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  1. Wennfred

    The Scoop on Wennfred

    That's it! Thanks.. the December 2019 will be on the Magic. Have a great day Fred
  2. Wennfred

    The Scoop on Wennfred

    Hello from Sunny San Diego, it's has been a very long time, lots have changed in the cruise industry since Wendy & I have been gone. The past 5 years we have being going to the Hawaiian Islands for vacations for the sunny warm beaches and enjoying the relaxing time there. We have booked 2 Cruises for 2019... May 4th on a smaller ship out of Fort Lauderdale heading to Key West, Havana Cuba, another Port in Cuba and Grand Cayman. Key West and Cuba will be new for us. The other cruise in 2019 will be in December, around the 18th. Will edit this post later and write down the names of the ships and exact dates. Fred
  3. Wennfred

    Disembarkation Question

    Ive seen them as high as 35. I think I had a 35 number once but always left first. Either way you will have plenty of time to catch your afternoon flight. Fred
  4. Wennfred


    Don't need it any more after purchase of ticket so keep it home, and before you fax it over to your travel agency and carnival, just cover over your SSN to be safe. Fred
  5. Wennfred

    As soon as you get on the ship

    I go to the pursers desk to get the Capers, then off to Lido with my carry on, Wendy goes up to the Spa to book her hair appointment. :D:D You have to get your Capers first so you have something to read while you munch on some grubs. Fred
  6. Wennfred

    How often have you been upgraded

    Since we always book the 4a TBA or Guarantee. We usually get a nice upgrade... But we also book way in advance too.
  7. Wennfred

    Steward and ice bucket refill

    I usually request the white plastic bucket that they use for the 4 beers in the bucket and keep that filled with ice daily, holds more stuff. Fred
  8. Wennfred

    Dancing Waiters in Dining Room

    Just about the time I run out of the MDR :)
  9. Wennfred San Diego, CA
  10. Wennfred

    NOt eating in dining room

    I have my Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner in the MDR, don't skip out, ESP for Breakfast & Lunch, nice menu, no lines. Fred
  11. Wennfred

    Are you considering other cruise lines

    When Carnival Fires Jerry Cahill, I will return to Carnival, in the mean time I will cruise with another Brands, not Carnival's other sister companies either. Fred
  12. Wennfred

    shorts in MDR

    On Carnival everything goes, even saw a guy in a Santa suit, not even Xmas. Fred
  13. Im only guessing with all of the problems that Carnival has experienced in the last 2 years with engine failures, fires and generator issues that your Travel Agent doesn't want that to happen to you and feel as if its their fault, possibly losing a client. RCI is a good brand but on top of the extra 700.00 they will nickle & dime you on other things once onboard. Fred
  14. Wennfred

    Sounds Crazy?

    1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes 36 seconds Fred
  15. Wennfred

    Sounds Crazy?

    Go for it man, customize your cruise vacation the way you want to enjoy it. I've done a few where we just relaxed and just went up to lido for dinner, Less to pack. Fred