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  1. It’s called the Jones Act. of 1920, Most of their ships are registered by Panama or other countries so they are not allowed to hit 2 US ports in a row. The Jones Act treats U.S. cruise ships and passengers differently from foreign cruise ships and passengers. While the act allows U.S. ships to travel directly from U.S. port to port, it prohibits foreign shipsfrom traveling directly from U.S. port to port.
  2. For me October is still too soon, we booked for next November 2021, hopefully!!! By then this mess is over. Fred
  3. One thing you should take into account is that what ever cruiseline you are looking at, for me its the amount of days of a cruise, it will makes it or break it and then the size of the ship comes next, for example, a 3 or 4 day cruise is pretty much a party cruise, people getting off work and get onboard and go crazy, lots of drinking...it’s not the type of cruise you want to take your family on for the first time, this type of cruise will turn off first time cruise families. Now let’s move on to more days like a 10 day cruise, these are pretty much retired folks because most families
  4. Corrections, dealing with the bad guys, have a great day. Fred
  5. Saw the Trike tours, we are going to do that one for sure in Aruba. Thanks Fred
  6. Saw the videos on Trikes Aruba on YouTube, reminds me of the old classic car tour we took in Cuba. This Trike island tour will be fun. Fred
  7. Yes, Hilo is the Wet side, I do enjoy visiting Hilo as there’s a store called Sig Zanes where I get my shirts, but I mainly stay in Kona which is the Dry side of the island. Kauai is my 2nd favorite. Looking to retire in Kona or Kapa’a .... Princeville is really nice too.
  8. Been to all of the islands but I prefer the Big Island, more to do and see, also not as touristy, Maui is the new Oahu, way too crowded now. Fred
  9. Thanks, that one looks like fun, will take a look, also good way to see the island.
  10. Back to Cruising for a quick minute, hope everyone is safe and doing ok. I had to cancel my August vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii due to covid-19 lockdown and not able to leave the hotel room there for 14 days Last year Wendy & I took a cruise on Empress of the Seas, it’s a small ship around 46,000 Gross Tons, which means less people onboard And hardly any kids, we got to go to Cuba which was a very nice experience, this was in May 2019 just before Cuba got banned again. We booked Carnival Horizon for November 2021 and got one of those Havana Cabana c
  11. Hi all, we are still here, I log on to cruise critic and take a quick peek at some of the cool threads and then I log off. We are still schedule for the Carnival Freedom for April 5th and the Splendor March 29th 2009. Wendy made the mistake of getting me a cool RPG computer game and thats where I have been since xmas. I will be popping in and out checking on new threads like the one on Thermos for Platinum members etc. I really miss all of my cool cruise buddies on here and miss looking at those cool food pictures which I enjoy the most :D See ya soon, Hope 2008 will bring more jo
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