four night Santa Barbara/Ensenada cruise. We love having the promenade deck in which to walk laps in the mornings. Love the aft pool and the forward spa pool to with the sun deck outside of the sanctuary which is quiet and gets great sunshine. The aft hot tub is nice above Adagio and the aft pool, it's quiet and not well used we have found.
  12. As long as the location is not way up front like ours was on the Crown......we did the same thing and thought we scored, but high seas right behind the bridge was not fun for two days......the front of the ship would rise and fall lets say 20-30 feet with each wave making our living quite uncomfortable. We vowed never to do that again.
  13. When our children were young lines like Carnival, RCI and Norwegian are great because your kids have lots to keep them happy and occupied. Our twins sons are out of college now and Princess is geared more towards adults that don't want hairy chest contests at the pool. It's a bit more refined however over the years have cut nice things we loved. Our first cruise our waiter in the dining room treated our sons like kings.....all of us really. The butter was carved in flower shapes in a bowl at the table not just foil wrapped cubes. Those things are sadly gone with the "midnight buffet" but we still enjoy Princess.
  14. We took a cruise and were there this past September.......ported all day in Victoria with no issues getting back on board with only cruise cards.......you'll have a twenty minute walk into town or fishermans warf area......we walked it.
  15. Honestly we find Princess per drink prices much better than say, RCI......our last Royal cruise they've raised their per drink prices to around $12 bucks to steer people to the drink package, which in our case worked. Our next cruise in a couple of weeks on the Ruby we will pay per drink as we bought some liquor to have in cabin which will offset our bar bill on board. Most drinks are around $8 dollars.......enjoy your cruise.
  16. We were aboard the Crown last year on Valentines day and again this year we'll be on the Ruby......I recall pink, red and white balloons on the staircase in the Piaza and a large decorated cake in the entrance to the dining room. That was about it.
  17. What is this "bad weather, snow" of which you speak......?? West coaster here......
  18. Hope you got at least a balcony cabin for Alaska......that's when it really pays off. We saw the Northern lights off our balcony at midnight one evening....granted our sailing was the last of the season in September most likely to see then. All of your excursions are more expensive in Alaska so budget accordingly. We did the helicopter glacier landing in Juneau and we paid about $200 pp back in 2006 so it's probably double that now. Pack for layers at you can get warm sunshine and cold rain on same voyage.....we had two days of pool weather we enjoyed. Have fun.
  19. As already stated there is no consistancy in docking on one side vs another at any port. It usually depends on wind direction and such, at Cabo you'll be anchored off shore and the ship will usually spin around during your time there again based on wind direction and boarding tenders safely. All you can be sure of is that a port cabin will have morning sun on your way down and afternoon evening sun coming Northbound......vice versa on other sides. Your Northward trip back will also be against the current making more movement aboard the ship, many times we've seen them close and empty the pools. Enjoy your voyage.
  20. The Ronald Reagan Ranch museum is an easy walk from tender area......free and fun bit of history.
  21. I figured we'd be hearing a collective scream too if it were so.....we do realize the forward section is often closed and don't care when it happens.......thanks
  22. I read a review last week on the Ruby which we are boarding in February with a group of eight adult couples some of whom have never cruised before. I was taken aback with a comment they said about the "deck seven walk around deck" that it was closed during their cruise. Has anyone else heard anything as to this.....? I'm assuming it was partially closed due to maintainance and can't imagine the entire deck closed for any reason. This is our favorite place to get our morning laps on.
  23. We sailed the Crown last Feb. to the ABC's and thought the same thing when we booked a guarantee balcony. The upgrade fairy did not appear to us and we ended up with good and bad. They assigned us on Caribe deck which is great with the larger balconies......however we were just behind the bridge starboard side so the rough seas we had for two days made our time in the cabin quite uncomfortable with the up/down movement in front my wife did not want to return to our cabin one night. Lesson learned no more guarantee cabins for us.......I like to know what I'm in for.
  24. As a "West coaster" I do know that we are cruise ship starved out here. Most cruise lines have pulled out of our side of the country.....RCI, Norwegian, Holland and Princess only offer hit and miss occasional repositioning type sailings in Spring and Fall.......it's nice not to have to fly somewhere to take a cruise.
  25. We live in Long Beach and yes there are homeless around Shoreline area but good luck finding an urban city that does not.....I will say it's not like Portland or Seattle was. One certainly feels safe walking anywhere and there are really great restaurants and entertainment all around there. It also has a free shuttle that takes you over to Queen Mary and around all day into the night. We do the "staycation" quite often here. Santa Barbara also has the Ronald Reagan Ranch museum right on State street not far up from the pier easy walk and very interesting.
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